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    A truly amazing story! Lots of tears, anger, and awwwws thought out - great emotional roller coaster. 🥰
  2. Nice little short story! But, ooh, this could easily be continued with a love story with Bryan. Perhaps he spends more time with his bother and ends up spending time with Bryan, who is closeted. I noticed you did mention Bryan having a spouse. 😉
  3. Wow, what a fantastic story! I can’t wait to continue reading more of your stories! 🥰
  4. What an incredible story! You are a very talented writer! 🥰
  5. Another wonderful story!
  6. An absolute wonderful story, so glad I came across your writings! 🥰
  7. Absolutely wonderful story, one my favorites! I think many can relate to Rick. 🥰
  8. I love this story, so well written! 🥰
  9. IanDaniels


    Great chapter! Btw, state history is studied in 4th grade in WI. 🙂
  10. IanDaniels

    Chapter 33

    Love this story! Can’t wait for it to continue!
  11. IanDaniels

    Chapter 7

    Wonderful story, can’t wait for you to return to it. 🥰
  12. IanDaniels

    Chapter 2

    Great chapter. Is Howard single? 🤔
  13. IanDaniels

    Chapter 4

    Gush, I need more! Lol 🥰🥰
  14. Swoon, another wonderful chapter! 🥰
  15. I absolutely love this story so far! 🥰
  16. IanDaniels

    Chapter 1

    This would make an awesome series of stories! So many questions on what happens next! 🥰
  17. Sad, but wonderfully written.😢
  18. Fantastic story!
  19. IanDaniels

    Chapter 32

    So happy you’ve returned to this story! 🥰
  20. Another wonderful chapter! You are such a talented writer, I can’t wait for you to return to this story! 🥰 🥰
  21. Another fantastic story, I couldn’t put it down! 🥰
  22. Fantastic story, couldn’t put it down!
  23. Excellent story! You are such a wonderful writer, I hope you return to sharing your stories with us! 🥰
  24. Absolute fantastic story, I simply couldn’t put it down! 🥰
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