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Prompt #260 - Word List


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Okay, so I finally took a crack at one of these. I replaced 'flash light' with 'torch', though, cause I'm not American. ;)






   ‘That’s . . . That’s a nice statue.’ Ollie glances up at the thing.


   ‘Yup, that’s . . . art. Definitely art,’ Dennis agrees. ‘Very . . . anatomically correct. Not that I’m deeply familiar with, you know, that.’


   The nude statue stands seven feet tall. Ollie vaguely thinks that the breasts alone must weigh a tonne. It’s a marble monstrosity with long hair and lidded eyes and pursed lips. It’s hard to look away, really. Ollie tears away his gaze all the same and glances at his watch. It’s just gone five.


   ‘Tell me why we’re here again?’ he asks Dennis.


   ‘Because art! Culture! We need culture!’ Dennis insists. 


   ‘I get culture . . .’


   ‘Football and sitcoms do not count as culture, Ollie.’


   Ollie sighs and looks around. The British Museum will be closing soon. That at least is a blessing. He likes history and all, and the sarcophagi with the mummies were cool, but there are limits to how many naked statues he can look at in a day and still find it interesting. Dennis is a geek for this stuff, though.


   He’s had a good week with Dennis in London. They’ve done all the touristy stuff; Madame Tussaud’s, the Planetarium (Ollie enjoyed that the most), Dungeon, Tower, Kew Gardens . . . Yesterday he stepped on a broken bottle in St. James’s Park and cracked the sole of his shoe. He has a plane ticket back to Edinburgh tomorrow. How weird is it that it’s cheaper to fly than to take a bloody train now?


   Dennis is leafing through a pamphlet, trying to find out if there’s anything left to see. Ollie looks at him and smiles. He looks so cute, eagerly studying the page, lips tight together in concentration.


   Ollie grabs his hand and pulls him behind the statue to wild protests. Then he presses him up against the wall (there’s not enough room not to) and kisses him, and Dennis’s objections die. Ollie ignores the voice saying, ‘The museum will be closing in fifteen minutes,’ over the PA. Dennis’s lips are soft and his breath is warm, and this is much more fun than a few broken vases and crumbling statues.


   He doesn’t know how long they’ve been standing there when footsteps echo down the corridor, and then someone’s shining a torch at them.


   ‘Oi! What are you still doing here?’ The security guard speaks in a gruff voice and looks deeply annoyed. ‘Museum’s closing. Go on, get out of here!’


   Dennis is blushing. Ollie knows he should feel embarrassed, but at the moment he just feels giddy. He takes Dennis by the hand. ‘Sorry mate,’ he tells the guard. ‘We’ll get out of your way.’


   It’s raining outside. Ollie steps in a puddle and cool rain water seeps into his broken shoe. It’s all right, though. The tube’s not far.


   ‘Back to your place, then?’ he asks Dennis, squeezing his hand. 


   Dennis smiles. ‘Yeah, all right.’

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This story contains some graphic scenes. Readers are warned.


That's Our Boy!


"Oh no!  I can't believe it.  This is my favorite pair, and I was going to wear them on the plane."


Cassie and Jo Ann looked up from their television program to see a pitiful looking KC holding his broken shoe in his hand.


"You have four or five pair of purple sparkly stilettos KC.  What's the big deal?  Pick out another pair."  Jo Ann rolled her eyes at Cassie and shook her head.


"But you don't understand.  This is the pair that I wanted to wear to the Crossdresser's Convention next weekend.  Now, I don't know what I'm gonna do", KC wailed.


"If you're still wearing that tight hot pink leather dress you paid way too much for, any pair of your sparkly purple shoes will do just fine.  Quit whining.  Why are you packing already?  The convention is still a week away."  Jo Ann got up and took the broken stiletto from KC, and dropped it in the trash.  "Now, go find another pair, and let us finish watching Drag Race.  It's almost over, and then, I'll cook your favorite."


After KC left the room, Cassie propped her feet on Jo Ann's lap before saying.  "You spoil him too much.  He's never going to move out if you keep doing it."


"Says the hot little female that buys his favorite cookies and ice cream every weekend.  OH, and don't forget, you also pay his membership to the gay Country Club."  Jo Ann playfully squeezed Cassie foot when she finished speaking.


"You know the only reason I got him a membership in the Country Club was so you and I could have a little alone time, even though, I think he'd rather stay around here with us than go meet all the hot guys out there for brunch or something.  Maybe we both spoil him a little too much.  Let's make a pact.  No more spoiling KC, unless he absolutely needs it."  Cassie held her hand out to Jo Ann, who took it and kissed it lightly, before shaking it.


Gently pushing Cassie's feet from her lap, Jo Ann got up from the couch, and headed to the kitchen.  "What kind of salad do you want?  I can do spinach or a fruit salad.  It's your choice since I'm doing KC's favorite main dish."


