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The "7 C's" Stories

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Hehehe, good detective work, sir! :P


But...you actually found all seven! As "Boy #6" was originally posted in TWO parts, instead of one! :)


It still is in two parts -- the link goes to an index page with two chapters.


I still like "One night, why not?" by far the best of all of them. There is an almost electric sense of breaking through barriers, leading up to triumph at the end. And it is somewhat humorous that while the principal character believes that the "C" symbol is responsible for triggering the chain of events, it turns out that it's only role was to give some Dutch courage to the principal character -- his new-found mate had no idea what the "C" was for.


Anyway, I thought I would post this in hopes that if someone else runs across one of the "C" stories on Nifty and comes here looking for more info, perhaps they will track down this thread and find the rest.



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Thanks sooo much, dude! Hehehe, I LOVE ya for it! And like I said in an email to ya....there might be a sequel before the end of the year! So I hope you'll like those too!!! :)


Ps- I *LOVE* Elijah Wood!!! :) I met him in person once...his eyes really ARE that blue! My GOD! SEXY!!!! Sighhhh...............

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Hehehehe, nothing! I NEVER get to see one! And if anybody saw mine, they didn't say anything. Athough there WAS one time that I was on the subway with it on, and I got invited to a party by a young guy (young like..18/19) who was with a bunch of his friends. I didn't know him at all. Didn't even have a conversation. He just asked a few seconds before he got off the train.


One of those things I'll prolly regret the rest of my days! LOL!


But that's a TRUE story! One that I eventually made 'fictional' with "We Are Many". So that's where that idea came from. The best stories are just reality with a personal twist, I always say.


::Kicking self for not going:: Stupid. If only life was easy to go back and re-edit. Could have had a happy ending. ::Winks::

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Guest Pundit

Thanks for that link. I saw some stories and wanted to know when it was.

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