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Even miracle workers hit a speedbump every now and then :P


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But, fear not! The newest issue of Imagine Magazine will be posted and ready to go tonight! Cool?


So's ya know, I am actually really sick at the moment with what I <i>thought</i> was a flu or chest cold...and it turned out to be strep throat. Which I've never had before. And it fucking SUCKS! Jesus Christ...how do you people deal with feeling pain every time you swallow anything??? Not even solid, but liquids too. Even applesauce hurts! :(


Hehehe, on top of that, Imagine's main general is dealing with a sprained wrist and some messed up fingers at the moment. BUT...we'll be sure to get things in working order as soon as possible tonight! Cool?


You can't say that we're not dedicated! ::Giggles:: 


So keep checking back at the Imagine Magazine link, and eventually, a brand new issue will be waiting for ya!






Now...if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to swallow some cream of chicken and mushroom soup and led this medication put me back to sleep for a little bit. Seezya soon! :)

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Hahaha, yeah you gotta totally mame us to stop us. Muhahaha :)


Feel better Comsie. I'd pat you on the back but... ow :(

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Forgot to say sumthin :D
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