"Let's have fruit salad.  I've been eating green salad all week at work for lunch.  What are you cooking otherwise?  I know it's steak or ribs."


Jo Ann thought a minute, and then said.  "I think ribs since we're having fruit salad.  I'll fix KC some corn and wheat garlic bread.  He loves those."


"Didn't we just say we weren't spoiling him anymore?  Tonight is it, Jo Ann.  From now on, you cook what you want, and he'll eat what we do.  He's not a kid."  Cassie popped her hands on her hips, a stern, serious look on her face.  "Anyway, it's fixing to be winter, and you can use the crockpot more.  That way, we'll have more time together in the evenings.  Right?"


Jo Ann leaned in to peck Cassie on the cheek, and said, "Right.  Now, run and fire up the grill while I get the fruit peeled and ready to cut up.  Then we'll get a beer and sit on the patio while the ribs are cooking."




Twenty minutes later, Cassie and Jo Ann were sipping their beer, enjoying the cool summer evening when they heard the sliding door open, and turned to see KC coming through it, wearing the hot pink leather dress, sparkly lavender stilettos, and a red wig that was styled like Jennifer Aniston's latest haircut.


"Are you sure you want to wear your red wig next weekend KC?  You know you'll have to be careful what color dresses you wear if you do.  You'll have to stick with pinks, blues, and maybe purples.  Yellows and greens make your complexion shallow.  I guess you could take your black cocktail dress for the Saturday night cocktail party and dinner."   Jo Ann studied KC's outfit as she spoke, wondering why he chose to wear silver fishnet stockings with the pink and purple.  Biting her tongue, she just took another sip of beer, and moved her chair over a little so KC could sit down.


KC carefully pulled out the chair between Cassie and Jo Ann to sit down.  "Shit, I ripped my stockings on the arm of this chair.  Now, I'll have to buy more."


"Well don't buy silver," Cassie said.  It doesn't go well with the pink and lavender.  Go with with dark purple or light pink.  The silver just looks gaudy."


"Why didn't you say so before?  I've worn this outfit out around here.  Now, I wonder who else thought it looked gaudy."  KC looked down at his clothes anxiously.


"KC, you looked fine for all the hole in the wall joints you frequent around here.  Best dressed queen around, I'm sure.  Just remember, you'll be in New Orleans next weekend, and you want to shine, not look like a gawdy Christmas ornament."  Jo Ann patted KC's fishnet clad leg as she spoke.


Sighing, KC reached and drank out of Cassie's beer, dodging the hand that went to smack him , hurriedly getting up and out of reach.  "I'm going to finish picking out my outfits before dinner.  Be back in a bit."


"He's such a drama queen, Jo Ann.  Are you sure we should let him go to New Orleans alone?  I certainly don't want anyone to take advantage of his generous nature."


"You mean, his giving away blowjobs don't you?  KC has better sense than to go to a place like New Orleans, and practice his usual antics.  Don't make me start worrying, or I'll buy you a plane ticket and make you go with him." 


"Not gonna happen.  You'll never put me on a plane to go to New Orleans with KC Grim.  That's asking for trouble, and you know I love New Orleans.  Why would I take a chance of being asked to leave and never come back?"  Cassie tried to joke about it, but she knew it was a distinct possibility of such a thing happening if she went with KC.  She dismissed the thought of going from her mind.  KC would have to be a big boy, with no babysitter on this trip.



Six days later.


Jo Ann glanced at her watch.  "Go see what's taking him so long Cassie, and I'll start loading his suitcases in the car.  I don't know why anyone needs three suitcases for three nights."


"Come on KC.  We need to get to the airport.  Jo Ann's putting your stuff in the car.  Get your ass in gear."  Cassie pounded on the bathroom door as she shouted at KC.


Stepping out of the bathroom, KC had his dress pulled up, trying to adjust the back hook on the garter holding the purple fishnets.  "They didn't have these in dang pantyhose, so I had to get regular hose.  Would you please fasten this one, Cass?"


Cassie made short work of attaching the hose to the hook, pulled down the back of the pink leather dress, and looked up at KC, covering her mouth in astonishment.  "Where did you get that sparkly green eye shadow?  Don't you think it's a little much for daytime?"


"I want to be noticed when I enter the hotel where the convention is being held.  So, don't worry about me, other than getting me to the airport on time."  KC huffed like the drama queen he was, and followed Cassie out the front door. 


"Did you pack a blanket and flashlight, KC?  You know Jo Ann is going to ask you.  She believes in being prepared."


Rolling his eyes, KC stopped before opening the door of the car.  "Yes, I packed the stupid flashlight and blanket.  She has such a hang up about that shit."


