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Ready for a gay version of "A Christmas Carol"

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I knew they would eventually do it one day, there's been a variation on "A Christmas Carol" for everyone, except the gay community.


On a personal note, I always spend at least one weekend re-reading A Christmas Carol right before Christmas every year. It keeps me centered.


It's beyond politics and beyond social conventions: I've seen at least one conservative version of "A Christmas Carol" called "An American Carol" with the holiday being Independence Day instead of Christmas, 2 African American versions, at least half a dozen cartoon versions, plus the classic 1984 version with George C. Scott.


It is one of the most immortal Christmas story, second only to the Biblical text of Jesus' birth, but contextualized with human themes that still hold true today as it did in the 19th century.


Now get ready for the gayest version:



PS as a plug, read Bill_W's version of "A Christmas Carol" if he still has it on the site

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Very true ... the christmas carol scenerio certainly has been told in many ways ... and variations

Dr Who certainly added more to understand that it can be told in so many signature ways.


Yeah I'd look forward to read a gay tale of it ... lol, there be more variations to look forward to.

Its a matter how fresh you can make the story


W_L really I wonder how much would the classic story would ever center a politician

beyond that the tale is a measure on the effects on the economy ... raking in the blessings of spending

politician looking forward to open their pockets to welcome the lobbiest and the companies that send them money to make the very cheery


lol, how about writing a gay tale ... that includes Romney n Obama ... since the both of them differ on the issue of gay marriage, etc

many people would certainly get a kick out of it


I don't really get where sexual orientation plays a part in it. Other than Scrooge's fiance leaving him. o_O


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