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New Additions To The Comicalityshack Youtube Channel...

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It has been a while, but I've made a bunch of updates to the 'Favorites' playlist today, and there will be more updates to other sections later on this evening! For now, just go to Youtube and look up 'Comicalityshack', and it'll take you right there!


This week's special gay short film is called, "The Curse Of The Un-Kissable Kid"! Which is good for some lighthearted chuckles! :)


Also, ***HUGE*** thanks to you guys who donated to the Paypal account this week in order to help! That is AMAZING of you, and I'll be trying to save every penny I can until I get back home!

Which reminds, thanks to you guys who picked up a copy of the "Final Hour" ebook as well! In case anyone is still having trouble finding it, all of the links, foreign and domestic, can be found here:





Another bit of news...I am going to the 'Chatterbox Chatroom' this coming Saturday night, October 22nd, to talk to everybody and share some laughs with you all! I haven't been able to stop by as often as I'd like, and when I do it's a total surprise at 'Crazy O'Clock' in the morning! So, I will be there for a few hours, starting at 9 PM/10 PM my time! I realize that you guys are from different parts of the globe, so if you want to know what time that is in your part of the world, RickGayAZ has conveniently set up a sweet little time conversion invite for you! THANKS, dude! This link is awesome! just click...




...And it'll tell you what time to pop in! Cool?

Getting to the Chatterbox Chatroom is easy! Follow the link (http://widget01.mibbit.com/?settings=b1852207735f7e539f2f451%20a9a5e941e&server=chat.csob.me&channel=%23comicality), choose a nickname, and dive right in! I know that things can a little crazy in there and hard to follow when there's a bunch of people talking at once...but it's not like I was all that sane to begin with! So just follow my ramblings as best as you can and I'll try to keep up! Cool? Hope to see you there! 


Love you lots! Can't wait for Halloween! And I'll seezya soon! MWAH!!!



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