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Boxer Orlando Cruz Publicly Anounces hes gay

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That's nice! And he's still actively participating in the sport. Most of the athletes come out when they've no longer been in the public eye for a long time.

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I believe the Jackie Robinson analogy (from the news article) is particularly apt. Cruz , like Jackie did, is likely to experience severe abuse for some time to come. My sense is Cruz is ready for that. But there will be others who will follow. It's not going to be an avanlanche, I'm sure. A slow trickle would work.


Thank you, Orlando Cruz!

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I too applaud Cruz.


I guess I agree with the comparison to Robinson, the only thing that maybe Cruz has that Robinson didn't have, was maybe 1000's of people telling him 'Good Job' and he did the right thing. I'm sure even in the boxing community there will be ones who will publicly applaud him. Not to say that Robinson didn't have the same but I imagine they kept silent for their own safety.



Either way, hopefully in a hundred years they look back and say that he was one of the courageous firsts in a major sport to come out while still on top of their game Posted Image

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