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  1. Truly heartfelt: DK please reconsider, if not, then a very real good luck in your future endeavers.

    1. dkstories


      I thank you for your sentiment and wish you well. Look at the silver lining - you'll get to see part of what we discussed in your thread put into action.

  2. So is this the mainframe on Saratoga? DON'T TEASE ME True story: My dad worked for Compuware for awhile. Their core piece of software was a little tool that would assist mainframe guys with getting a box back up fast after an abend. They made MILLIONS. They called it...abend-aid. ...I'll get my coat.
  3. I've learned more from the experiences of transgendered people about the strength to fix the things that are wrong in life than any other group anywhere ever. I embrace anyone that takes on the immense challenges of changing gender - no matter where in the transition - as being someone I'd like to emulate. Being cisgender, I'm probably not going to go TOO far with that, but I think you get my drift. Good on you.
  4. Treehouse of horror, definitely. Homer is the voice of my GPS unit. He calls me a genius when I arrive at a destination. Well worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NlUXVTFJV4
  5. I preordered one, I should have it by the end of the month. My current ipad is a 1st generation wifi, 16 GB model. I skipped the ipad 2 because I didn't think there was much to be gained by the new capability it had at the time - a marginally better processor, some new cell providers and a camera: meh... The new one is a 32 gb wifi one, and the differences between the ipad 1 and the 3 are enough to warrant a replacement of the original - the retina display is quite spectacularly clear to read, 1080p video, etc The camera is much improved over the ipad 2 and its got a good strong processor. I posted before what I use it for - suffice it to say the onboard camera and added RAM/faster processor are going to make work stuff much nicer. The 1080p is going to be great for videos. It's not a breakout device by any means, but it's a good replacement for a machine that's 2 generations behind.
  6. I've got an ipad 1/wifi only, I'll be getting the 3 when it comes out. I use it for interacting with GA, for reading, for Reddit, and for a lot of work stuff. I track my time using a time tracker app, and I use a Microsoft CRM app to track work I do for customers. I play games on it, watch movies sometimes, but mostly its content consumption. I'd buy one for a kid, why not? It'd be a lot of fun for a 3-5 year old. I do a lot of local history and genealogy, I use it for a lot of those applications - recording audio histories, recording genealogy information, and a lot of map stuff).
  7. Ha! Have you seen Lion yet? Lion's release was the very first time I heard people being more negative about an Apple OS than a Microsoft one. I can't run it on my Mac, but I've installed it a couple of times. I don't think it was the leap forward they were looking for. No question, and the sooner the better, in my opinion. More HTML5 = less Flash, which demise cannot come soon enough for me..
  8. Dude, Vista sucked arse and was an absolute dog for performance, you can't compare Vista to 8 in any meaningful way. If you mean your laptop is faster on 8 than it was on Vista, that is going to be true because the entire windows graphics engine and RAM utilization was re-written for 7 (which is vista.1 by the way) and your lappy will definitely feel faster. I don't like that MS tied my partner ID to WIndows 8. I don't want my Windows 8 settings, or photos, or files, syncing across my computers, they are different for very good reasons. I don't want to have a MS ID to use an app store, I want to use any friggin email I want as my tie in to an app store. Here is my interface, clean out of the box. Do you see anything wrong with this? Note the scroll bars across the bottom. Why are they there? Can't they make the pictures smaller? Why am I scrolling? What for? What's the reason? I can scale this down by dragging or swiping, right? Except that it's running in virtualbox with no touch screen. How's that work with a mouse? How do I get this crap off my start screen? Oh, okay if I hang around over on the right side there, I get some options. Hey there's Windows explorer! What's that look like in Windows 8? Oh. It's WIndows! Only without the touch interface. Because Microsoft, in its haste to bind me to its App Store, has neglected to develop a touch interface for Windows Explorer. Please tell me there will be a way to scale up this screen so I can make items in the ribbon (! that's a good thing) clickable by my fat little fingers. Oh, I can't? Well I guess I'll need a stylus then. Wait. How's that work, again? Let me get my ipad, and I'll demonstrate for you why the standard Windows interface doesn't work on a touch screen. There is no way to emulate a hover (rollover) with a finger, because if you're not touching the screen, you're not doing anything, and if you're touching, you're clicking. There is no simple way to have the interface intuit between a click and drag with two fingers on the screen, because WIndows sees that as you holding down an undetermined key and dragging at the same time, in which case Windows ignores the key. Huh. Apple got this right with multitouch, and Microsoft is sure to have fixed this, but for now, this is just a really bad way to make a user have to think about how to do stuff, and when you ask users to think, you're taking them out of their work, their "flow" and you're disrupting the experience. It's going to frustrate, its going to be "one more thing" to rise above when using a computer. Readers digest version: I am a Microsoft partner. This stuff is what I do. I will need to train 86 year old women on how to use this. I will be training your office admin staff on how to deal with this interface. And your dad. It might be fine on a tablet where there is no file system to deal with, and if they stick with the "zune" experience with Metro, it will be fine on a tablet. It will probably rock, because the Zune interface was pretty awesome. So is the Windows Phone interface. But it doesn't work when you have to go deeper than just reading an email. Microsoft has mandated that new PCs will have touch screens (who said Microsoft didn't do hardware, again? They do it with market share and let the factories be owned by others). That means you'll be flipping between your touchpad, your keyboard, and your screen for all interaction. That will be fine. Take away the touchscreen, and it sucks. Take away the keyboard, and it sucks. Take away the touchpad, and you need a mouse. But this sucks big time on a desktop. It's flipping huge to look at, it hides important parts of the interface behind a wall (where's the exit button for any app? I'm learning to love alt-f4, two keys that don't mean anything to people that didn't get raised using Windows on a keyboard. I'm not Microsoft bashing here, I'm saying they're making, yet again, a huge mistake.
