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  1. I just found this story today, I really am enjoying it. Just a comment about the Blackhawk, I spent many years in the Army working as helicopter mechanic. Most aircraft system do not have fuses. Most all aircraft systems have pop up circuit breakers that can be reset as necessary.
  2. soundtechmc

    Chapter 48

    You have said that you can only post two chapters a day. I doubt there is a limit on chapter length, so why not combine chapters into much longer length. If the story is already completed that should not be a problem. We are all hungry for more story as quickly as possible.
  3. Will we see an update to this story in the future.
  4. soundtechmc

    Chapter 4

    Has this story been published before. It is very familiar.
  5. soundtechmc

    Chapter 25

    I wonder is Tony wearing "the Ring". Does anyone else in the family, in Italy, know the history of the ring and the family in the US.
  6. soundtechmc

    Chapter 6

    Are the chapters going to get longer again.
  7. soundtechmc

    Chapter 73

    How big is this ship, length, width and displacement.
  8. soundtechmc

    TWB Ch 3

    In ref. to Butcher's comment above, the last few paragraphs of the chapter you have Hunter and Fraser names reversed.
  9. You are 100% correct. I spent most of 4 years working in a CNC machine shop in central Texas. All of my friends and family didn't have clue what I had to live with. Being single is definitely a plus when you don't have to worry about others in the house disturbing you or you them.
  10. soundtechmc

    Chapter 40

    Ch16 is still in the wrong place. It has no connection to Ch 17. It should be after Ch 40.
  11. soundtechmc

    Chapter 40

    It is obvious that CH 16 should follow this Ch.40. This Ch addresses the future pool and ask Sal to be his body guard. In 16 the pool is already being dug and Sal is building the security fencing and has apparently taken the job as body guard. In looking at Ch's 17, 18 and cont., it would appear that the correct Ch 16 is not to be found. It would appear that Harry was probably first mentioned in the missing correct Ch 16.
  12. Just a comment about Black Lives Matter, I hope you have really researched what the are all about. While I believe all lives matter, to include the unborn, the organization as per their online manifesto is a strongly Marxist Group. Even their leaders have stated online that are Marxist trained people. They hold that the nuclear family should be abolished which is the greatest problem in the black community, the lack of fathers in the home. This might be against the rules, but since you mentioned them in the story, I thought a comment was needed. However the story is really terrific. Mike
  13. soundtechmc

    Chapter 22

    I some times find it difficult to follow your writing style. Quite often a conversation between characters can cover several paragraphs with no identifying who said what. It appears that you are thinking who is speaking but it does not make it to the written page. This is very apparent in the "Peter Charles" when several boys are speaking and there is no indication who said what especially when a third or fourth person enters the conversation. Need name of who is speaking more often.
  14. soundtechmc

    Simba Ch 2

    What is Jacob's situation with the Army now.
  15. soundtechmc

    Simba Ch 1

    I noticed that in this story, Will's dad was addressed as Dr. Hammond, he was Col. in the Army in the previous story. Chris's dad was addressed as Mr Harding instead of Dr. Harding or Reverend Harding. Was this an over-cite or intentional change in professions.
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