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  1. Normischell

    Chapter 87

    Congrats, Kohen, you’re gonna be a Papa! 🤣
  2. Normischell

    Chapter 41

    Once again, loving the subtle changes, like the text with Trevor. I hate we never get much time with him since he’s at school.
  3. Normischell

    Chapter 85

    I kind of feel sorry for Captain. He’s so damn worried about Kohen being safe from ever conceivable danger that his brain isn’t functioning properly. That’s oky, Kohen will straighten it out. 😁
  4. Normischell

    Chapter 84

    It will eventually, but for now it will be good for them. Nothing lasts forever, even peace and quiet.
  5. Normischell

    Chapter 21.2

    I think Tristan needs to introduce Carl to his loving family... 😈
  6. Normischell

    Chapter 31

    I wish I had a Cassie!
  7. Normischell

    Chapter 30

    Ink Well is the perfect name, love! 😍
  8. Normischell

    Chapter 83

    Captain is so bad ass! 😍
  9. Normischell

    Chapter 21.1

    I can think of a few “rides” Carl would take him on! 😈😆
  10. Normischell

    Chapter 27

  11. Normischell

    Chapter 27

    Loved it! Cannot wait to meet the girls; their big brother is going to spoil them rotten.
  12. Normischell

    Chapter 22

    I want a griffin friend, damnit! 😩 I can’t wait to see what our friends find out!
  13. Normischell

    Chapter 26

    Holy bat, Shitman!!!! It was soooo worth the wait. I thought that might have been what made Sarah change her mind about telling him. She just seems like that type of person. She knew he would have married her and helped raise Lex and the sacrifice of his complete happiness. 😍😍
  14. Normischell

    Chapter 25

    I was more excited about hearing if you got the job than reading the next chapter!! Congrats, hun! I loved the chapter too and can’t wait to see how the meeting with Him goes. Won’t be easy on either of them. I cannot imagine learning I had an adult child out there I knew nothing about. Hope it goes well...for both of them.
  15. Normischell

    Chapter 20

    I honestly did not know this drink had a name! LOL. My best friend and I have been drinking it for years. Yummm!
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