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  1. I've spent most of the afternoon and evening reading the story, simply because I couldn't stop once I started. I haven't read the stories in order, but am happy that I'm caught up on how everyone ended up at Camp Refuge. Absolutely loved the story, and all the characters... with the exception of Elias' mother and her scum boyfriend. Great writing on all of the Camp Refuge stories!
  2. jaysalmn


    Sad chapter. Not surprising that Lee messed up...again, but sad that Avery got mixed up in it. I'm not a forgiving type of person, so I can understand Greg's reaction. I would probably ask Lee to leave if I were in his position. Harsh maybe, but I don't have time for BS. If he has known that Lee stole the money, he wouldn't have been there to get Avery into trouble and endangering his life.
  3. jaysalmn

    Chapter 71

    My heart breaks for Pat. I can kind of understand where Brad is coming from, however I think he is making a mistake and hurting Pat in the process. He already calls Brad dad, so would any of the other kids even notice if he adopted Pat?
  4. jaysalmn


    Same here. Lol! I love Lilith!
  5. jaysalmn

    Chapter 48

    Patrick's story is heartbreaking. So happy he is safe and healing at Sanctuary.
  6. jaysalmn

    Chapter Six

    Jake, don't waste your time and energy. The so-called boyfriend who supposedly loves you is making out with another guy...one that he supposedly hates. Call it a night and go home.
  7. jaysalmn

    Chapter 42

    Can't wait to see what the break in the case is. Emily better not start anything. We may have to pay her a visit if she does. Nobody messes with Sanctuary!
  8. jaysalmn

    Chapter Six

    I was totally in Dylan's corner....until now. Being drunk is no excuse for ending up in an empty room and kissing Liam. Forget alcohol breath, kissing someone who broke your bones would be enough to make me vomit! The only thing Liam deserves is a good, hard throat punch! I kinda hate Dylan as much as I hate Liam at this point.
  9. jaysalmn

    Second Dinner

    Great chapter! I felt bad for Seth waking up alone, but can totally understand Noah rushing out to meet his mom and forgetting to leave a note. Enjoyed the second dinner. Lilith is hilarious! I just love her! I don't know who's gonna be the bad influence on who when Lilith meets Lia! Lol!!
  10. jaysalmn

    Chapter 5

    I think I'm gonna have to bow out on this one. It's pretty obvious that Tristan is gonna forgive Peter, even though he doesn't deserve it. He's gonna go back to Peter, even though he had another life that he kept secret from Tristan, just as he kept Tristan a secret from his own family. Liars and cheats are always gonna be liars and cheats. Great writing, but not my kind of story.
  11. Seriously?? That was Peter's shitty excuse??? I would have felt for him if they had been in college, just out of high school and his father was paying his expenses. This asshole is a lawyer... with a career... who could move ANYWHERE and practice. He did it all just to ride daddy's coat-tails and cash in. He's a cheat, a liar, and a coward! He should be embarrassed and ashamed! If Tristan falls for this, he's an idiot!
  12. jaysalmn

    Chapter Five

    Hmmm..... That's about all I got for this chapter. Lol
  13. jaysalmn

    Chapter Four

    I agree with you. I see absolutely zero redeeming qualities when it comes to Liam. No way in hell would I ever forgive someone like him. I would take that grudge to the grave!
  14. jaysalmn

    Chapter Four

    Great chapter!! I'm glad Dylan got to unload on Liam. Liam deserved worse, and probably would have gotten it if it hadn't been in the middle of the night. It made me feel so sad when Dylan described what Liam had done to him. What makes him think he deserves any kind of forgiveness?? WTF is with these clueless and entitled assholes?? Between Liam "missing him" and Sebastian asking him out in a date? You have no idea how much I hate these people.
  15. jaysalmn

    Chapter Three

    Great chapter! I'm liking Jake a lot! I think he's perfect for Dylan. So, last chapter u didn't seem too keen on my idea of Dylan rigging Liam's car with explosives. Lol! How about Jake asking Liam to stand behind the Mercedes to make sure the reverse lights work properly???
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