  9. It wasn't a lack of innovation or hardware savvy - Microsoft has been every bit as innovative as Apple, the difference is that MS focused their effort on the enterprise, development and software space rather than on "the experience". In other words, Microsoft focused on growing Microsoft as a business vendor to enterprise, and they did this by acquiring or developing technologies that work with their products - like directx. which has a straight-line relationship between the XBOX and virtual remote desktops. They left the hardware to people that...make hardware, like IBM and later, Compaq and HP. Meanwhile Apple thrashed around for a good 10-15 years with attempts to franchise hardware (Remember the Radius clone?), poor software developer relationships (and being an app developer for Apple will make it pretty clear that this has not changed - a quick read through the developer contract is a little horrifying - Jobs did NOT like the developer community nor did he care what his "experience" did to older machines), an inability to penetrate existing markets, and serious, serious cash flow issues - to the point where Jobs hoarded huge cash reserves rather than pay dividends to stockholders. Apple is no shining example of beautiful software, either. Their OSX is really a NextOS and Unix blend, and getting new features into the OS (meaning: get them past Jobs, who regularly shot down innovative ideas in the name of "the experience" - only to reverse his decisions later - like when someone thought it would be a good idea to oh, i don't know, make an Apple-native web browser - in many ways, Jobs was much more an asshole than an innovator). The latest version of final cut? An absolute travesty for any serious video production house. Apple is unbelievably narrow-visioned these days - they're abandoning their core markets for the appeal of the ipad market. Have you worked with Hyper-V core, or using powershell to manage VMs? I've got clients running multiple-dozen processors in blade server setups that run just fine, the difference being that they don't require third-party licensing and include VM software keys for Microsoft OS products. Exchange 2010 on a Hyper-V cluster is a real thing of beauty when you're running 10,000+ users. VMWare just can't scale a Windows based cluster like Hyper-V can. Also, Hyper-V is tightly integrated into Windows 8, it's not a separate "xp mode" any more.. It's going to make a pretty good dent in the cross-platform environment when you can boot a VM natively in your desktop to run an app in a fully protected mode. Oh my god, I sound like an MS fanboy. I'm not, I'm just not a fan of Apple - but keep your dirty filthy hands away from my ipad.
  10. Sucks! It's like Vista, only with pretty boxes. That is all.
  11. The pink tiara and heart fit C James so perfectly.
  12. There will need to be personal interviews. With tan analysis.
  13. Really sad she died. Really, REALLY afraid they're gonna start playing that song again ....and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeeeeeeIeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyeyyyyyyeeeyyyy willl alllwayyyyyssssslove aaaaaYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU; Im gonna burn for this one
  14. Just wait until we adjust the number 1 to the number 1.24. THEN you'll see how this hopey changey stuff works out for you!
  15. This. Maybe this. And this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGM1RB73Zso (won't let me embed the third one).
  16. Well, and then there was the whole "Bing using Google search results" thing...not sure if that's still relevant. Bing sucks. And I'm a Microsoft partner/advocate on many things.
  17. Google's infrastructure is massive. I mean tremendous, tremendous horsepower, such as this . This guy guesses that Google has about 1.8 million servers in 12 datacenters. Each server is a tray based dual core (4 processor) server with 16 GB of RAM and a 2 TB hard drive, and the design has been tweaked down to the milliwatt for power consumption. Ostensibly this is to power search so that results are returned very fast. It doesn't take much of a stretch to see that that kind of infrastructure would be considered extremely important by the government, and I'm far from a tinfoil hat guy. Microsoft's infrastructure is equally large and Apple is currently building a new datacenter for icloud. It's all coming together...
  18. - Turn off cookies for google.com. - Use a privacy add on in your browser to isolate google from your history. - Use incognito browsing - Install adblock and block *.google.com in it. http://duckduckgo.com/ is a pretty decent search engine that doesn't track a thing. Google's mission is to sell ads, not do good search. Your data is their content. Every time you do a google search, you add to their content, their ability to sell an ad to someone wishing to advertise. Generally speaking, services like Facebook, Google, Bing etc. aren't at all "free". You don't pay a dime, but you give up your right to privacy. I don't have a serious facebook page, I have one I use for my business marketing. I've turned down all of Googles privacy settings. Are they evil? I don't think so.. Are they in cahoots with the NSA, the FBI and just about any other federal agency interested in data mining? I don't doubt it at all.
