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  1. soundtechmc

    Chapter 22

    I some times find it difficult to follow your writing style. Quite often a conversation between characters can cover several paragraphs with no identifying who said what. It appears that you are thinking who is speaking but it does not make it to the written page. This is very apparent in the "Peter Charles" when several boys are speaking and there is no indication who said what especially when a third or fourth person enters the conversation. Need name of who is speaking more often.
  2. soundtechmc

    Simba Ch 2

    What is Jacob's situation with the Army now.
  3. soundtechmc

    Simba Ch 1

    I noticed that in this story, Will's dad was addressed as Dr. Hammond, he was Col. in the Army in the previous story. Chris's dad was addressed as Mr Harding instead of Dr. Harding or Reverend Harding. Was this an over-cite or intentional change in professions.
  4. soundtechmc

    Chapter 1

    Why do I have a feeling that this is the real "COMA" that TJ is experiencing now and imagining that this is what he hoped would be happening. Which would mean that the other story is what is real. Especially considering that it ended with TJ being in a coma from the drugs he was given. Hm!!!!
  5. What you have written is very one sided. If the black community wont's to get head they need to cleanup their own house. Chicago is a prime example, ninety-five percent of all black crime is committed by other blacks. Many black homes have an absent father, statistics show that most of the kids will not finish high school. They will end up in street gangs and then jail. There are many issues that need to be addressed in the black community. It would take book to list the problems. The hope of Biden being elected, will be the greatest disaster to ever hit this country. If this happens the socialist/Marxist will destroy this country. This country will look like Venezuela in few years. People need to research the truth about the things he's done/or not and things he has said in the past. The other truth people need to know is that while All Lives Matter, the organization Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization. Go to their web site and read their manifesto. The leaders have admitted in the news that are all Marxist trained. Many people will blast me for this comment , but the Liberal/Socialist Media and Democrazies are feeding the people of this country a bunch of lies and will lead this country to hell.
  6. soundtechmc

    Chapter 18

    Sounds like Mom is going to work for the Agency.
  7. soundtechmc

    Chapter 15

    I have been thinking Dylan's and Sebastian's drug dealer may be involved. Unless a parent is responsible for access to the drugs.
  8. soundtechmc

    PS Ch 2

    Where in ch 1 did North Rona Island come in to the story. The only other island mentioned, besides Stour Island was Fair Island.
  9. soundtechmc

    Finding Hope

    If its been four months since Levi was hurt, why is it taking so long to find out who hurt him. The police and the family security should have already found who did it and buried them under the jail.
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