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Posting Gallery Images


The tree image I posted October 6 in The Lounge / “Hallowe’en and Autumn mists” disappeared

The image displayed normally when the thread was created

When I revisited the thread with my iPad 6 there was just an empty box with “large.image.jpeg.b3e8cdb338181d64657b5334ac7ff1bd.jpeg“ displayed at the top

I checked with my iPad 2 and it displayed normally, so I assumed it was an issue with the iPad 6 (this device seems to behave quite differently to the iPad 2)

Today I again looked at the thread with the iPad 2 and the image wouldn’t display and showed the empty box described above 

Q1 Is this the correct image address format?

The image was posted as follows (can’t remember if I used the iPad 2 or 6):

Insert other media - Insert existing attachment - Gallery Images - select - Insert Selected

I’ve just used “copy” from the Gallery image and somehow got two more and different image addresses:

“https:// gayauthors.org/gallery/image/16546-the-tree-at-the-edge-of-the-wood/”


”https:// s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/gayauthors-cdn/monthly_2020_10/large.image.jpeg.fb74d4174de3b2b6644ad5b4f7b2cd6d.jpeg“

Q2 Which of these is the correct image address?

I’ve just gone into “Edit” and somehow got the image to display again but I’m very confused as to what I did wrong and how to avoid this happening again.

I’m guessing I must have used the iPad 6 and it maybe did something weird? It clearly doesn’t work well with the GA site because I’ve had other problems. I’m just glad I kept the old iPad 2 which seems much more reliable.

Q3 Any suggestions / ideas?



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1.  It is working normally.

2. The first link looks like a link to the Gallery page that hosts the image. The second is the direct link to where the image is stored.  (The image is stored on a third party cloud service (Amazon Web Services)). Either link should work. First one gives you the formatted gallery link. 

Second gives you the image directly. (I shrunk it for this post)


Which link you'd like to use depends on your purpose of posting.

3. I think it is a security setting with your iPad.  either VPN, or something about third-party or cross-site image loading. 

Sometimes the issue is on our end where something gets cached incorrectly, but that typically clears in a few hours.  This is pretty rare on a post. I usually see it garbling up a blog header image.

If someone has an iPad, can you weigh in? I think we had a case recently that was similar.

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Thanks Myr :) 

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