  19. GO PITTSBURGH. WOOOO THIS YOUR YEAR!!! Take em down, boys!!
  20. About 20. Standouts : a confederacy of dunces, a heartbreaking work, fight club, middlesex, American psycho, blood meridian, crash MY VALVE IS PALPITATING MOTHER
  21. See, I would find this fascinating. We have a local museum/historical society that's got lots of these kinds of things in their collections. I'd be lost for hours. Nice internship!
  22. Oh, I thought this was FINISH Bieber, which is a concept I can totally get behind. FINISH HIM Also, that kid has some kind of really bad speech problem, I couldn't understand a thing he sang about.
  23. Is that bluescreen really your computer, or just an example? If you are getting bluescreens, there is a problem with driver software or with a hardware component in the computer. The important line in that bluescreen you linked is the STOP: line - the error code here is showing that there is either a video or BIOS problem. Have you updated your video drivers lately, or any other updates? If you are getting blue screens consistently, you need to have the machine looked at by someone that can diagnose hardware problems. For now, let's concentrate on trying to fix some things without diving into the hardware. If your browsers are all crashing, that indicates something with your Internet settings, probably something like misbehaving toolbars and/or browser add-ons, are the problem. In your start menu, look for "Internet Explorer (No Addons)" and try to run it. Do the sites you visit crash with that version of the browser? If so, it's a problem with addons, and there may be some spyware or a trojan causing you grief. Here's what to try: - Download this and run it - it's called Malwarebytes AntiMalware. It will install, then it will want to update a definition database, and then it will want you to start a trial version of the software. Do all those things EXCEPT accepting the trial, you want to decline the trial, and you will be left with a free version of the software. After it is installed, it will recommend you run a "Quick Scan". Do so. At the end, click the Show Results button, and then "remove selected". Reboot. See if the problem persists. Then: What antivirus software are you running? Is it up to date, or is your subscription expired? If it is expired, use Add/Remove programs and remove it. Then go download this, which is Microsoft Security Essentials and is very good, and free. After it installs, it will also want to download some updates, and then run a scan. Run a full scan on the PC. Clean or remove anything you find, and then reboot. If you have good antivirus, start it up and run a full system scan. Remove anything it finds, and then reboot. After the reboot, click the start menu, and in the Run box, type CMD and then press enter. in the black box that appears, type this netsh winsock reset ..and then press enter. It will reset a catalog, and then tell you to reboot. Ignore that for the moment. Now, find a Windows XP disk. It doesn't have to be YOUR windows XP disk, anyone will work. Put it in the drive, and then inthe black CMD box, type this sfc /scannow ...and press enter, then go get a coffee, this will take a little while. This scans for files that have been removed or damaged by spyware or viruses, and copies them back from the XP disk onto the system. When its done, reboot. Run Windows update. Download the most current updates for the machine and the browser. Reboot. If all THAT doesn't work, boot the system, go to Help and Support, and look for System Restore. Use System Restore (just follow the prompts) to return your computer to a time when you weren't having all these problems, but not more than about 5 days if you can help it. You won't lose any documents by using system restore, but you will have to reinstall any software or printers that were installed in the timeframe you restored back from. PM me if you have trouble! You have enough to do here to last a day or so...
  24. Sharon: Yes. That's right. You'll get your new computer and get it all set up. Once you've got the new machine running okay, you'll remove the hard drive from your old computer - usually takes a few minutes but isn't all that hard to do, and then insert it rear-end first into the Thermaltake unit. Power on the thermaltake, and it will spin up the drive. Then, plug the Thermaltake into the new computer. You'll see Windows detect it as a new drive. After it's all done installing the hardware, you can open the Computer icon and see the old drive there. If you had Windows XP, your itunes library will be in c:\documents and settings\username\My Music\itunes\. On the new computer, create a directory named just like that on the C drive. Now, When you install itunes, you can tell it where to find the library file, and you'll pick the file it copied over. The reason you need to recreate the c:\documents and settings\username\my music\itunes folder is so that itunes knows where to find the actual music files on your new computer. New versions of Windows don't use the same folder structure - files are in c:\users\username\ now. If you don't recreate the folders but put them in c:\users\username\music, itunes will still be looking for the files in the c:\documents and settings\blahblah folder. it's important to copy the library file itself because it's associated to an ipod. If you don't use the same library, itunes will erase and resync all the music to the ipod again. PM me if you have more questions. Oh, and once you've got everything off the old hard drive, you can format it and use it to back up your new computer. So, win/win there.
  25. I really like the way you ended this story with things not fully wrapped up and new characters to get to know. I liked Gathan's raw anger at Kristin and I like that he was able to see past it and not burn the bridge with her, but at least remain somewhat civil with her. Thank you for a good story.
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