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Andre and Chris - 9. Chapter 9

Sunday morning, I was still soundly asleep when I felt someone slide into bed next to me. Andre was still on the other side of me. I opened my eyes the best I could. The curtains were drawn so the room was still dark. “Jamie. What are you doing here?”

“Getting into bed with you. Michael’s gone to his meeting. He agreed to meet at the hospital at 8 O’Clock this morning.”

“What time is it now?”

“7.30. Are you going to stop with the twenty questions so I can go back to sleep?”

“You better get in the middle.”

He slid his naked body across mine. Andre stirred enough to recognize Jamie’s presence and the three of us returned to sleep.

What felt like only a few minutes later my ringing phone woke me. Caller ID said it was Michael, so I groggily answered on speaker.

“Good morning. What’s up?”

“Do you know where Jamie is. He’s not answering his phone?” His voice showed he was concerned.

“It’s OK babe, I’m here in bed with Chris and Andre.”

There was silence at the other end. Then, “what are you three doing in bed together.”

“Trying to sleep.” It was Andre’s half-awake contribution.

Michael started laughing. “I’m calling for us to meet and have something to eat. It can be brunch.”

“What time is it?”

“Nearly ten.”

I looked at the other two who nodded. “OK. Find somewhere and send me a text. Just give us time to get ready.”

“Good. See you all soon. Real soon!” His smile came through the phone.

I ended the call. “Come on, let’s get going. Shower time.”

Jamie sighed. “Do we have to? It’s so nice being here with you two.”

I gently ran my hand down Jamie’s side. He wriggled away with a suppressed giggle.

“Ahh so you’re ticklish?”

“No, I’m not.” He lied.

Andre saved him. “The shower’s big enough for three. Come on Jamie.” Jamie didn’t even pretend reluctance.

Andre and I had previous experience with threesome showering, so we led the way and with some genuine showering and much added fun, we were soon drying each other with the hotel’s luxuriously fluffy white towels.

There was a text on my phone with the café address. Jamie looked at it on his way to their room to get dressed and said he knew where it was.


Once Jamie led us to Degraves Street and Laneway the café and Michael were easy to find. Michael was sitting at an outside table drinking a large coffee.

“Started without us?” I asked.

“No. Just trying to stay awake.”

“You should have come back to the hotel and joined us.” I teased.

Michael looked at me, unsure where I was on the serious to flippant spectrum.

He took the middle ground. “If I had known, I may have, but Chris, I’ll expect a full report from you about this morning.”

The waiter arrived and we all ordered from the all day breakfast menu along with much needed coffee. Michael ordered another coffee.

I asked. “Why did you organize such an early meeting?”

“The time was OK when we organized it. It’s just that I didn’t know you bastards would party so late into this morning.”

“You didn’t have to stay. You could have gone back to the hotel early.”

“Nah. I was having too much fun.” We all shared a laugh.

“So, how did you manage to get ready this morning. The rest of us were dead to the world.”

“When we agreed on the meeting, I put it in my phone and set the alarm.”

“You were always more organized than the rest of us. And how was the meeting?”

“Good. Interesting. Sandra has tentative dates for the operation in a couple of weeks when the radiotherapy ends. The operation will still be necessary. She’s asked me to assist. I’ll need to spend about a week down here.”

The coffee arrived, briefly interrupting Michael.

“The surgeon who would usually be assisting her is overseas for six months, so she’s asked me.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Rather chuffed. She’s top of her field and I think could ask just about anyone.”

The food started to arrive, and the conversation turned to general topics.

By the time we had finished eating it was obvious that Michael needed to sleep, and he suggested he would go back to the hotel and have a nap. Jamie quickly said he would keep him company. No surprises there. They left for the hotel. I settled the bill and Andre and I set off to explore some of Melbourne.

This time as soon as he saw the historic tram, Andre’s enthusiastic little kid came to the fore. “Wow, look at that. Can we go for a ride. You know Chris, I’ve never travelled on a tram.”

