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Possibly Closest Earth Like Planet Found


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This is awesome news that might escape most people's radars with the struggles and conflicts in the world:




Being only 4.2 light years away near Proxima b in Centauri binary system, 1.3 times the size of earth, and with average temps potentially with atmosphere at 86 to 103 F degrees, it should be under observation for future exploration. Plus, the ultraviolet radiation could make for some interesting biological differences, if there is life (a Blue skinned 6 legged man, maybe, :lol: )


Of course, if like most human history, when we get there, it will end up like this:




Who's with me in calling this planet Pandora :P

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Yes Bill, you're right there.



Like most scifi and western seem to forget the most obvious


You make fewer enemies with blankets filled with smallpox than you would with an army of gun toting grunts :lmao:


Hopefully in 150 years we are more enlighten on interspecies relations.

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