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If you see any unique buildings or construction that make use of recycled, "green", or environmentally friendly materials, post them here!





Old shipping containers get a facelift as part of the structure of a modern home. :)



In this concept, turf has been used to cover the exterior of the home, providing a layer of insulation.


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There is one of these berm homes in my town and it's absolutely wonderful.

It consists of two concrete domes covered with a meter and a half (about 5 feet) of earth.

In the depth of winter when there is frost outside the internal temperature doesn't drop below 18 degrees C (64 F) and in the summer it doesn't exceed 22 degrees C (71 F) even when it's 40 C plus (104 F) outside.

When we were threatened by terrible bushfires a number of years ago it was the only dwelling that didn't have any real worry. - as I said - wonderful.

Lol - Since I'm a LOTR fan it has even more attraction.

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