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Love on the Rocks

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I am a large fan of Love on the Rocks http://www.nifty.org//nifty/gay/adult-friends/love-on-the-rocks/ by Marcus McNally, now in chapter 35 and seemingly highly likely to finish. It is very well written, and the characters are finely drawn. To me the test is whether they bridge the intervals between chapters -- and they succeed nicely.


Some others I recommended the story to were put off in early chapters by some heavy sex that could have been toned down, but when they came back to the story, they were as appreciative of it as I have been. [some first-time Nifty writers think there needs to be explicit sex in every chapter; fortunately Marcus McNally has blessedly moved on into a rich and fascinating story.]


This story is among the top of my current recommendation list.

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Of the hundreds of stories Ive read on Nifty and similar sites this is unquestionably the best I've found. I'll be surprised if TV/movie producers don't knock at the author's door. Poignant, funny and so beautifully written. I hope it keeps on going but it seems like it's winding up.
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The final chapter of Marcus McNally's wonderful story is being posted. The directory is http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-friends/love-on-the-rocks/

His final email note to his readers is:



Sorry! Really, I’m sorry. I know it’s been a wait …

Here we are – you and me – faced with the final chapter of ‘Love on The Rocks’. I’m going to miss this cast of characters, and I know many of you will too.

Ty and Mike, Lachie and Ellie, Scott and Simon, Dot and Frank, Steve and Fran, George, Vince, Monique, Scruffy and Floppy … they’ve been a part of my life for more than a year and a half. Amazingly for me, they’ve somehow found their way into your lives, too.

You’re reading this because at some point, you wrote to me about ‘LOTR’. It might have been one email, or it might have been an email after every chapter was posted – either way, you’ve made me aware you’re out there reading, and your feedback has encouraged and helped me more than you possibly know.

I’ve told some of you that when I first started ‘LOTR’, I really had no idea if my “little Aussie love story” would ever be read. There was that nagging doubt that it might be too much of a romance for the ‘Nifty’ audience that, it turns out, I so grossly underestimated. But find an audience, it did!

I’m taking this opportunity to let you know that your concern for and appreciation of the characters I somehow brought to life, means more to me than I can express in a few words.

I have marvelled at the wonderful, kind things so many of you have written, and I’m equally grateful to those who’ve taken the time to challenge and criticise my work.

What a learning curve this has been.

Let me take this moment to say to you all … thank you, thank you. Funny to think that when I started writing ‘LOTR’, I expected it would probably run about five chapters. You have all helped me push my own boundaries to somehow keep it interesting for 40 chapters.

I know me. When I’ve had a break I’ll want to write an epilogue, a “five years on” in the lives of the Hills and the hot lawyer.

That’s the plan – let’s see!

In the meantime, happiness and good health to all of you, always.


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