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Ben: my way of saying thank you.

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The character "Ben" from chapter 2 stirred up a lot of conversation in the chapter threads for "Circumnavigation"; a lof of you were curious about him, and what would come of him. Also, I've been wanting to find a way to say "thank you" to everyone who has participated in the story threads or e-mailed, or PM'd. The feedback, and fun, in the forum is my biggest incentive for posting stories, and without it, I wouldn't do it, so I've been searching for a way to express my thanks for quite a long time.


I saw an opportunity to do both by writing a short story, "Ben" a short story set in the "Circumnavigation" universe, as a private "thank you" to those who have been participating in the Circumnavigation threads. (and I'm open to other ideas for future private thank-yous; maybe y'all pick a topic for me to write?)


I compiled a list of chapter thread posters, PM'ers, and emailers. HOWEVER, it was messy and I am clumsy, so if I missed you, please give me a shout and let me know where you posted so I can rectify my goof and send you the story.



Thanks again,

CJ :)

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Guest Wyndham

Thanks CJ - Just loved it.


BUT. You can't possibly stop after just one chapter. This could be a story - not just a short story.......... Pretty please :)

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There was a goof, by me, regarding the files attached to some PM's. If you received one and can't download, let me know. :)


Okay, a question; anyone want to add an option for a poll? The subject of the poll will be; what should CJ's next private "thank you" to forum posters be;


One option is continuing "Ben".


Anything else anyone would like to see? :)

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Oh CJ!!! I just read Ben and let me tell you... He's too freaking adorable to not continue with his story and I simply adore Drake! What a sweet pair these boys would make and sharing the same interest is a bonus!

So, I'd say, YES! continue breathing life into these boys adventure! I'd like to see what comes of Drake's cousin too.

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Hrm. Liked Ben and Drake together, along with Lisa's continued meddling but... what happens when Ben has to move because of his father's job again?




Ben's comment to Trevor about having to move didn't turn out to be quite true; he was told by his father that he'd be attending his senior year in Fort Pierce. :)


CJ, I couldn't access the story. Fix it! You owe me after trying to pin your crimes on me!


But... but... but... I'm innocent, I tell ya, innocent! 0:)


The story has been re-sent. :)


General note: I messed up on the original attachments; if you received one that won't open, let me know so I can re-send. :)

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Oh come on, you tease us and titillate us, then leave us a cliffhanger!































I wanted to know more about about the F-Body!

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If that doesn't work, how about Jim Ainsworth's back story?


That's already in the works, though it might be part of the main story instead of a short story spin-off. :)


Oh come on, you tease us and titillate us, then leave us a cliffhanger!


I wanted to know more about about the F-Body!


The car? Hrmmm! Well, not a cliffhanger :P but I'll see what can be done. :P

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