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Vivid Verb Challenge!

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Vague versus Vivid
There are a lot of different types of verbs, and, when writing, the verb you choose can be crucial. Authors know this, of course, but it's not always easy to remember to pick the best one. For fun, I want people to pick a single vivid verb. The next person in the topic will then create a single sentence for that vivid verb and share their own for the next person. Let's be creative! 
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2 minutes ago, Parker Owens said:


Phil and I careened down the hill in the wagon, free of every care, except for the rapidly approaching trees. 





Andy waggled his arm while he talked, oblivious to the glob of egg salad Parker wiped off his chin.  



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1 minute ago, Wesley8890 said:

The pot bubbles even more after I add the severed arms



"But...uh...shit!"  Jake sputtered when he realized the contents of the soup he just ate.  



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2 minutes ago, Daddydavek said:

Blowing up balloons for the grandchild's birthday had me breathless.  



The flickering flames mesmerized Adam as he lay next to Jordan in front of their new fireplace.  



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53 minutes ago, Parker Owens said:

It was nothing to climb onto my soapbox; quite another to climb down. 



Their train had to be shunted onto a sideline after losing power.  



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