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((Hugz)) All Around...


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Just wanted to peek in and say hello! :) 

I didn't go anywhere. I took the weekend off for Mother's Day to give my mom some much needed attention. And yesterday, my little cousins came over for the whole day, seeing as it's the most fun that they can have inside these days. LOL! It's been fun though. Anyway, a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is just about done and ready to go for Friday (May 15th), and then we're going right back to our 48 hour schedule starting on Saturday! So, more surprises to come your way soon! Cool?

By the way...if any of you guys have a VR set up...you NEED to play this Walking Dead game!!! Jesus! 

I have done some very...'dark' things in this game! LOL! I'm actually starting to feel guilty. It's different when you have to physically stab someone in the skull! SO real! Amazing game, though!



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