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Looking for a Non-GA Story.

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The story was gay scifi set in the near future, in Southern California. MC had a developmental disability, akin to Asperger's Syndrome, but was an Electrical Engineer that specialized in sound technology and revolutionized cinema surround sound. Because of this, he ordered himself a companion android, went to the store, chose all the feature he liked, etc. Intention was an companion for everything including sex. Android was built like a 18-22 age range, and had a desire for skateboarding. As the story progressed, they befriend another android that came from an abusive owner, that they eventually took over. The two androids became boyfriends, one was a fashion model. There's more but I'm forgetting a good deal about it.

After reading N.R. Walker's Evolved, novel, it reminded me of this story, because there was a lot of similarities between the two. It was posted on Nifty, and the author at one point in their post chapter blurb mentioned something about publication.

Any help would be appreciated.

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