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  1. Great chapter! I absolutely love Noah's story. Its wonderful to be able to read something happy and positive when the world today is negative in so many ways. Be safe. Minnesota isn't too bad right now. Expecting it to get worse, but hopefully I'm wrong. The retail company I work for is cutting freight by 60% expecting another stay at home order in the near future. Scary times, but we have stories like yours to get us through.
  2. I'm not a fan of those kinds of stories either, and was skeptical when I started reading Morningstar. It ended up being a favorite of mine.
  3. jaysalmn


    I think its interesting that Adrian has no idea why Len scowled at him back in school. How convenient it is for some people to forget. I guess that's one reason I don't feel bad about Adrian's life. Karma can be a bitch. I think if I were Len, I would be even more angry at Adrian considering he's gay but started the taunting back in school. Then again, I'm hardly the forgiving type. Lol!
  4. jaysalmn

    No F'n Way

    As horrible as he was to Sage, the whole world is gonna hear Blu explode when he hears about Tracy!! Lmao! Sage and Link weren't hiding anything, and Bella is his princess! I don't care how big Tracy is, Blu is gonna want to destroy him! Can't wait for that chapter! Lol!
  5. jaysalmn


    I really enjoyed this story! Alex matured way more than I had expected, and I absolutely love Jeremy! The only part I would disagree with is Alex meeting with Brandon. Why Alex would want anything to do with him is beyond me. The last thing I would do for someone who hurt a person I love, intentionally or not, is to make up with them and continue to be friends, but whatever. Great story! Can't wait to see the next one!
  6. Go Jamie!!! Great chapter! His thinking through all this was so entertaining! Can't wait to see what happens next, especially when Silas finds out!
  7. jaysalmn


    Loved the story! To answer your question, yes I would definitely like to read more!!
  8. jaysalmn

    The Devil

    What a great bonus chapter! Harlan knocked Pastor Hypocrite off his self made pedestal! Love it!! Hopefully this will give Huck and Rayne the chance to find that father/son bond again. Its obvious that they're both unhappy with the current situation.
  9. jaysalmn


    What a wonderfully written chapter! I'm teary eyed as I type this. I'm so happy Kyle and his father at least started communicating and hopefully moving to a better father/son relationship. Kyle really needed to hear what his father said. Lucky for Jake it turned out the way it did. With the wrong kind of father, that could have blown up and ended really bad. I'm beyond happy that Jake and Kyle have the kind of connection they do. I think they're good for each other. Glad that Danny has been respectful of them....so far. I don't hold out much hope that Danny won't persuade Jake to cheat on Kyle. His track record so far in this story makes me think this is a definite possibility. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. To be honest, I quit reading the story 3 chapters ago, and skipped down to the last couple of sentences on this one. I knew you were gonna get them back together, and for me its unfortunate when the asshole wins. I would never go back to a person who claimed to love me, yet distrusts me enough to call me a liar for months, THEN when learning the truth doesn't even have the balls to even say I'm sorry right away. I love your writing @Headstall, but this one wasn't for me.
  11. jaysalmn

    A Treasure Lost

    I really feel for Rayne. The exchange between he and Bailey had me teary eyed too. Its unfortunate there are actually parents out that act like Rayne's father. I don't know anything about Harlan as I haven't read the other story yet, but I wonder why he didn't just ask instead of going all stalker. If I were Bailey, along with being angry I would also be creeped out that someone dug to find out info about me.
  12. jaysalmn


    'shove it in again' Finnegan literally had me laughing out loud!! I think that suits him perfectly! 😂😂
  13. jaysalmn

    Finding New Ways

    Levi definitely needed that talk frim Brent. Brent was correct in saying that Levi was taking his anger and frustration on everyone, especially poor Brody. I'm enjoying how protective Blu is being over Link. Sage has his work cut out for him trying to win Blu over. Kaleb is for sure getting karma with the triplets for some of the stuff he pulled. Lol! Kassidy is a riot! Totally reminds me of Nan!
  14. jaysalmn

    The Promise

    That was a great story! I will definitely be reading this one again. Love Sam!!
  15. jaysalmn

    Fort McHenry

    Great chapter. Unfortunately, won't be long before D-bag Danny comes along and fucks up this relationship for Jake too. Maybe after Jake cheats on Kyle, Kyle will end up with Ryan. Lol! Jake is never gonna find a real relationship unless he keeps his dick in check and dumps Danny as a friend.
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