“Really. Not even the Sydney light rail?”


Andre’s enthusiasm was contagious, and I discovered my little kid as well.

“In that case, let’s go to that stop and wait for the next tram.”

“Where do we get tickets?”

“No tickets. It’s free.”

“Cool. Let’s go.”

It was only minutes before the tinkling of a bell announced that the maroon and green historic tram with its yellow and gold trim had arrived. We boarded with other tourists and locals. Andre was wide eyed with enjoyment as the tram trundled along for a few stops. I recognized where we were.

“Let’s get out here. We can visit an historic site. Then catch the next tram.”

A short walk and we were outside the historic Old Melbourne Gaol (jail) which is now a museum. The existing building was built in the mid-1880s and in use until 1929. It was the location of many executions by hanging, including that of Australia’s most famous Bushranger, Ned Kelly.

During the nineteenth century Australia had many bushrangers, but Ned Kelly is the best known. He was captured and sentenced to death for killing three police at Stringybark Creek. It is reported that when Ned Kelly was asked what he wanted to say before being hanged his last words were “such is life”.

The prison is also the site of the last legal execution (hanging) in Australia. That was back in 1967 when Ronald Ryan was hanged for killing a prison officer during a prison escape. The death sentence no longer exists in Australia.

We bought our tickets, and the audio tour enhanced our experience by explaining the historical significance of the areas we wandered through and by outlining the history of the Kelly Gang. On a ghoulish note, the Museum has the death mask of Ned Kelly on display. Even more ghoulish, it also had his real skull displayed in a glass case until it was stolen, yes stolen, in 1978. It is still missing. His famous suit of armour is now on display at the Victorian State Library. Probably safer there. His armour is featured in a series of paintings by Australian artist Sir Sidney Nolan.

Back on the tram we enjoyed sitting together again as it trundled around its circuit. At Spring Street, we alighted again to stroll through the Treasury Gardens. Standing by the shore of the small lake near the John F Kennedy memorial brought back fond memories of us alongside another lake and agreeing to live together. Another tram ride brought us to the stop nearest our hotel.

We’d had a peaceful day relaxing and were keen to catch up with Michael and Jamie. Back in the linked hotel rooms we were greeting and embraced. We noticed immediately that Michael had benefited from his nap and whatever assistance Jamie had provided.

Michael had phoned Mamma Rosina and explained that the operation was still needed and assured her that Sandra was the best surgeon for the operation. He didn’t mention he had been asked to assist. He explained to us that he needed to organize some leave before he could tell them.

Monday was a holiday and all we had been planned was to have lunch with our respective parents. Even though we had all been together on Saturday, they still wanted separate family meetings. Andre and I would be with my parents and Michael and Jamie would be with Michael’s parents.

That made plans for Sunday night easy. Dinner and gay bars. Michael’s only request was that we finish earlier than last night. We agreed that was a good idea.

The first question was where to have dinner. We quickly decided on the Poodle Bar and Bistro and headed there. We entered the Art Deco inspired bar where we ordered three G&Ts before moving to the Bistro to eat and plan our night.

After ordering our meals we sipped our drinks and Jamie started to tell us about his history with Andre. “Andre and I were in school together from day one and all through Primary and High School. We knew each other and were friends but not close friends.”

I glanced at Andre who was listening and nodding.

Jamie continued, “That was until I started crushing on Beau. I had this thought that if I was close friends with Andre, I could get close to Beau.”

Andre laughed, “You’ve never told me that.”

OK I thought, they haven’t told everything about themselves to each other.

Jamie continued, “No I haven’t because as we became close friends, I discovered that I valued your friendship more than my crush on Beau.” He smiled mischievously and added, “Of course Beau being obsessed with Skye and ignoring me helped.”

