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Magic Mike XXL - The Trailer

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Did Magic Mike really require a sequel? I only ever watch the first half now. It was a good, fun, sexy, silly film, which then decided to become a junkie flick half way through. I need two very different mindsets to enjoy those two sorts of films. tbh, I'd rather they'd just stuck with one theme.


Dude can dance though.

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They've said that the sequel is going to be more fun. Given that they ditched Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn, it makes sense.


thank heaven for that. so XXL is probably the movie I (we) wished the first Magic mike was...

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I have literally never liked a single Tatum film... and I'm worried that he'll totally screw up Gambit since that character was added to the X-men films. :P It's the only comic book to movie franchise that I like... so blech on him if he does. :P

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They just all come off as generic musculed white boys with a token minority thrown in to stave off accusations of racism.


Not my type I guess. *shrugs*


Early in his career, I remember Tatum gave an interview about his shaved head and how it allowed him to play ethnic parts. He tended towards playing urban hood-type characters- She's The Man was very different from his usual early roles.


I mean, I've been crushing on the guy ever since his Mountain Dew commercial so eh.

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