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It may be ancient but I've just finished CAP Series 1. A thoroughly engrossing story with a satisfying ending. I loved the way the treads wound their way through the tale with highs and lows that reflected such emotional reality. Lengthy as it was, I just couldn't put it down. I have just a couple of comments.

First, I have an aversion being defined as 'Queer'. I grew up in the 1950s and 'queer' was an insult usually delivered with a sneer. I know young gays seem proud to be called queer and I just don't understand this; but, there again, what do I know.

Second has to do with sex. At first I was horrified to read about JP jumping in and out of bed with such ease. But you see I was raised as a  catholic and grew up feeling guilty about sex. I got married and sex was a duty and never enjoyable. Yes, I whored around but always felt guilty with a sense of wrong doing. Even masturbation was a necessity and never just enjoying my own body. Then along comes Mark (JP) and suddenly I realized that sex is not something that's naughty but simply an enjoyment of our own bodies. Too late I realize I've missed out on a vital aspect of the joy of living. 

As to open sexual relationships, I'm still wary. Doesn't having multiple sex partners eventually destroy a loving relationship. Now before I get accused of being ancient I have to say I've never tried  open relationships so I can't comment factually.

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