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This story is one I am writing for a group called Wednesday Briefs. Each week one of the group sends out prompts and we all write something around the prompt/s that we have chosen. 


This story has a life of it's own as each chapter depends on what prompts I am sent.


it is based on two psychics called Jaydon and Craig. It is written in the first person from Jaydons POV. Jaydon has been in love with Craig for years but fears ruining their friendship by telling him. So he has not even told him he's gay. 


Meanwhile a dangerous psychic is on the loose and Jaydon must catch him. 


I would welcome all comments and suggestions for this story. I will always think over any ideas people have and if they fit the story line and the prompts I may even use them.


most of all please just have fun.

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I managed to read all three stories from this series yesterday. They were so good, I couldn't even pause to leave reviews. But I'll get back to them soon and comment.

I'm hoping we'll see the other twin getting into a relationship with his mate, but maybe this will be a separate story ? I'd love that.

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This story was originally started as a stand alone. It is focusing on Jayon and Craig. But I may be bringing Cade in as well, I haven't decided yet.


I moved the setting to Chapmistres view and brought in my other characters because I was running out of room to expand the story with only psychics to work with. this story therefore will become book three of Chapmistres view.


Any ideas I have for the story have to fit in with the weekly prompts I am given as part of the Wednesday Briefs group.


Book four, which I have already started to outline, will be Jackson and Casey's story.


I am glad you are enjoying the stories and any suggestions you have I will be happy to hear. :2thumbs:


Happy reading :read:

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Yes they will as soon as I final finish Jamie and Andrew, and Buried Treasure. :2thumbs:


I already have a story outline for their story so I just need to knuckle down and write the end of the others, but I get easily distracted. :off:


Tell you what I'll talk my husband into handcuffing me to the computer and banning me from the story sites :X . That way I will concentrate and wont get distracted by the great stories to read here. :read: I still have edit to post that Tim has very kindly done for me. I promise I will stay more focused. 0:)

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I wanted to know a few things that I hope you can include in the story.  I know with the other stories, we just accepted that the vamps existed and lived in these communities.  But, in this story, suddenly we meet these humans who have amazing abilities themselves.  I feel like there should be some explanation as to how this developed.  How did humans, like Jaydon and Craig, develop these abilities?  Is it something that all humans have?  Or are there only a choice few? 


Do humans live in the communities with the witches/vampires?  I'm sure this was in the other stories, but I can't remember. 


Would Crystal's mother have an ability,since  clearly her father is not a healer.  does that mean her mom was?


I hope you will remember, for the sake of continuity, that Basil is a drunk and alcoholic who was in such a stupor for days that he didn't know his daughter was missing.  I think it will make it  a bit easier to beat him, b/c he obviously wouldn't suddenly be clean and running around with a master plan.  Shouldn't they send out his pics to liquor store owners so they can call if they see him come in?   :) 


Just a random question, is Cade a vampire?  I don't think so since he talks of growing up with the guys, but the way he reacts to Louis' handshake seems like he recognizes he's his mate. 


Looking forward to more.  I think some background would help, and I think it could be put in by having one of the witches ask questions about Craig and Jay' abilities. 

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Ok starting from the top: :read:


Psychics and how they came into being will be explained soon, I am just waiting for a list of prompts that will match what I need to include. (Just a teaser though, The Psychic's do not consider themselves Human, or at least not 'normal' Human)


I am going to add a prologue to All the Chapmistres View stories that explains the island where everyone lives and how the community's are laid out and governed etc.


Crystals parents will be explained more as the story unfolds and they find out more about Basil. But yes her mother would have been a Psychic but not necessarily a heeler. Abilities choose the person by their nature not by their parents.



As for Basil, he may be a drunk and drug addict but he is still powerful and is practiced at not being noticed, for example he would use his abilities to steal liquor by making the clerk forget he had been there. That is all I will say as any more would spoil the plot. :ph34r:  :X



No Cade is not a vampire, he is a psychic but his abilities will not be included in this story. They will be in a spin off I am planning for Christmas with him and Louis. All this story shows you is their meeting and I may include a few more clues to them both depending on the prompts I'm given.


Hope this helps and any more questions or suggestions please let me know :2thumbs:

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