"I heard that KC.  Now get your ass in this car so we won't be late."  Jo Ann cranked the car as she spoke, reaching over to untangle KC's purple silk scarf that had gotten caught in the shiny sequioned collar that he was wearing.  "How much more bling could you possibly put on KC?  You look like a dressed up poodle with red hair, wearing stilettos."


"Shut up and drive.  You'll eat those words when I win the best dressed contest Saturday night at the cocktail party."  KC turned to stare excitedly out the windshield, dreaming of his weekend in the Big Easy.



Jo Ann rubbed lotion on Cassie's back, while Cassie lounged on the couch in nothing but black bikini panties, and a silver anklet.  "Two more nights of no KC.  Last night was wonderful.  We got to leave the bedroom door open, play loud music, and walk around nude.  Did I mention, sitting you on the dining table, and eating whip cream and chocolate syrup off your breasts?  I could stand a little more of that."


"Mm, me too.  Don't put any of that scented lotion on my front.  Don't want to ruin the taste of the chocolate and whipped cream", Cassie purred in contentment.


"somebody done somebody wrong song"


Jo Ann cringed when she heard the song playing from her phone.  KC  calling this time of evening meant something was wrong.  Climbing over Cassie, she grabbed the phone.  "This better be good!"


"Can you please come get me?  Like now?"  KC's voice was trembling.


"What do you mean come get you?  Why can't you fly back home.  Remember, your ticket was round trip, or did you screw that up too?"


KC whimpered before speaking again.  "It's just a seven hour drive Jo, and I am stuck on a park bench with nothing but my flashlight and blanket.  They won't let me back into the hotel to get my things."


"What the hell did you do KC?  You know what?  Never mind.  Tell me exactly where you are."  Jo Ann couldn't believe what she was hearing.


KC told Jo Ann where he was, and Jo Ann cringed.


"Find you a safe place until we can get there.  Get out of that park KC.  All kinds frequent those places.  Get out in public so people can see you.  You'll be safe.  You're dressed aren't you?"  Concerned laced Jo Ann's voice, as well as futile anger.


"I have on my black cocktail dress, and red stilettos.  I lost my wig when they threw me out of the hotel.  Please hurry.  I've got the blanket over my head."  KC sounded desperate and scared.



Eight hours later, Cassie and Jo Ann spotted KC, sitting on the steps in front of a big building, wrapped in his blanket, and using his flashlight to see.  They pulled to the curb, and blew the horn.  KC ran to the car, jerking the door open, and falling into the backseat.


"Can we please go get my stuff now?  All my favorite dresses are in my room at the hotel."  KC was out of breath, but seemed amazingly calm since Cassie and Jo Ann had rescued him.


Pulling into a parking area, Jo Ann turned off the engine, and turned to KC.  "We aren't going anywhere until you tell us what happened. I don't care if your whole wardrobe is at that hotel.  You come clean, or we're going straight back home, and I'll probably lock you in your room for a month."  Jo Ann's nerves had taken over.


"Promise you won't be mad.  I was drinking, or I wouldn't have done it.  They didn't call the cops, but just kicked me out, right then and there.  I tried to go get my stuff, but they only let me have my blanket and flashlight."


"Out with it KC, and quit beating around the bush.  Your weekend wasn't the only one ruined here."  Cassie's voice wasn't happy in the least.


"Well, last night, we came in from having a few drinks.  There was this nude statue in the center of the fountain at the hotel.  It didn't have one of those fig leaves covering it's cock or anything.  So, I got to thinking.  It was kinda sticking out, and you can imagine how hard it was, being marble and all.."


"You have got to be kidding me!  Do I want to hear this?"  Jo Ann turned around to stare at KC.  He was getting more excited as he talked.


"So, I backed up to the statue, pulled my dress up in the back, moved my undies over, and it was wonderful.  I got so caught up in the moment that I closed my eyes, and when someone cleared their throat to get my attention, I had an audience.  Needless to say, I'd made quite a mess in the water around me, and security drug me off the statue, into the water, out of the fountain, and threw me into the street.  Evidently, they didn't want bad publicity for the hotel or something."  KC was almost nonchalant by now, knowing he was safe with the girls.


Speechless, Jo Ann cranked the car, drove to the hotel, got KC's stuff, after paying for the cleaning of the fountain.  Throwing his suitcases in the trunk, she got back in the driver's seat, and headed home.




KC looked up at Cassie, who had turned around in her seat.  "Huh?"


"Did you for one moment think about the consequences of such an action, or was there a reason you chose to do such a thing?"


"Well, you see, it's like this.  You and Jo Ann have preached and preached to me for the last two months.  All I've heard is to be careful in New Orleans or I might bring home something I couldn't get rid of.  So, when I saw the statue, I thought, what the heck?  Can't catch nothing from marble."


There was nothing else to say.  For once KC had listened.


The end

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nice one TW!


i done and gone Prompted twice! this had never happened before. anyway....




