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  1. Ginge_4

    Chapter 45

    Now with the name like David Cameron-Bell, all i thought with a name like that he was sick bastard and the more i read the chapter the more i was thinking, that name this story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piggate
  2. Ginge_4

    Chapter 2

    Just to add another perspective to this story Three years is a long time in a child life and from what i can make out Richie's mum and dad only fought after she got ill, would Richie's mum told Richard to go find a new life whilst he was still young enough as that was the cause of the arguments. Although i think that was apprehensive and morally wrong, as you don't have three kids and leaving them with a dying parent. i hope i'm wrong because you have got to have a villain? and Richard seems to be filling the role perfectly, i just hope he doesn't then become turn and h
  3. Happy Birthday!


  5. Ginge_4


    It's been a while since I have enjoyed reading a story as much as this one. This is definitely worth reading
  6. Ginge_4

    Chapter 22

    Wow Klaus, getting some of his own medicine back, well done Jake for showing that there could be a partnership of equals whilst making love. how evil can you be? ending the chapter there?
  7. Ginge_4

    Chapter 20

    Just one thing doesn't he have "find my phone app". Klaus is too controlling not to know where Jake is How did Klaus find him when Jake was walking the streets just by chance?? Somehow I think Diaz will go to Klaus for help in finding Jake Great chapter and story
  8. Ginge_4

    Chapter 19

    Well done Jake, for standing up to both men, who in my eyes are playing on him so they can get what they want no matter if it hurts Jake. Maybe Anges will bash Klaus for messing things up or just for lying to Jake. I can see Jake walking away from both men and living his life.
  9. Ginge_4

    Chapter 8

    Wow what a great chapter, although I am concerned that Klaus thinks there is a time limit on love. He was also sure that 8 months was enough time to consume the attraction he felt towards this young man. At least he hoped it was enough time.
  10. Ginge_4

    Chapter 20 - Adam

    Poor Anna, it sounds like she has mental health issues and has done for many years, the jealousy of Ian, her manipulative narcissistic nature. I have no doubt she’ll be back to cause havoc and don’t forget she may be suffering from postnatal depression on top. Or she can state that to a judge to try and get Riley back??
  11. Ginge_4

    Chapter 19 - Ian

    What a great story, I love all the characters even Anna There is a bigger difference, Cottage Pie is made with ground Beef and Shepherds pie is made with ground lamb, the use of vegetables is irrelevant, they were used to fill you up.
  12. it has been a long time since I have enjoyed reading a story on this site. I have read this story over the last two days. I like this story, I like it a lot. but it was an abrupt ending. personally, I think you could write a lot more about Greg and Jay however it still a good story
  13. Wow, what a brilliant well thought out story, i have read this story over a couple of days and i hated i could not like every chapter, apparently i ran out of like per day three times whilst reading this story. this is also the first story i have read of your's, like some has said before i will be reading this story again int he future, This is one of my favourites.
  14. Ginge_4

    Chapter 14

    What a great chapter and story
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