Laughing, Andre took over. “I guessed that you had the hots for Beau and knew it wasn’t going anywhere but the more we hung out together the more I liked you and the more I wanted to hang out with you.”

I asked, “When did this change in your friendship start?”

They looked at each other and Jamie answered, “during Year 9 in High School. We were fourteen or fifteen. We told each other that we were gay but we didn’t become boyfriends.”

Andre added, “I think Jamie would have liked us to become boyfriends and to be honest our relationship was heading that way but at that time I couldn’t commit to being Jamie’s boyfriend, or anyone’s boyfriend for that matter.”

“I sensed that and backed off, but I knew that if I couldn’t have you as a boyfriend I still wanted us to be friends.”

“We did become friends with benefits, however as our friendship continued to grow the ‘benefits’ part became less important especially when we started dating other guys.”

At his point our food arrived and was placed in front of each of us. Jamie was enjoying this telling of their relationship and continued as we started to eat.

“It was in Year 12 that we started the ‘sister’ thing where we would share who we had the hots for or were crushing on along with our ‘conquests’ and, more often, our failures.”

“I’d say more failures for me than for Jamie, but our friendship continued to grow closer especially when we were at Uni, and we provided support for each other as we navigated the gay world.”

“We were both at the same university and often travelled there together. We saw a lot of each other at Uni and after we graduated, we both stayed and worked on the Central Coast. We didn’t have a break like you two, so we continued to be close friends.” He paused and looked meaningfully at Andre. “And now that friendship is rock solid.”

A huge smile spread across Andre’s face and he made eye contact with me. “Yes it’s rock solid.” I could read in his eyes that he hadn’t told Jamie about the abuse yet. He changed the subject. “We’ve nearly finished eating. What are we doing next?”

Jamie had some suggestions and we discussed other gay venues we could go to tonight. We all agreed that DT’s Hotel was a definite. We all wanted to see their popular Drag Show. Jamie and I were still naming gay bars when Michael reminded us that we were having a fun night without a repeat of last night. That agreed, we decided on just going to Sircuit Bar, and then later we would go to DT’s Hotel.

Walking into Sircuit Bar brought back memories of our university days. It was one of the gay bars that we liked and enjoyed visiting. We found a table and organized drinks. The DJ was there and trying to work his magic to encourage patrons to do their thing on the dance floor. At this early time of night the dance floor was sparsely occupied with just a few couples dancing.

Jamie and Andre looked at each other and headed for the dance floor. Michael leaned over and commented. “I’ve seen that look on them before. You should watch this. It’s going to be good.”

Obviously, he had seen them dancing together when they had space and knew what they could do. Last night the dance floor was packed so this was the first time for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. They were both excellent dancers and Andre responded enthusiastically to Jamie’s exuberant dancing which also displayed his sexy exhibitionist streak. It was fabulous to watch.

I looked at Michael who was smiling. He turned to me. “I told you so.”

I turned back to watching Jamie and Andre again when I felt a hand on my shoulder and, “Hey Chris, I didn’t know you were back from the States. Great to see you again.”

I turned to see Matt, one of our university friends, standing behind me. Michael turned at the same time and Matt, a little surprised, added. “Michael. So, you two are together again?”

As we stood and shook hands, Michael clarified. “Yeah, we’re together again as friends. My husband and Chris’s partner are those two dancing.” He nodded towards the dancefloor. It wasn’t necessary to specify which two, as Jamie and Andre were now the main attraction.

“Wow! Really! You guys have struck gold. Those two are gorgeous and sexy as well as talented dancers. Chris, whichever is your partner, tie the knot soon. Don’t let him get away.”

Michael chuckled and replied. “Once you see them together, you’ll know neither of them is getting away.”

Another voice. “So, this is where you are? I’ve got our drinks. Who are your handsome friends?”

Matt moved slightly. “This is my husband, Brad. Brad, these are Michael and Chris, two of my friends from university.”

