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Moggy's Mutterings - 14. Lost

Lost in a sea of silence.
The thoughts echoing in the deep.
No one to stop the barbs.
No one to buoy the spirit.
Silence lengthening the night.
Daylight is torturous.
Once laughter and chattering filled the hours.
Chat rooms deserted.
TV is a poor substitute for human interaction.
Silence reigns.
Humanity lost.

I stood beside you as you got ready to fly.
In my head and heart I knew I lost you.
I had to let you go.
And as you winged yourself forward,

without even a backwards glace
I realized you would always be a part of my world,
Even if I was no longer a part of yours.

As the year is passing,
I look back and I think on those things I’ve done and left undone.
I think of the things I’ve said and left unsaid.
But most of all, I wonder, have I won or lost?

Copyright © 2017 mogwhy; All Rights Reserved.
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