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Can I get a coach for this?

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On the back of my last post here, maybe what I need is a writing coach?  Is there even such a thing?



If I went to the gym (let’s Just pretend OK?), then I could get a personal trainer type person to stand next to me and shout at me.  Yes, yes, I know, they do more than that, but part of their role is to prompt, to encourage, to push you that bit harder, isn’t it?  I feel like I would benefit from this for writing.  Not some gym bunny standing next to me shouting, but that regular push, a reminder that isn’t just an app that I can close and ignore, something to help me stay focussed.


What do you think?  Want a (not at all paid) job?

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4 minutes ago, BHopper2 said:

Get yourself a good writing team. People that will encourage you, Beta Read for you, do Editing. They can be your coaches.


You're getting some coaching now. :) This forum was designed for us to help each other out. To encourage, to provide advice and feedback. Stories can be posted for only Club Members to see as well, on the Testing Grounds.


I think Myr would love for us Authors to start talking and interacting with each other more in this club than what we already are doing. :)

You’re right of course, I do get help already here on GA and I’m very grateful.  I guess today is particularly manic, so asking the question ‘out loud’ AKA posting it here is just one less thing in my head.

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I find my greatest 'coach' is my own desire to see how the story ends. As I'm writing, I'm also reading the story and I want to see how it ends. The only way I can do that is by . . . writing it! :)

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@Sam Wyer, late to the party but.....


use the "Sneak Peeks" and then maybe, ask authors who you like to read to check out what you've posted.

i have come to believe that a good team is very important.


find a good beta reader, one who will read 1) to see if the story has legs, will go somewhere or makes them want to know more; and 2) catch the little things, like if your character just started dinner and then leaves to answer the phone, is the kitchen on fire?


most of all, keep writing, keep asking questions 

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