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  1. Ricky_writer


    Thank you James for giving us a snapshot view of your life as a teen in Mississippi. I know how much you suffered emotionally and socially. I was under too much scrutiny growing up to be able to escape through drugs. I've mentioned before being bred, born, raised and abused in a sadistic, controlling and compelling Catholic environment. It was at St John's church in Memphis Tennessee. We even had our own priestly predator, a Father Hause. There's still enough supporting evidence and witnesses no one is gonna sue me. So yeah, been there, even tried to suicide once, I was too uninformed and too young to be successful. The damning thing is no one even realized it - no one questioned why I had slept over 20 hours from a Friday night to a Saturday night. Anyway, thank you again James. ❤️ ya and your imagination and honesty.
  2. If anyone cares, I despise cliffhangers. >.< Well written drama...
  3. Ricky_writer

    Arrowhead Lodge

    This story brings us the honesty and affection I was never privy to while growing up. My psychologist told me that I missed the male bonding that even straight boys go through growing up. My parents, aunts and uncles were such jerks keeping this sissy gay-boi so isolated growing up. Yeah, Methodists, Catholics and Southern Baptists are all masters of self-denial - for others...
  4. Ricky_writer

    The Gathering

    Thank you for writing. I've always enjoyed your works and this is no exception.
  5. Ricky_writer


    Matt comes across as a self-absorbed, self-centered arrogant prick. In fact this character is perfect being an attorney. He goes after what he wants to the exclusion of everyone else even if that includes having a couple of boys to carry on his family name. What would it take for me to go back to him? It would start with Matt agreeing to lock his dick in a chastity cage 24x7 with Mike retaining sole possession of the keys. I'm not sure if I could ever trust him with my heart again so there would have to be some major personal concessions and I'm not even sure what those could be to satisfy me.
  6. Ricky_writer

    Chapter 7

    Dark and beautiful this was as an awesome coming-of-age story as a slave. The ending is bitter sweet and lovely giving us the impression the boy will "come into his own" in time. Thank you for this emotional roller coaster story.
  7. Ricky_writer

    My Story

    my parents aunts and uncles knew that I was a sissy at age 5 because I loved fingernail and toenail polish and open toe sandals. I walked like a sissy on the balls of both feet my hands were out from either side kind of like I was balancing on a Wire and then when I spoke I always use my hands to their way of thinking excessively to express myself while I'm talking. I had two girl cousins that enjoyed putting makeup on me and I loved how I looked with the makeup on. So yes I was indeed a sissy but I had no idea what homosexuality was all about even though a couple of years earlier I was severely molested. Those in the family that knew about it limited knowledge to a total of 3 people.
  8. Thank you for a well written story that jerked on my heartstrings one moment and had me thoroughly pissed off the next moment. Zach truly was a sex addict because he was substituting sex for love and he felt so abandoned by his parents and his community. He deserved better and for that matter all of us deserve better. I have lost out on two long-term relationships the first was to suicide. My second loss was to betrayal and abandonment by my partner of almost 20 years for what he called his second soulmate. Yeah it sounds nice when stated in that manner but the fact is the SOB betrayed me and because we did not have same-sex marriage I was also defrauded of about $400,000 when we separated. Life's a bitch and then you die, or as someone told me, you marry one. I am happy that the story ended on such an upbeat note. Thank you.
  9. Ricky_writer

    My Story

    I was born in 1950 into a sadistic Catholic environment. I knew that I was different by the time I was 5 but I had no idea what the word for was. However my parents aunts and uncles knew what I was and they were either Baptist or Catholic. So 6 months before the first grade begin for me they began a pogrom to make me walk like a boy and talk like a boy and behave like a so-called boy. This was accomplished through coercion and beatings. Then I was yelled at for being depressed and beaten for being depressed. I was never going to be what they wanted me to be because I could not give them what I did not possess. So they stole my childhood from me and put me through hell before I was even a teenager and put me through more hell as a teenager. They made one mistake, they enrolled me in a martial arts school at the age of 10. I discovered acceptance by a martial arts instructor that never yelled at me and always encouraged me. He took me from a 10 year old boy that could not even execute a single push-up to a martial artist that by age 16 my father could no longer abuse with impunity. It would be 17 more years before I could come out as an openly gay man in 1983. I lost my virginity the same year. 20 years after that after seeing a psychologist for two and a half years I learned to not hate myself from my Catholic upbringing and began to even realize I could love myself. Fuck religion. I will only say there were a number of Catholic and Baptist boys that found themselves in the emergency room when they thought they were going to harm me, for being "different". I never grew up being happy because I grew up alone denied any companionship and ostracized by both my school and my family and even my age peer group.
  10. Cool! I couldn't get here from my phone... Maybe next you are in Nashville we can have breakfast/lunch/dinner somewhere. I'm retired and just asked for 24 hrs notice. ttyl Rick
  11. Ricky_writer

    Chapter 12

    Good story line... I even learned a little about baseball. :-) I came across a couple of minor character narrative error perspectives. I am not going to dissect your story as I read it for recreation and pleasure. I enjoyed it. It is nice to occasionally read an easy, enjoyable story like this one with no blood and gore and trauma for the protagonists. I expect to see more from you as your story telling skills mature and expand. Thank you.
  12. Ricky_writer

    Chapter 1

    An excellent baring of the soul and feeling a person's honest hurt and despair. All the while wanting to escape this turmoil, and yet finding no way out. You are left with a small chance of hope that things will get better, on a promise from others to help.
  13. Ricky_writer


    Your prose and vocabulary both have improved in both depth and breath. It sounds interesting and I'll love to watch the plot develop.
  14. Thank you for an Epic read! I have enjoyed reading it fully this last year and a half.
  15. Thank you for a well written story with a protagonist that mostly survived a protagonist. :-) And yeah, I'm also looking forward to the final epilog. I'll miss the characters... as well as finding out how they liquidate the huge chunk of gold which at today's prices is about $2200.00 an oz. (and no I'm NOT gonna ask about troy ounces versus regular ounces). TY again.
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