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RIP - Ben Robert Grocholski

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Originally, I was going to post this as an "Underrated". But then, I learned that young Ben unfortunately passed away on January 9th, 2021, aged 16 years and 8 months. :( Ben's only major credits are Steel (2015) and Channel Zero (2016). He also could be seen on CTV mornings in a Manitoba Teacher Society commercial, in American record producer Nick Koenig’s work, as well as small Manitoba-made films. Ben modelled for Winnipeg Outfitters and Showtime Productions. He was very proud of his accomplishments.

Ben was very generous and compassionate. In his spare time, he loved to participate in as many local charities or social events as possible. He even spent hours helping build floats for the annual Hecla parade, so he could show off his creative personality!

An excerpt from his obituary*

[Mom Heidi, Dad Dale and sister Lorelai will forever miss your infectious Daffy Duck giggle, Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and silly antics. We will miss your help around the farm and how you were always there to watch over your sister. Mom will miss Steven Spielberg marathons, Super Mario games and baking sugar cookies every holiday. Dad will miss wrestling and sitting on film sets with you (a favourite moment having lunch with John Carroll Lynch from The Walking Dead). Lorelai will miss fighting with you on 30-hour vacation road trips and canned ham lunches.]

[Ben did more in 16 years than most do in a lifetime. From strutting the runway at the Convention Centre, Tarzan swinging from Arenal Volcano, swimming in Montezuma waterfall, snorkelling with Manatees, fishing off the coast of Cedar Key, climbing HooDoos in Drumheller, riding favourite Disney rides at Magic Kingdom past midnight, earning paycheques at 10 years old – Ben lived life to the fullest!]

*For the full obituary reading, go here:


 It is not known at this point exactly how this remarkable young man died, but given the timing, we can only speculate that COVID may have been responsible. I watched both Steel and Channel Zero this afternoon, and I found Ben to be highly entertaining. Thank you, Ben, for bringing joy to everyone you touched. Don't let the afterlife get you down, okay? Keep making those parade floats! Maybe they'll let you help color those sugar skulls for Coco, yeah?






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