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The Life of Seeon

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Seeon Toleran is the fifth child of the ruling royal family. His life was one of study and devotion to his Gods. Then war came and the world Seeon knew ended. There were decisions that were made for him which drastically altered the direction of his life. Suddenly the world of the priesthood is gone as an option in Seeon's life. Instead he is made Ma' Nee. What will this mean to a youth who has known neither love nor choice? Will this end his world or open new vistas? Time will tell.

The story came about in trying to answer one of the prompts. Unfortunately the idea got away from me. I thank Cia for inspiring me to write my own prompt, KC Grim for his incredible help with the beta work on this story, Renee for adding ideas and catching mistakes, and Frostina for her usual aid in editing this so it makes sense. Any mistakes are my own.

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A love story that was blended in a SciFi-Fantasy mash up. In my humble opinion, it was a perfect blending of the two story types. Long enough to be a complete story, but makes the reader wonder if a sequel is in the works.

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