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  1. Omg, I think this has to be one of the best stories I have ever read on here! Words can't express how much I love this story! So glad that Bruce got what was coming to him. So glad that Travis and Antonio were able to be together once again, and both families were able to heal. Outstanding!
  2. Antonio's family has a lot of nerve going to Travis to demand anything! He doesn't owe them shit for what they did to him. If I were him I wouldn't want my son anywhere near a family who is not only so quick to banish someone from their family but also make their life a living hell. None of them deserve forgiveness as far as I'm concerned. I'm all about karma, and I think the tip of the iceberg had barely been hit as far as how much Antonio and his family deserve! Bruce just needs to be wiped away. My heart breaks for Sean being in the situation he's in.
  3. jaysalmn


    So excited to see a new chapter!! Leave it to David to come up with a plan to get Kyle out of his funk. I can understand Kyle's thinking to a point. Being a stay at home dad is total opposite of what he's used to doing. However, aside from being restless I hope he realizes how rewarding it is to have the chance to spend that quality time with Aaron. Not a lot of parents get that.
  4. jaysalmn

    Chapter 10

    Great ending! I, too, am enjoying ur stories!
  5. I have loved the story so far, and loved the concept of friends helping someone through a life changing tradgedy. I am totally turned off by Scott's "friends with benefits" suggestion. David just lost his love of 40 years! He needs love, support, and understanding. He doesn't need an open offer to get laid by some skank who puts out at every "job" he goes to. Its ur story, but the wrong direction for me.
  6. I love deserved karma, and this story doesn't disappoint! Hopefully this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what Bruce and Andrea get! I was very surprised at Antonio's reaction to Sean. Its nice to see that he actually has a heart somewhere in there.
  7. jaysalmn

    Chapter 4

    I feel so bad for Adrian. Happy that he has Paul. I can't think of another reason for his dad to do what he did other than the fact that he's an asshole. I normally don't wish bad on anyone but since they're fictional characters its ok. Lol! I wouldn't feel bad if Adrian's father got a HUGE dose of karma!
  8. jaysalmn

    Chapter 1

    Ok, I'm hooked! Lol! Unfortunately we have an asshole father. Hope he makes his father pay for thinking less of him.
  9. jaysalmn

    Chapter 7

    Don't knock the short chapter. It was drama filled! Loved it!! So, if I understood correct, the female wolf and the pups are from the pack that Sasha is supposed to be with?? The matching howl has me very intrigued. I hope its not the bad guys back for more. Maybe others that are with the female? Can't wait for the next chapter!!!
  10. jaysalmn

    Sad News

    So glad to hear from you, and that you're on the road to recovery! Wishing you all the best!!
  11. jaysalmn

    Chapter 29

    So glad to see a new chapter! I've missed these kids! Yeah, Cindy will continue to be a problem. I kno at least Jackson's parents will have Luke's back if he needs them. I think he will have a pretty good support system from the rest of the group too.
  12. Wow!! What a get together! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike and Bob. I love that they have the respect for their relationship and for each other to limit their interaction with Bruce and Todd to just touch. Too many have the "anything goes as long as you're there" attitude. I also love how Mike and Maggie are handling everything as far as their own relationship, and how her relationship with Dale fits in.
  13. jaysalmn

    Sad News

    Thoughts and prayers going out to Rob and his family. 🙏
  14. jaysalmn

    Chapter 26

    There's a fine line between being compassionate and being taken advantage of, and I think their toes are on it. Cody seems more like a gold digger than an equal. He was very quick to give up everything when he saw what Alan had to offer. As far as the adoption, I think having a legal say in what happens to the boys just in case is WAY more important than whether or not they have a hyphenated name. That's kind of a ridiculous argument. So what if Cody is younger? What would happen if something happened to Cody, and Alan has no legal rights to the boys?? Of course Cody and the boys are happy, Cody is their legal father now and Alan is an ATM.
  15. jaysalmn

    Chapter 26

    I don't get why both of their names weren't put on the adoption papers? Alan goes through all the work to get the adoption to happen, but Cody gets all the glory of being their ONLY adoptive parent?? I loved this story, but seems like Cody is getting a lot more out of this relationship than Alan is getting in return.
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