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[Rob Colton] Enforcer: Timber Pack Chronicles Book 2

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:pissed:  You're his editor ?? I hate you ! Just kidding  :lol::funny: You could, by accident, PM me a few chapters :whistle: I promise I won't tell a soul !

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I just started book 2 after finishing Book 1! I love it, it is nice to see another side of Jed and I love seeing Colton and Parker still. Great job so far and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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I really enjoyed chapter 3 as we get an more of an insight into Buzz's life. which seems to be a life of being bossed around and dominated.   In previous chapters  we have  been introduced to his brother, who seems to be the worst type of Alpha werewolf.  Buzz is now "engaged" to a "alpha" female. Who in this chapter subtly (well written) shows her dominant personality.  Poor Buzz. 


I also enjoyed the interactions btw the Timber pack members on there way to Conclave, Particularly btw Colton and Parker, 


Can't wait for the next chapter.

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I really love book 1, but I have to say that book 2 seems to be even better. Maybe because I feel so much for Buzz. It's heartbreaking to think about his situation. Powerless against his brother, forced into a relationship he does not want. Thank you for sharing this story, Rob!

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I wasn't able to get my Wednesday Briefs chapter done in time, so instead I'm posting Chapter 4 of Enforcer.


It's now live!





Ooh, I'm a "gold member" now.


*Insert clever Austin Powers joke here.*



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Hurray Chapter 4 love it!


Read it this morning and it was such an unexpected treat.... (I still expect a chapter on Saturday as well though).


This Chapter contained so much, I don't know where to begin


- The introduction of new characters, particularly the mentor for Colton,  sets up all sorts of new possibilities will they be allies or enemies?

-The arrival of the Forest pack with Jed and Colton's father - will there be a reconciliation?

-I was also intrigued by the De Soto Pack member asking after Stan, what is that all about, what does Colton know?


And the best bit was  ending  to the chapter it was brilliant - with Jed meeting Buzz


Bring on Chapter 5

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I wasn't able to get my Wednesday Briefs chapter done in time, so instead I'm posting Chapter 4 of Enforcer.


Oh... A little bait and switch! :o You won't get away with that so easily, young man... LOL

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