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Isaac made his debut in Family and then made cameo appearances in Panic 2 and Bloom. While entertaining, Isaac also seems to have a hard time stating where his attractions lay. Now we get to climb into his head for an afternoon as he camps out waiting for....

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This is a wonderful and well written coming-to-sexuality story. I felt the emotion as if it was my own. The author was real yet gentle in their approach. Must read.

Response from the author:

This means a lot to me considering how much I loved reading Three Strikes! Thank you!

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Another great insight into the workings of a young mind, as they try to figure out how the path to adulthood begins. Poignant, tender, funny, and simply a great read!

What are you waiting for??

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Excellent read!  Very insightful as the working of a teenager trying to figure out who he is and what his sexuality might be.  Very sensitive yet impactful treatment. 

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