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Imagine Dragons: The Best New Band of 2012-13.

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In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of them, Imagine Dragons is one of the best new bands to come out of the woodwork in recent years. It was actually my favorite local radio station (Philly 104.5) that led to them getting big because it was their first air time in a major East Coast market. Their newest single, "Ready, Aim, Fire" was featured in Iron Man 3. I posted a few of what I think are their best songs below.


Their signature song, Radioactive.







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I TOTALLY LOVE THEM!!! They are awesome.


DEMONS by them is my most favorite though and you haven't added it... so, I wonder if I should be a bit offended by it  :P lol

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     I saw them play at Firefly Music Festival last year, when "It's Time" was at abut 80-something on the music Billboad charts and it was their first radio hit.



      It was soooooo awesome when everyone started singing along to this. It's such a same they aren't playing this year at Firefly- they were supposed to, but had to back out.


      In any event Matt, if you're going to be in the Philly area this summer, you should try and hit it up Firefly Music Festival. The three day passes are sold out (unless you go to the ticket scalpers), but they still have one-day passes. Sunday looks like a really good night, with Vampire Weekend and Foster the People headlining.

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Best new band? Most popular, sure, but best? I don't think so.


Agreed. they rock, but they're not the best new thing out this year. also...this year is sort of only half done. when are we measuring 12-13 from exactly?

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I can't believe that I didn't post in this thread before....


It's an amazing band. Normally most of the popular bands you hear nowadays are so generic. It's great to have one which is more refreshing. Love it.


I'm absolutely in love with Demons. I tear up each time I watch the video. 

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I'm really enjoying this band, too. I came across them on my pandora station and enjoyed them so much I gave them their own channel. My brother has no rAdio in his truck so having the pandora app on my phone has saved my sanity on these quiet alaska roads! :D

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