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We spent some time in a state of mourning...


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It just took a bit of time to sort of get our thoughts straight. :(

Long story short, we lost our youngest writer on Imagine Magazine in the middle of last week. Just before his 18th birthday. To fans of Juju (author of the story, Duncan: In Exile")...he has recently passed away. So, much as it hurts our hearts to bring you all the bad news, he really was excited about bringing you guys the last few chapters of his story. And they are, fortunately, with his editor right now, and will be completed. I doubt he would have it any other way. 

This new issue of Imagine will be dedicated to him and the friendship and talent and chatroom high jinx that he brought to all of us. He was our lil' brother, and we're going to miss him something awful. 

That being said, I'm sorry for being absent for the past few days. I've just been in a really bad headspace. K? 

Love you all. See you soon...


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It's been a bit rough, but I can practically hear Juju telling me to quit being a sap about this. He was never one to mince words, that's for sure. 

I just want to honor him the best way, I know how, you know? He was an angel. We need more like him. 

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Ah, to go so young!
Be at peace, Juju! God only calls the young ones home because He couldn’t bear having them away for too long. ❤️

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