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  1. jaysalmn

    Chapter 41

    Just when I thought we were finally making some headway with Jason coming clean about his feelings, Nathan has to go throw a damn wrench in it! Lol! 41 chapters with little changing is pretty frustrating.
  2. jaysalmn

    Chapter 38

    A great, yet sad chapter. To be honest, in the beginning I couldn't stand Jackson or his friends. I love the way they have evolved and matured. I really worry about Luke. With a mother like Cindy, so many turn to hurting themselves. I can't get over how hippocratic Cindy is, telling Jackson that he's full of himself, while she is judging him being all...full of herself! Adults don't get a free pass. I agree that Luke will most likely never come back once he leaves for college. I wish Henry would grow a spine and stand up for himself and Luke. Their house must be the most toxic environment ever!
  3. jaysalmn

    Chapter 5

    I'm so happy Marco is getting a fresh start. That's just what he needs. I think it's sweet that he let his mom pick his apt.
  4. jaysalmn

    Chapter 38

    I agree! I can see it falling out at the worst possible time.
  5. jaysalmn

    Chapter 36

    Loved the chapter!! Can't wait to see how Welker and the others react to the prank! I agree that it is an epic one. The only problem I saw with the chapter is the two times you described Jack opening the back door to put his dress clothes in his car...Mustangs are a 2 door.
  6. jaysalmn

    Chapter 5

    I love the idea of another hotel in the mountains! Oh, and Diane needs a BIG raise! Lol!
  7. jaysalmn

    Chapter 34

    A lot of questions with no answers as far as Nathan. I hope we get some answers soon, because my interest is waning.
  8. jaysalmn


    I love Harry and Gus! They're adorable together! I also think, though, Dan and James stole the show! Lol!
  9. jaysalmn

    Chapter 32

    They're both driving me nuts!! This beating around the bush is painfully frustrating. I'm about to give up on both of them.
  10. jaysalmn

    Chapter 34

    Great chapter! I've been missing these two! I feel so bad for Jackson not being able to figure out how to say what he feels he needs to, and being afraid of Luke's response. I feel bad for Luke because of, well....Cindy. Lol!
  11. jaysalmn

    Chapter 6

    If I didn't hate Eloise before, I sure do now! Just turn a blind eye to what Ford is doing to keep what you have?? I hate people that know their spouse is cheating, and just let it go to keep up appearances! He doesn't truly have Ford. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal. Ford's cheating proves he has no respect or genuine love for Patrick. Money doesn't buy class, and Ford is trash.
  12. jaysalmn

    Chapter 5

    What I wanna know is where is TMZ?? A millionaire production company owner cheating on his husband with multiple men?? They live for that! Lol!
  13. jaysalmn

    Chapter 1

    Normally, I'm excited when you start a new story. To be honest, I'd rather read a story about Andy and her adventures. A shallow sugar baby isn't my thing. I'll wait patiently for your next story.
  14. jaysalmn

    Chapter 8

    I love Zac! I loved him in the other story too. I think he is a great add to Derry and Jack's circle of friends. Why is it that the kids always end up collateral damage in a divorce? Derry's mom is totally batshit crazy! Does she not know that selling a vehicle that doesn't belong to you is illegal?? I know Derry just wants this all over and done with, but if I were him I would get the authorities involved if she tries anything like that again. Maybe that will give her a clear message that he's not messing around.
  15. jaysalmn

    Chapter 3

    Yeah, I wouldn't have thought of poisoning him, but I do love Patrick's enthusiasm. I would have leaned more towards laxatives. Lol! Maybe find a way to mess with his finances. Perhaps a little sugar and molasses in the gas tank, draining the oil, a little used cat litter in the smoothie. Oh I could go on, but you get it. I can't wait to see what else Patrick does to Ford! Asshat deserves it!
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