“Ow, shitting, fucking ow!”

“Jesus dude. Shut the fuck up.”

“Oh what have I gone and stepped in?”

Silence descended on the three boys in the dark as they froze just inside the now cracked window of the disused hippodrome. The air smelt like dust and dead things.

“You have got the flashlight right?”

“No. I gave it to you. I think I’ve broken my shoe.”

One of the other boy’s decked him.

“I told you not to wear the fucking Converse. They’re shit.”

“Are you telling me,” A tight, worried voice, “That we have broken into a disused building bigger than my house without a fucking flashlight?”




“This is stupid.” The most sensible of the three teenagers, “We should go back. I cannot believe I gave up plane tickets to Manchester to see my cousin to hang around with you guys instead.”

“Oh quit it will ye?” The oldest boy, and the sternest, pushed his friend, “We’re still going in even if numb-nuts here did forget the flash light.”

One boy checked his watch, the other checked his phone. The lights of technology shone a meagre sort of light over their surroundings.

“This way.”

“Why that way?”

“You don’t wanna go upstairs do you?”

“Dude, he’s right, the stairs could collapse.”

A small silence, and worry.

“Is it not going to be ever darker if we go down?” He gestured to the sloping ramp, the gloom ahead.

“You’re not scared are ye?”

Teasing and fear, and fear of ridicule, made the three teenagers walk down the slope into the darkness.

It was damp down there, full of the echoing sounds of water. One boy hit his head in a bit of lo hanging pipe and swore. His voice didn’t echo, and that was weird. The light from the mobile phone was just enough to pick out the tiled floor, the pieces of old paper like dying books spread everywhere. There was some kind of breeze, and the papers rustled.

“This is weird.”

“Shut up.”

Chastised, the three boys continue. There is a light, a bluish glow in the near distance, so they head that way. The coridoor opens up and they find themselves in a room with vaulted celings and baroque architecture.

“Why is there a swimming pool?”

The pool is massive, taking up most of the room.

“Why is it lit up is more worrisome.” The most practical of the boys says, “I thought this place was shut down before we were even born.”

“It was,” This is the scared one, “There should be an power one.

The pool is lit up blue and inviting, like a summer’s day in a hot country. In the centre of the pool is a shape underwater.

“What’s that?” The scared boy asks in a shaky voice.

“A person?”

“No. I think it’s a statue. You know, a nude statue.”

“Why the fuck is it underwater?” The loud one swears just for the sake of it.

“Why don’t you go find out?”

“Not me. He can go.” The smaller boy doesn’t want to, he protests and whimpers, but the older boy pushed him into the pool with a splash, “You’re in there now. Go look.”

The boy is scared, but he’s more scared of getting out and being shouted at, so he swims in his clothes to the middle of the pool. It’s hard to see through the water, but the statue looks clean, pale like marble. The takes a deep breath, and pushes himself underwater to get a closer look.

The statue is beautiful, a greek-god of a man, completely nude and very well endowed. The boy puts a hand out to steady himself so that he can look better, and finds cold fingers wrapped around his wrist.

He yelps and swallows water. The statue is not a statue, eyes made of oceans are looking at him with hunger, and the marble skin is smooth and cold like some great underwater lizard. He tries to pull away, but he ends up swallowing more of the swimming pool. He’s getting dizzy. The marble man pulls him against his broad chest, smiling in a way that means desire.

Lack of oxygen and the pressure of the water are too much too bear, and the boy loses consciousness.

Un-protesting humans are so much easier to transport between dimensions

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Well now Never, it has taken nearly the entire time I've been in charge of the prompts, but I can honestly say we finally have an out and out lesbian story. :lol: That was fun to read and I'm sure you are going to have fans. So when can I expect to find your next one.

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haha thanks Sasha, i was really surprised when i finished it because it was never the kind of thing i could picture myself writing. That said, i originally started a response that featured a guy and i just couldn't make it work


Im really pleased with the responses ive got on the prompt responses ive written, i hate to draw attention to myself, believe it or not :gikkle:


Thanks all, for being so kind :)

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OK Sasha - do you really think you get to leave it there?  And Wayne growls at me for leaving things hanging!  I am expecting to see that in my in box as the first chapter of your next demon story!

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OK Sasha - do you really think you get to leave it there?  And Wayne growls at me for leaving things hanging!  I am expecting to see that in my in box as the first chapter of your next demon story!


But ma!!!


He hasn't got a name or a history or anything! Do you have any idea how often i actually create a NEW demon? It almost never happens!

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But ma!!!


He hasn't got a name or a history or anything! Do you have any idea how often i actually create a NEW demon? It almost never happens!

LOL you are the one that went and created this one silly boy. Now you get to fill in the blanks! It's not like you have the same problem I do and run out of places to go with a story at that point!

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