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I had a dream


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I have this weird talent that I remember 99% of my dreams. I must not heavy sleep lol


And yeah. My dreams have transformed recently too - like they've got less serious. Before i'd dream about dying, falling etc. Now i'm dreaming about the life I have ahead of me. I've had so many dreams like about having kids and getting married and all that stuff xD


So you're not alone :)

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A beautiful dream!  I'm not at all surprised that you shed a tear or two.  You have most certainly "turned a page" in your life and I'm glad that the people here at GA (especially that one guy) have helped you along the way.  :hug:

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No, most of the dreams I remember are either super strange or nightmares. I remember once, I was pregnant, and I dreamed instead of a baby I had a book inside me. I could feel the hard corners through my stomach and everything. LOL


I'm glad you had a good dream, Mark! :)

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Dreams are good friends Mark. They reveal only what is necessary and even nightmates are revealing, telling us things that we need to hear. Showing us things we need to see. Dreams are our own virtual play-ground where we can do things we cannot do in real time. I think this dream released some pent up emotion in you. This dream has given you the ability to be free to explore and has released the child in you. At last. Dreams are truly amazing.



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I had a dream once sort of similar like this. I was Harry Potter and there was dungeons and dragons involved, a semi-naked running scene like in Baywatch with my english professor who looked liked Mr. Bean, and there was a leprechaun who has a chalice that provides you three wishes (only if you answer his riddles) which you have drink from the cup. 


It was weird indeed. I realised I had guzzled up a dozen redbulls to finish my term paper. This was in college. 


When I went on a seminar I think a few years back about dream interpretation, I think it was hosted by Neil Gaiman, he said that dreams are the interwoven fabric of our time here on earth and the fabrications of our mind to what our conscious, subconscious and unconscious could interpret. He basically said that every dream you have has a meaning that only you can decipher. It sounded like a plot-line in one of his books so I was like meh . . . I'd rather have a fortune teller interpret my dreams. It would sound more interesting than having to interpret it myself.

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good for you and you're awesome dream.


The other night i woke up from one where i was running in the traces and my first thought was "But i'm a wolf, not a damn husky." i try not o think too much about what they mean...

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