“Well, if you’ll hold the drinks, I’ll shake hands.” We shook hands. The four of us continued to watch the dancing while continuing to chat.

When the DJ announced the end of the bracket and a break, Andre and Jamie walked up to us. Jamie flung his arms around Michael and Andre gave me a hug and a kiss. They then each took a well-earned drink from their glasses.

Brad looked at Jamie and Andre, “Superb dancing guys” and then to Michael and me, “So, you four are together?”

Michael explained again along with introductions. Matt, we knew was a great guy and we instantly liked Brad, so they joined us, drinking, talking and dancing. We all danced as a group as well as with our partners and also swapping partners. None of us were as good as Andre and Jamie dancing together, and when they did, we usually just stood back and watched.

We were all having a blast, so when we said we were moving to DT’s Hotel for the Drag Show, Matt and Brad decided to join us.

Pantomime, with its cross dressing, slapstick comedy and audience participation, is popular. Drag shows may not be to everybody’s taste, but like pantomime, drag shows can be highly professional productions which are audience involving, entertaining and above all just great fun. In other words, wonderfully theatrical cross dressing entertainment.

The Drag Show at DT’s Hotel did not disappoint. We all thoroughly enjoyed the routines and the comedy and the audience involvement. After the first show finished the four of us decided to return to the hotel. Matt and Brad decided to stay longer and, I assumed, sleep in longer tomorrow morning.

After exchanging contact details and a round of us hugging and kissing Matt and Brad goodnight, we headed back to our hotel. We had had another amazing night together. We weren’t exhausted but knew we needed to be ready for our individual family events tomorrow.

Andre and Jamie were still into enjoying themselves. One of them started downloading from Spotify and dancing.

I looked at Michael. “I’ll see what’s in the mini bar.”

“No need, I’ve got a bottle of scotch.” He disappeared though the connecting doors and returned with the bottle and two glasses. I grabbed the two glasses from our room and some ice and soon the four of us were enjoying a scotch and dancing together.

We only had the one drink while dancing, so we still had an early (well relatively early) night. More goodnight hugs and kisses and we were soon in our own beds in our own rooms with our own lovers.


The next morning, we had the hotel buffet breakfast together before heading off to have lunch with the parents and whoever they had invited. Michael and Jamie headed to Michael’s parents and Andre and me to my parents.

First, I had some shopping to do, and we swung by JB-HiFi to pick up a laptop, a monitor and some accessories for my parents. I paid with my card and Andre took the receipt. As we were walking out of the store, I asked, “Why did you grab the receipt?”

“Because I’m your accountant.”

“When did that happen?”

“When you gave me access to your business accounts.”

I was so happy with his desire to be involved with my work as well as my life.

“Fine. In that case you can do my tax return and BAS statements.”

“I intend to.”

“If we weren’t carrying these boxes, I’d give you a hug.”

“You can do that in the Uber.”


At my parent’s place we put the boxes down and were greeted by my parents who warmly hugged Andre and then me. Both sets of grandparents were there along with my sister, Jessica, and her husband Nicholas (or Nick) with their two young children. It was a full house. We both received more hugs. I handed my nephew and niece a couple more games for their Xbox.

Mum, Jessica and both grandmas went back to preparing lunch. Dad was about to offer everyone beer or wine when he saw the boxes. “What have you brought in those?”

“It’s a new computer setup, Dad. It will be easier for you to use and with fewer problems. I’ve also got you a bigger monitor, which you’ll find easier to see.”

“What about all the stuff we have on our computer?”

“Once I set this up, I’ll transfer everything across. You’ll still have it all. Why don’t you organize drinks and I’ll start.” Dad liked that idea.

Andre and Nick unpacked everything while I moved the old computer. My parents didn’t have a room set up as a study, so their computer was set up in a corner of their living room. It worked for them.

