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Hehehe...what are you so scared of? :P


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Trust me...there is NO better feeling in the world than getting an extremely reluctant nod of approval from the skeptics! It fills my heart with joy, it really does. :)

Now, I understand...totally. You hear the words 'sci-fi', or 'horror', or something like that, and you just figure..."I'm not interested. Like at all." Makes total sense to me, and no hard feelings.


You guys already know the stories I write. You know me. You've seen me stay consistent with whatever it is that I do. What would make you think these 'other' stories would be any different? Not to brag...but people who have written to me and said they were not interested in vampire stories have become the BIGGEST "Gone From Daylight" fans ever! Same with the werewolves in "Savage Moon", or the zombie apocalypse story in "Shelter", or even with the new fantasy story "The Plateau".

I don't sit at this keyboard for hours on end writing garbage. I promise you. Hehehe! So...if you're waiting on another teen romance story to be posted...maybe try checking out one of the other stories. They're gay teen romance stories too. Trust me...you'll be able to feel the 'Comsie' within them once you get started.

I can do both. And I plan to do so, starting Monday! My Imagine Magazine stuff is almost all done...and then we get to work! In a major way! The Shacker Dark stories will be weaved in with everything else now, so enjoy! :P And I'll seezya soon!

You've got no idea what you're missing right now! Read 'em all! Collect them like Pokemon! You'll be happy that you did! Hahaha!

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