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New Story: Space Pioneer

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Space Pioneer


On his trip to Mars, Jeff's shuttle gets dragged through space by an alien spaceship that is performing a space jump. The Daglon captain Lest takes Jeff on board of his ship and Jeff's journey through space begins. The crew chases Ezer Malk, who plans a space-time jump in order to steal Ancient Egypt artifacts from Earth.


I - Joining the Space Community

II - Undercover Operations

III - Mission to Earth

IV - Back to the Future


22 Chapters



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Part I is posted.


Many thanks for reading.


I'm away for a vacation until June 27. I'll start posting Part II, Undercover Operations, when I'm back.






Undercover Operations


The cruise vessel was granted access to Daglon. It descended and flew at a moderate speed, much like an aircraft on Earth. Jeff looked out of the panorama window and was stunned at the sight. They were crossing a densely populated area. Jeff saw cities and towns. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make out any details, but he was enjoying the view. They left the populated area and flew across woods and fields. The ship descended and steered towards a town in the distance. It slowed down and was hovering over the city. Jeff was feeling overwhelmed.


"What do you think?" Lest asked. He had joined Jeff in the lounge area of the cruise vessel.


Jeff turned around. He hadn’t heard the captain approaching.


"It’s fantastic," he said. "The city reminds me of some Asian cities, but the high towers and the buildings look even more futuristic than those cities on Earth. Is it a capital or a business center?"


Lest gave a laugh. "No, this place isn’t a real city. It’s a museum and a leisure park. It was built in the style of the old days. The name of the place is Amun," he said.




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