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"My Only Escape 20" Is Up!


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One of the chapters that I wanted to post waaaaaay back in February is now posted! I made sure to give it another once over to make it sparkle. :P


Enjoy! And let me know what you think!



VAT I tink is dat you shouldz be vriting vat "I" like to read! :angry:


:rofl: You really started something with that video.

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Don't listen to him Comsie- MOE is my favorite. :worship:

Cosmie, Cosmie, Cosmie, who's word will you take? That of a cute angel or that of a despicable cat?


I rest my case. Und ve have zent out da hitz squad to take care ov dis dispicable katza! Take myz advize, vork on vat "I" like to read! :joe:

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Hehehe! I don't know...we're barely three and a half months into the new year...and I've updated almost everything, haven't I? "New Kid", "Class", "GFD", "Jesse-101", "My Only Escape", "Kiss Of An Angel", "Untouchable", "Billy Chase", "Savage Moon"...I even dusted off "All Eyes Watching" and "Left Without Words". :P I've got more coming next week, but if I haven't updated something you like by NOW...hehehe, I'm running out of stories!


And that's saying a LOT for 'Comicality'! :o


You just need more favorites, buster.

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