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  1. Normischell


    Not sure he deserves them, he seems to enjoy them too much. 😜
  2. Normischell


    Thank you SOOO much! This final incarnation is the best!!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Normischell


    May we please get a Part 2!?!?! Pretty please????
  5. Normischell

    Chapter 52

    Loving the synthgar more and more. I keep imagining a mini-dragonish thing. I love that Captain gave him an opportunity to make a choice since so many of them have been taken away from him. I have to say say the word count is frustrating me to no end today. 😫
  6. Normischell


    Oky, so we’ve had a near brush with Cas & Company and now Tilly needs to hurry his ass up and get to Pip before bad things happen!
  7. Normischell

    Chapter 51

    It did not say attached, but that it would always be with one of them. I’m thinking more along the lines of perched on a shoulder/curled around neck/etc.
  8. Normischell

    Chapter 20

    My hubby has played WOW since it first came out and while he tries to get me into it, I’d rather read. LOL. So, any chance of Aiden getting a confrontation with Ethan’s sperm donor? Maybe on a trip out to Aiden’s dad’s pack?!?!? 😈
  9. Normischell

    Home and Gone

    Oky, I’m loving “cuddle puddle”, and will definitely have to slip that into my everyday vocab from now on! My worst, yes, is Gene dying. One of my favorites through it all was Jon taking Dyl to Ginger fir his costume. That was pure love in action. And we SO need some Ginger cameos before the end!
  10. Normischell

    Chapter 20

    I am now up-to-date on all the revised chapters. All I can say is “Holy bat, Shitman!” I thought it was awesome before, but the slight tweaks and additions have made it phenomenal. The story flows better and things are more logical, like the explanation for the ferals being cured. Before there was tons of room for rumors and suspicion but now it’s more plausible. And I LOVED the WOW reference when Ian was looking up Druids and Shamans. Ahh, the pitfalls of internet research. 😜 I’m going to pause my reading here and wait for the next batch of revisions. Keep it up, y’all are awesome!
  11. Normischell

    The Heart Shatters

    I’d rather have his balls fed to him.
  12. Normischell

    The Heart Shatters

    I want blood and Angus’s head on a pike!
  13. Normischell

    Chapter 48

    Kohen and Captain aren’t going to have to worry about their enemies killing them, they’re going to die of sexual frustration. Death by Blue Balls.
  14. Normischell

    Chapter 10

    John is definitely not going to let this go and a halfway wish Sean had kept the messages now. And thank you a thousand times over for ending the whole Mel thing. I want to cut that bitch so bad. Once again, an awesome chapter.
  15. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    They do have a different flavor to them, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Geoffrey.

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