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AT&T UVerse connectivity to GA

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So, starting on the night of Thurs, May 8th (I think), I've had problems getting to GayAuthors. At first, I just though GA was down. The next morning, still couldn't get on, so I turned WiFi off on my phone, and got on with no problem. Did ping and trace route, and sure enough, wasn't going beyond my local sbcglobal node.


So I called AT&T - their solution, download and install a hotspot shield. Well, ya that worked but only for the PC it's installed on. I thought the tech was also adjusting their servers to let me get to GA directly, but still no go. Thankfully my year commitment is up in 9 days, so thinking of moving to Comcast.


So - just me? Or anyone else having issues with AT&T UVerse?

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I had a problem for a short time one day last week, it might have been Thursday.  I could connect with Yahoo and other destinations.  I turned off my modem and turned it back on as I also rebooted my computer and then I tried again and got on.  I have had not had a problem since.  


I admit that I run multiple browsers, both Firefox and Chrome with multiple tabs usually in each on my desktop.   We also have three tablets, two laptops and a smart phone on my Wi-Fi and I have been pleased with my service so far.  

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Periodically, I'll have problems with pages loading here at GA. I simply unplug my Comcast modem for a few seconds and plug it in again. Once it reboots, everything is fine.

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I thought it was site work that was causing the brief periods of inaccessibility. I have experienced the outage 3-4 times over the last couple of weeks. I'm using Comcast cable in Boston.

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