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  1. Danger18

    Chapter 61

    For the first time ever I am caught up now I'm waiting for the next section I realize how much I appreciate all of your good writing, characters, the story lines, everything.I really appreciate your dedication in the writing and the way you provide feedback to the comments all of it thanks
  2. Danger18

    Chapter 50

    JJ is a very unhappy young man his attitude poisons everything around him. He such a taker not nice to himself not nice to anyone you have developed a wonderful character!
  3. I think that many are selling Tiffany short complexity of pregnancy professional responsibility is very very demanding JJ is as always all full of drama so self-centered and often completely unreasonable. Once again you have created a wonderful story vibrate characters wonderful motivations and complexity thanks
  4. Danger18

    Chapter 8

    I have missed JP's voice as others have noted it was refreshing quite enjoyable like some I found wills InterVoice somewhat more difficult always follow and enjoy thanks thanks for a Nother wonderful chapter
  5. Danger18

    Chapter 16

    I keep wanting to hear JP make some comments about what he's reading about himself but that earlier age whether or not he remembers any of those stories those interactions those moments
  6. Danger18

    Chapter 48

    I always enjoy your writing clothes so nicely and you have such a gift to to understanding people it's just really nice thanks
  7. I am confused Martha was the boys mother now the sudden she's in the story again I don't understand
  8. You have a wonderful balance between story sex. The sense of joy and the happiness of your character is really thanks
  9. Danger18

    Vato y Acho

    You're making me look up all kinds of words I live in such a different life thanks wonderful writing.
  10. Danger18

    Police Karaoke

    Really well written interesting turns and twists very very well done thank you
  11. Danger18

    Chapter 32

    First gofer needs to be gopher, You got it right the second time. You truly have a delightful story.
  12. All of the story so far reflects deep commitment from you to share the richness of your thought to do it with your twisted grace . Riding reveals great deal with the University of the author it's in Norman sure you wish you had all of your writing the story up to no reflects on process of understanding other people . Your readers enjoy yes the story but they also enjoy more profoundly your writing of the story and your communication and your understanding of people. Your writing is not cartoon writing mature hopeful fragile characters that are exploring what it means to be people amaz
  13. Danger18

    Chapter 1

    Really great well done there's a problem towards the beginning when he first meets Paul I don't know if the text is been corrupted in someway my want to check on that might want to check on that
  14. Danger18

    I've Changed ...

    I've come to this party very very late I deeply appreciate quality if you're riding rhythm of your story and the confidence with which you and view each of your personalities hope you continue to write a great deal thanks
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