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  1. btowndude

    Truth Comes Around

    In the last book, Kyle and Blu quickly extended the house to include the pool, the jacuzzi, the outdoor kitchen, and better access to the garage. And they quickly added the Cadillac Escalade to the family transports. With the addition of Jonathon, Brody, and Sage into the family as well as Link moving out of the shared bedroom with Levi. is a new house addition needed with more bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, and a great room/game room where everyone can gather? Also, isn't a nursery needed for the new baby?
  2. Is there a reason Troy and Grant haven't a new dining room table with more chairs or even more living room seating? It sounds like the group is growing larger to eight persons. Otherwise, it is a great story and I hope that it continues - like fostering or adopting a son!
  3. btowndude

    Chapter 25

    I really like your characters and the story so far. Being from the Left Coast, I was surprised at your use of notorious antigay chains like Cracker Barrel and Chick fil a in the early chapters of the story.
  4. btowndude

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed the first chapter and hope that we "see" more of Dylan.
  5. btowndude

    Chapter 13

    I'm puzzled by the name of Devon's twin brother. In some chapters, he is called Josh and in other chapters, he is called Jeff.
  6. btowndude

    Karma Bites

    The sheriff is an officer of county government. He would not have any authority inside a U.S. District Court. U.S. marshals serve the bailiff function in federal courtrooms. This is the basis of the whole "sanctuary state" issue. Trump wants city police, county sheriffs, and state police to enforce federal immigration laws and then to house illegals in city/county jails and state prisons free of charge to the feds.
  7. btowndude

    chapter seventeen

    Thanks for a great chapter! It was nice that you completed the reunion of these two men in one chapter rather than drag it out into two or three chapters. I liked that you gave us more into the backgrounds of Raymond and Daniel. These two have been taking it "slow" for too long. So, jumping into oral sex after some hot french kissing is appropriate. Also, if Daniel's only man-2-man sex has been on trips to Dallas, he has probably learned to quickly transition from kissing to sucking. Also, thanks to Jay T for the longer chapter!
  8. btowndude

    I've Changed ...

    I've really enjoyed your stories about the Gang and their NOLA locale. I look forward to reading more about further adventures. Thanks!
  9. btowndude

    Chapter 3

    Thanks for a great story so far! FYI - the gay village of San Diego is in the Hillcrest area, not Hillside.
  10. btowndude

    The Mojo is Back

    Southern Decadence is the big gay festival for New Orleans during the Labor Day weekend/week. It is hard to believe that any gay bar in the greater New Orleans metro area would not already have some kind of celebration that weekend! Love the story!
  11. FYI - There is a free shuttle bus between the Universal subway station and one of the entrances to the CityWalk. While the distance looks like a short walk on a map, it is almost all uphill (like a San Francisco hill). Otherwise, I'm enjoying your story!
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