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[dkstories] My status and DK's stories

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I wanted to update you on some recent news - dkstories and I are no longer together.  There are a lot of things that brought us to this point, and at this time I would appreciate holding off on any questions or speculation as I am still trying to pull together the rest of the pieces of my life.  Dan is also taking a hiatus from the Internet - his stories will remain here but he is planning on not using the Internet for a bit, to give himself time to deal with his own issues.  We will also be continuing to post his remaining stories on the board although we are working out the timeline for doing this.  For myself, I had pulled back on some of my GA duties, but am at the point of being able to devote more time to the board again.  I thank all of the mods, admins and News Blog staff for helping to cover and give me more time to adjust.


My health continues to be decent - I see my main doctor every Tuesday and have blood drawn for labs twice a week.  It is great to be able to log into my hospital's website a few hours later to see the results of all of my blood work.  I do still get tired very easily but that's expected at this point.  The aspect that makes me happiest is regardless, my doctor each week is very happy with my progress.  I am likely to remain on disability from work until at least the new year, and possibly even into March 2014.  I appreciate everyone's support and well wishes.




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I've been searching for 'DO OVER' for a long time. I read it years ago, and wanted to re-read it all again, but could never find it. But I finally found a link to this site, and I also found dkstories on a yahoo group. I saw where there was an update on the 'DO OVER'  on here yesterday, and I would like to know if all of the 'DO OVER' saga will be re-posted here? I tried to join the yahoo group, but since you said that Dan is taking a long hiatus from the internet, I do not know if I should hope to hear from that source or not. What are the intentions for 'DO OVER' and Dan's other stories? I am new to this site, and I haven't learned how to navigate through it well,  but I'm hoping to find 'DO OVER' and also other stories by Dan. I am saddened to learn of your health problems and your break up with Dan. I saw where you went back to work recently, so I hope that things are looking up for you now. I hope that you and Dan can work through your differences and are able to at least remain friends if nothing else. That may not sound like much, but I do wish I could have remained friends with my partner, it would have meant so much. But, I hope that the pain isn't as great as it used to be, and that you are able to move on. I don't know much of the background about what has been going on for Dan to remove all of his stories and move somewhere else, but it must have resolved for you to be able to post his work now. If you could just give me a bit of background so I know where to look for DO OVER whether it's  premium or ebook or whatever. I wish you happiness and good health.


Terry M.

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The plan is that all of Do Over will be reposted here - sorry that it is being a slow process

The speed isn't so bad. I'm enjoying the story tremendously, as I did the baseball series (of which, the name eludes me at the moment), but I've enjoyed all of Dankirk's stories that I've read.


How's work going Trebs? Are you enjoying being back - does it feel strange to be there?

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REALLY enjoy being back - does feel a little strange, especially when dealing with new people (I was out for 15 months).  We also just moved into a beautiful new office building, and so there is a little bit of adjustment to that, but that is also true of everyone else in the office.


Biggest adjustment is actually my yellow lab - now, when I get up and immediately jump into the shower, she puts her head down and gets depressed.  She's like this when she sees luggage come out - she now is associating an early shower to me leaving for most of the day.  I do have a second dog, a beagle, so they keep each other company.  But after so long of getting me almost 24/7, it's an adjustment for all three of us.

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Glad to hear you're back at work and enjoying it!  I have a spoiled beagle who thinks our mission in life is to keep him company, well fed and walked at least three times per day.  It is good you have them both to keep each other company as they do get lonely.

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