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Imagine Magazine's 100th Issue


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Never in a million years could I have ever imagined reaching this milestone for Imagine Magazine. And it has been a much more exhausting task than I think any of you will ever know. Not just for me, but for the folks running the site, adding their own material, sending in ideas, sharing their time and their heart with the rest of us. It's a team effort of epic proportions to do this every month, and I couldn't be more grateful for the people who work so hard in getting this all together.

And now...here we are at issue #100...provine to everyone who was ever reading that the struggle has been worth it. Thank you guys for helping us achieve the unachievable, and for participating in a project that started out as a bit of an inside joke between us...to being the massive success that it is today. A lot of love goes out to the Imagine team and all of our writers, and also to all of you who took a moment to answer the questions, share your stories, and just embraced and supported what it was that we were trying to do here. Thank you.

Enjoy, you guys! And be SURE come back next month as issue #101 takes the first step towards the next major milestone ahead of us. I love you! And I wish you well!

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