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  1. Wow!! What a get together! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike and Bob. I love that they have the respect for their relationship and for each other to limit their interaction with Bruce and Todd to just touch. Too many have the "anything goes as long as you're there" attitude. I also love how Mike and Maggie are handling everything as far as their own relationship, and how her relationship with Dale fits in.
  2. jaysalmn

    Sad News

    Thoughts and prayers going out to Rob and his family. 🙏
  3. jaysalmn

    Chapter 26

    There's a fine line between being compassionate and being taken advantage of, and I think their toes are on it. Cody seems more like a gold digger than an equal. He was very quick to give up everything when he saw what Alan had to offer. As far as the adoption, I think having a legal say in what happens to the boys just in case is WAY more important than whether or not they have a hyphenated name. That's kind of a ridiculous argument. So what if Cody is younger? What would happen if something happened to Cody, and Alan has no legal rights to the boys?? Of course Cody and the boys are happy, Cody is their legal father now and Alan is an ATM.
  4. jaysalmn

    Chapter 26

    I don't get why both of their names weren't put on the adoption papers? Alan goes through all the work to get the adoption to happen, but Cody gets all the glory of being their ONLY adoptive parent?? I loved this story, but seems like Cody is getting a lot more out of this relationship than Alan is getting in return.
  5. I love this story more and more with each new chapter! Jamie is beyond adorable, and his thinking is so entertaining! I think Ricky has it just as bad for Jamie as Jamie has it for Ricky. I think its cute! Question is, how is Silas gonna react when he finds out? We don't kno if he's the jealous type, but we do kno he's obsessed with Ricky too.
  6. jaysalmn

    Chapter 11

    I agree with everyone. I love the story, but I hate when a writer just cuts it off and tells the readers to draw their own conclusions. Its your story, they're your characters, not ours. This same thing happened to another story I just read, and its beyond frustrating.
  7. jaysalmn

    Planting Seeds

    Great chapter! I disagree with those who say Colt went about his interaction with Sam the wrong way. If it wasn't for his daughter being with him, I'm sure Sam would have got it much worse, which he would have totally deserved! Don't even think of coming around saying you're my best friend after saying what Sam said. He can f**k right off!
  8. jaysalmn

    Chapter 14

    Great chapter....but now I'm hungry for ribs! Lol!!
  9. jaysalmn

    Chapter 10

    I think he should definitely go meet Ali, although at the same time I'd feel bad for Oliver. He seemed like a decent guy.
  10. jaysalmn

    Chapter 13

    I agree! Paul needs a big dose of karma!
  11. jaysalmn

    Chapter 12

    I'm not surprised by his parent's behavior. Now we know where his brother gets his way of thinking. To treat the boys the way they did is unforgivable. I would have loved to hear the conversation between them and Evie. I can imagine it wasn't at all pleasant. Lol!
  12. jaysalmn

    Chapter 11

    I just started reading this story today, and I love it! I couldn't stop reading til I was caught up! Lol! I've laughed and cried. Pete has such a big heart, as does Jimmy. I absolutely love Bobby and Butch. Bobby playing matchmaker for Pete and Jimmy was the greatest! I like Pete's family members that we've met so far. Paul sounds like a total ass, and I feel sorry for his son. Pete's parents sound like a real piece of work too. Wonder if they'll have enough guts to show their faces.
  13. jaysalmn

    Chapter 1

    Interesting start. I think it would make me physically ill to kno I just fucked someone I hate. Can't wait to see where u take the story, why James hates Alistair, and if Alistair knew who James was.
  14. jaysalmn

    Chapter 6

    U did fine with the fight scene. No need to get graphic. Lol! I feel so bad that Tris got attacked and injured. Saving the wolf and her pup shows his character. Hopefully Sasha will realize that....or maybe it will be him that hears the female's distress howls.
  15. jaysalmn

    Chapter 5

    I just started this story yesterday and already love it! Its hot that Tris has never been attracted to a guy before Sasha. I'm very entertained by Sasha's defiance. I, too, can be very stubborn so I can totally identify with Sasha's behavior. I'm sorry to say that I would have probably had the same reaction as he did, with the exception of shooting a load in Tris' bed. Lol! Can't wait to read more!
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