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  1. jaysalmn

    AOC 4

    Great chapter! Love the story so far. So happy that Ethan and Wayne are together, and have friends now. I hope Jackson and Reynolds get hit with a huge dose of karma, pun intended!
  2. jaysalmn

    Chapter 3

    Wow! What a chapter! I feel bad for Derry and Jack. Derry was correct when he told his dad that it was his choice to make to cheat. Personally, I think his dad's excuses were pretty lame and I wouldn't forgive him if I were Derry. I can take grudges to the grave! Lol
  3. jaysalmn

    Chapter 25

    I've loved this story up til now, but at this point I'm tired of reading about Russia.
  4. jaysalmn

    Chapter 23

    I understand the love Brian has for Davey, but the possibility of putting the life of someone you supposedly love in a life or death situation for "adventure" would be a deal breaker for me. Sure, they trust each other, but how trustworthy are all the other players. At the time, our government looked at homosexuals as untrustworthy. Who's to say they're not looking at Davey and Brian as expendable??
  5. jaysalmn

    Chapter 7

    Wow! What a bombshell!! A very wicked twist to the story! Can't wait to see where the story goes next!
  6. jaysalmn

    Chapter 13

    I love what Brian did for Davey. I hope this windfall will take the responsibility off of Davey, but I'm not so sure it will. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate Sandy. Despite what she's been through medically, to put that kind of responsibility on your teenage son and take it for granted is wrong on so many levels. Will she give him any money? Will he even get a thank you for all he's done for her and his sister? I haven't read any of the other stories yet, but my impression so far is that she doesn't care at all how her choices effect Davey.
  7. jaysalmn

    Chapter 49

    Apnea is nothing to mess with. I have it, and didn't know until one of my friends told me I would stop breathing in my sleep, and of course I snore like mad. I never felt rested. I've been using a CPAP machine for years now, and have felt better since. Glad he got Ralph in to be tested!
  8. jaysalmn

    Chapter 2

    Oh, Andy.... Poor guy can obviously take a lot of pain. He really needs to give up at some point. Sometimes cutting off a friendship is worth saving your own sanity.
  9. jaysalmn

    Chapter 12

    I'm impressed, and surprised with Ryan's mom. I hope she means what she's saying. I really feel for Benji and what he's had to deal with. Of course Barney would try to poison yet another relationship. I can't wait to see how he's is gonna get her back!
  10. jaysalmn

    Potato Detox

    I totally agree with Seamus! Matt started taking Seamus for granted, blames him when he's feeling "left out", then grabs poor Aiden and walks out. I guess Matt didn't grow up as much as he wanted us to believe.
  11. jaysalmn

    Chapter 1

    I hope this means there's more to the story! I love what you wrote so far, and can totally identify with Andy. The description of his self portrait brought tears to my eyes.
  12. jaysalmn

    Chapter 13

    Now that I'm thinking about it, it's been forever since I've seen a jukebox! I remember one restaurant my parents took me to often when I was really young had little jukeboxes at each table. I miss those days.
  13. jaysalmn

    Aidan vs. Matt

    Well, who knew when Matt finally met his match it would be his baby brother?! I, too, feel for Matt. What he's going through sounds like complete hell. Seamus is right though, they need to nip this in the bud immediately. I hope it gets easier for Matt as he and Aiden go farther into the two weeks.
  14. jaysalmn

    Chapter 9

    I feel bad for Bobby, having a mother and uncle like that. I was worried that maybe his mother had intercepted the letter, destroyed it, and was gonna tell him the letter never came. Could totally see that happening. I hope we eventually get to see what secrets his mother and uncle are hiding, because their behavior is totally suspish.
  15. jaysalmn


    Being a Gemini myself, I've never been one to reflect. I've always been a "do u wanna do this or not because I don't have time to sit around and wait" kind of person. I guess that's why I have so little patience with some of these characters, not naming names (Matt) Lmao 🤣🤣🤣
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