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Who lives here? Homes of the upper 1%...


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Looks like it's in California, don't know who lives there though


It is in California. The guesses thus far are wrong.


Here's a clue: The home changed hands earlier this year.


And, no, Matt does not live there. Posted Image

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Brittany Spears did rent the place. It is on the real estate market and appears to be owned by Jose "Pancho" Leon.


Nope. Can't say if Brittany ever lived there. Hint: It was purchased earlier this year from another well-known person.

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Mike, this is where I saw who owned it.




Oops! I was looking at this. It appears to be misleading. You are correct. Congratulations, A J! Also Vic and PD.


OK. Here's one more...last one for today. Who lives here?



Posted Image



Take a close look at the picture. Put on your thinking cap. Could it be in Las Vegas?

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It's Paula Deen's house, y'all


That was quick, y'all. Vic is right. It's Paula Deen's home in Savannah, GA. Let's all celebrate with a pound of butter. Posted Image


OK. It's someone else's turn to offer up a home.

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