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Billy Chase 408 Is Up


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My apologies for being behind. Friends and family wanted personal/private time during Christmas and New Years Eve. I know that sounds easy, but some people get to just escape work and school for the holidays...and me writing on the site...I don't get to do that. It's either give 100% to writing, or 100% to my real life. I can't do both. So you guys lost out this time. :/ 


BUT, the holidays are over now. So I'm back to being a lonely, isolated, recluse again for your entertainment. Hehehe! PLEASE let me know what you think of the new chapter to come! Or this is all going to be in vain. :(


Love you guys lots! I'm sure there's FIVE of you with something to say this time. Or...maybe four? Whatever.


Love ya lots! Seezya soon. Enjoy...



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Loving it as always Comsie. Agree with skinnydragon that Jimmy is taking a turn toward the sinister. I've commented as usual, thanks for all your efforts. I guess maybe I'm one of the five. Love ya as always Com.

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