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*Sneak Peek* A New Chapter

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Chapter 1                      Twins POV

Sebastian was standing in the crowd of relatives and friends, as we received our degrees in Business Management and Economics, from the Dean of Business at the University that we had been attending over the past 4 years, after completing our high school education in Bern, Switzerland. We are now 21 years old, and although we were very wealthy, our experiences in Australia, had kept us fully aware of the real life that surrounds us.

Sebastian and us twins, lived in a modern 4-bedroom apartment in the town of Belp, just south of Bern, after selling the estate, which we felt was not suited to our style of living any more, we both owned a second-hand Volkswagen Tiguan, petrol SUV car, while Sebastian owns a VW Passat, petrol car, more suited for his work as the head of the Family company.

Once the graduation ceremony was over, Sebastian took us to the family restaurant, that we bought as an investment, to celebrate, where we received the usual VIP treatment from the staff. Sebastian was still single which worried us a lot, as he seemed constantly lonely, ever since we had returned to Switzerland...

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