Dad returned with our drinks. With Andre and Nick helping everything was quickly set up and working. I transferred their files from the old computer, connected to their WiFi and downloaded updated security and other software. I also set up cloud storage, secure backup to my own servers in Gosford and secure remote access for myself to the laptop. That would make it easier for me to sort out any computer problems they may have. I felt we had done a good job.

Nick asked. “What are you going to do with the old computer?”

“Don’t know. Why?”

“Thought it would be good for the kids to use.”

“Great idea.” I called out, “Mum, Dad would you be happy for your grandchildren to have your old computer?”

Mum left the cooking and came into the living room. “Oh, you’ve set up a new one for us. That’s lovely dear. Oh, and it’s neater than the old one. That’s nice. Of course, Nick can take the other one for the children.” Dad knew better than to offer an opinion.

As we finished loading it into the boot of Nick’s car, we were told that lunch was ready.

Lunch was delicious and plentiful. Roast beef and homemade gravy with both roast and green vegetables. I love roast dinners and they are best with a big group of family or friends. Being family the conversation flowed easily with familiar topics. The meal finished with Grandma’s perfectly cooked ‘secret recipe’ Pavlova generously covered in whipped cream, passionfruit and mixed fresh berries.

Feeling we had overeaten, we sat around, drank coffee and chatted more about what was happening in our lives. A lot of the conversation was about Andre as they all wanted to know him better. Of course, he managed to gain my family’s approval.

After a while my maternal grandmother felt she needed to tell us something. “Me and your grandfather have been talking and we want to know about you getting married. Now you can legally, we think it would be a good idea. That’s as long as you invite us to the wedding. But no pressure. It’s up to you.”

Dad’s parents listened and added. “We totally agree. You two are just right for each other. And we also want to be invited to the wedding.”

Andre commented. “That’s three sets of grandparents who think we should get married, and I reckon my mum’s parents do as well.”

Mum then added. “It’s not just grandparents who think you should get married. Chris, your dad and I think you two should as well.” Dad nodded.

Andre looked at me. “Looks like we’ll have to think seriously about getting married.” He paused and then added with a grin. “No pressure of course.”

I pulled him to me and kissed him. That was greeted with laughing cries of “That’s supposed to be at the wedding.” We knew we were accepted and loved. We were also building an invitation list for the wedding we hadn’t yet planned.

A little while later my sister, Jessica, pulled me to one side. “Chris, I saw the negative effect that terrible Xavier had on you but now I see the wonderfully positive effect Andre is having on you. I’m so thrilled you two have found each other and we would love to come to your wedding.” She then smiled. “But take your time and be sure.” She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. I kissed her cheek.

We were all enjoying ourselves but eventually it was time for us to depart. Saying goodbye to everyone made me realize how much I did miss my family and needed to visit more often.


We arrived back at the hotel before Jamie and Michael so decided to have a rest. Of course, that meant resting in bed, naked together. Well, we did relax for a while and maybe dozed off for a bit. When we were awake again we were still holding each other and enjoying the feel of our naked bodies caressing each other. I moved to Andre’s lips. A peck first, then I ran my tongue across his closed lips which opened invitingly. I couldn’t resist the invitation and moved in and our mouths met releasing our passionate love for each other. We broke for a breath.

“Don’t mind us. Are you going to be long?” It was Jamie. I looked past Andre’s shoulder. Michael and Jamie were standing just inside the connecting door. They were smirking, but in the friendliest way.

Andre rolled over to face them. “What’s up?”

They came closer to the bed. “We were wondering if you’d like to join us for something to eat. Like a meal.”

I asked, “What time is it?”

“A bit after eight.” That late. Obviously, our nap was longer than I thought.

Andre said, “I wouldn’t mind something to eat but, after our big lunch, only something light.”

Jamie responded, “That’s what we were thinking too. How about Pho? There’s a Vietnamese restaurant just down the street.”

I agreed. “Sounds great. We’ll join you.” I expected them to go back into their room but they stayed where they were. “We need to get up and get dressed.”

