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Goodreads Love Is An Open Road

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I was wondering if anyone else on here was writing for the Goodreads event this year?


If you are I was hoping to make this thread a way we can keep each other going and maybe swap problems and solutions.


I have just claimed my prompt for this year and am working on a story outline already. I really don't want to leave it to the last minute like I did last year :)


I am also volunteering on the beta and proofreading team for the event. Someone really needs to see if they can find my mind because I am going to be needing it soon. I must have been out of my mind to agree to do so much.


Oh well, I hope some of you authors out there are joining me in the event, B)

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I've actually heard a lot of good things about Goodreads, I believe from Cia... :P and I have a Membership there.. haha.. I've just never done much with it. Good luck, I may try to get better acquainted one of these days. :D

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I can't remember how I found GoodReads but I'm always glad I did. 


When your ready Krista come over and join us in the mmromance group. 


Feel free by the way to add me as a friend (and that goes for anyone reading this who is also on GoodReads)  we may be able to suggest books to one another :) 

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