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  1. Hello SoullessCynner, you have been silent for a while now, I am so glad that you stopped by on the 13th. You have been missed. Now I can wish you a Happy 30th Birthday and I hope you had a great party to go with it. Let us know what is happening, best wishes to you.


    Take care


  2. Happy Birthday, Soulless! I hope you're having a great day! :)


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    2. Ron


      Adds some WD-40 to grease the wheels of excellence. Congratulations!

    3. Puppilull
    4. SoullessCynner


      LOL W_L and Ron. Thanks everybody. I was sure I had failed because I ended up guessing on most of it, and I didn't even finish the two short-answer questions. So I'm ecstatic that I passed. :D

  4. Worked 6a.m.-noon Sat, then went to a school 45 minutes away to take the Science portion of the GED test, then came back and worked 4pm-10pm because they didn't have anybody to close. It was a long day. :/

    1. Puppilull


      Oh wow! Hope you got to relax on Sunday.

    2. ElleRachelle


      I hope you passed the science section of the GED. Congats on continuing your education. Get some much needed rest.

    3. SoullessCynner
  5. SoullessCynner


    I'm with everybody else: More please.
  6. SoullessCynner

    Moving Forward

    Awesome chapter.
  7. Got a new job, and orientation is tomorrow from 11-4. I'm a little nervous, but also excited. Job = money :D

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    2. Ron


      Congrats and best of luck on the new job.

    3. SoullessCynner


      Thanks! So far, I think I'm doing okay. I'm a fuel clerk for Kroger grocery store. So basically, I sell gas and cigarettes. :/

    4. Ron
  8. SoullessCynner

    Chapter 7

    I'm liking this story so far, although I really hope that Hudson doesn't turn out to be evil in the end, like the other caretakers. Perhaps Chris can keep him good and sane?
  9. I keep forgetting that my dog died, and I expect to almost trip over him at night in the dark, or I expect him to be at the door when I come home, and then I remember.... :(

    1. Valkyrie


      *hugs* I've gone through the same thing every time I lost one of my cats. It takes a while to remember that they're not there. You have my condolences. :(

    2. SoullessCynner


      *Hugs* Thanks. Yeah, it'll be a awhile...

  10. My baby.... I want my baby back....

    1. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      Is that from Austin Powers? Hehe

    2. SoullessCynner


      No. I hate Austin Powers. My dog died yesterday sometime between 1am and 4am. I want him back.

  11. My poor baby won't eat anything. He's drinking water, but he hasn't eaten a single bite in two days. :(

    1. drpaladin


      I've been there. I hope he gets better. :)

    2. SoullessCynner


      He's still not eating, but he's back to vomiting. I took him to the vet today, and once we got inside, he laid down and wouldn't get back up to go get examined. The vet had to come out to the lobby to take his temperature (which was 102 :( ) and give him two shots. I'm worried he might need abdominal surgery, which I most likely won't be able to afford.

  12. I'm soooo glad that I'm not sick anymore. I was sick for over a week, :(

    1. ElleRachelle


      Welcome back to good health! I'm glad you feel better.

    2. SoullessCynner


      Thanks! It feels great to not feel miserable. :P

  13. I have a sore throat, a headache, and my nose is a little stuffy. :(

  14. Happy Birthday, Soulless! :) Hope you're having a great day! :)

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    2. SoullessCynner


      Today we do the cupcakes and ice cream since my mom is off today. Then we go out to eat on Sunday, because my birthday is 8 days after my cousin Chad's, and he wanted to go out to eat to celebrate our birthdays. *Fake grumbles about how my cousin had the audacity to be born 8 days before me*

    3. Lisa


      Lol! He had that all planned out in the womb! :P

    4. SoullessCynner


      Yes, he did! The brat! :P


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