Michael smiled, “We’ll go next door. Come through when you’re ready.”

Michael headed for the connecting door. Jamie stayed.

“Jamie. Come on.”

Jamie groaned disappointedly and joined Michael.

Naked, we slid out of bed and started getting dressed. I commented, “I wouldn’t have minded if they stayed and watched us.”

“Me neither. Maybe we should organise a day for all of us to go skinny dipping in their pool.”

“I like it. I love that you come up with fun ideas. I’ll be in that.”

Smiling at the thought of skinny dipping Andre and I dressed quickly and were soon in the adjoining room ready to head out to dinner. The four of us left the hotel and walked the short distance to the Vietnamese restaurant.

Over dinner we told each other about our visits to our parents. There were a lot of similarities. Both families loved the joint party and the chance it gave then to catch up and reminisce (the way older people tend to do).

Michael commented. “Chris, you know you’re thinking of getting a bigger place to live.” I wondered where this was going and just nodded “yes”.

“Can you do it soon? I don’t think I can cope with Jackson staying with us and spending the whole time talking glowingly about you.”

“He was at our lunch with Michael’s parents.” Jamie explained. “And all he talked about was you, Chris.”

Michael took over. “And that phone you gave him! He made all of us watch your YouTube presentation about it. All of it! The whole bloody lot: unboxing; testing and review.” He paused for effect. “Twice!”

I couldn’t help myself and stared laughing. Soon all four of us were laughing.

When Andre stopped laughing enough to try to look serious. “Hmmm even so, Jackson is a very handsome and sexy young man. I’m not sure I want him staying with us and fawning over my Chris.”

Michael responded, “You don’t have to worry about that. He’s straight. He might have been vocal about Chris. But he was very physical with his girlfriend.”

“And she was also very physical with him.” Jamie added, “I was surprised he didn’t cream his jeans.”

It was clear that we had to be prepared for Jackson’s visit during semester break. My thought was to have Jackson and Tyron contact each other before semester break. Both straight, both with girlfriends, both doing similar university courses. There’s a chance they could be friends. It was also clear that we needed to seriously start looking for a workplace for me and a house for us. That we should start on when we get back.

I asked Michael, “Have you made a decision about assisting at Mamma’s operation?”

“I have. I would like to do it. First because it’s Mamma and second for the experience. When we get back, I’ll talk to my Director of Surgery because I’ll need leave and she’ll have to organize cover for me.” He pulled Jamie who was sitting next to him into a hug. “And of course, Babe, you have to agree as well.”

“That’s easy. It’s Mamma. If you can go, I want you to.”

“I love you, babe.”

“And I love you back.”

We finished eating and discussed what we would do next. We all decided we had partied enough and would simply go back to the hotel and for a change have a quiet night. Michael still had his scotch and Andre suggested we buy a bottle of wine and some snacks. We could all relax, maybe watch something on TV or streaming and go to bed early. Sounded ideal so we settled the bill and headed off for some supplies.

It certainly wasn’t a wild night. Some drinking, a lot of talking and at Jamie and Andre’s insistence a lot of dancing in the hotel room. Andre and I hadn’t danced while flirting or since we started living together. That was going to change because Andre and Jamie had reignited the enjoyment I derived from dancing. We would be dancing more and hopefully with Michael and Jamie.

Even though our Easter Holiday had produced some unexpected news, challenges and reunions we were overjoyed that we had managed to have such an awesome time in Melbourne. Relaxed and contented we all settled into our beds with our own lovers for the night.

The next morning as we enjoyed the buffet breakfast, we were all feeling refreshed and very satisfied that our decision to spend Easter visiting family and reconnecting with Melbourne was totally, the right decision. After checking out of the hotel we caught a taxi to Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine for our flight to Sydney and back home.

Coming next - Chris does some babysitting.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Thanks for reading @drsawzall. Yes Chris is babysitting for the first time and Beau gets to meet Michael :) 

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