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North Meets South, Worlds Collide - 44. Chapter 44

The next morning we all got up. But Sasha didn’t come down. He had to go to work that day, too. I made breakfast that morning. I made Tony’s coffee and heard David come down.

“Sasha’s not coming down?” David asked.

I smiled at David. “He meant what he said. I’ve never known him to say something he didn’t mean.”

David nodded. “How do I tell him I chose him?”

“You’ll have to show him.” I said simply. “The thing with Tony and me, we were in the same city. Our relationship was right from the moment we saw each other. I swear I’ve never seen you act the way you did that night. I’ve never seen Sasha so interested in another person. There is potential there. There have been people that have expressed interest in Sasha, but he didn’t react like he did with you.” I looked at David directly. “Can you live in a gay relationship?”

“Who cares? If I love the person I’m with, that will be enough.” David said.

“Yes, but this Sasha comes with baggage. He’s bringing a son here. If you date Sasha, you’re dating Alik, too. And Sasha doesn’t want to die on Alik if he can help it.”

David looked up the stairs. “I need to tell Sasha.”

“This isn’t fun and games.” I said.

David nodded. “I know, but I need to tell him.”

I grinned. “You can do it when you take him to work.”

“If he lets me.”

“It’s Sunday.” I grinned again. “Sasha will have to if Tony and I aren’t here.” I walked into the bedroom. “We’re going out for breakfast before church!” I said to Tony who was getting ready for church.

Tony looked surprised a second. “We are?”

“Just you and me.” I grinned.

Tony smiled knowing what I was up to. “Playing the matchmaker?”

“It will work!” I said coming in and began changing.

As we were about to head out, I hugged David. “Just tell him. And also tell him I’ll pick him up after work. Drive carefully home.”


I picked up Sasha after he finished work. I didn’t ask a thing about what he and David discussed. But Sasha was more relaxed in conversation. Something was resolved.

It was three days later when a delivery man rang our doorbell. Opening the door the delivery man smiled holding a box and a clipboard.

“Mr. Delveccio?”

I shook my head. “He’s in his office, hang on.”

Tony took the box and signed what he needed. Then he smiled at the box. “This will make things easier.”

The box had something Tech on it. Electronics? Then he opened the box and pulled out what looked about the size of a cellphone out. He assembled what he needed, put the battery in and turned it on.

“Okay, say something in it.” Tony held the device up to me.

“What do you want me to say?” I asked.

There was hardly a pause when a voice came back. “Chto ty khochesh’, chtoby ya skazal?” The voice was a bit mechanical, but it was clearly Russian and easily understood.

“That’s Russian!” I grinned taking the device from Tony.

“Eto russkiy!” The device said again translating what I’d said.

Tony hit a button to stop it from doing any translation. “Yes! Another friend I’ve helped financially wants to invest in this electronics cooperation. This company does hardware and it working on the translatation device. Before he invests he is allowing us to test a product for them. This is it!”

I grinned. “And it translate Russian into English?”

Tony smiled turning the device on again. “Konechno!”

“Of course.” Came the voice in English.

“This thing was specifically programmed English/Russian. They want one with all languages, but we’re testing the English to Russian.”

I pulled Tony into a kiss. “That’s great!”

Tony nodded. “We should still learn Russian, but you’ll get it faster than I will. But if Alik says to me,” he clicked the thing on again. “I need to go to the bathroom!”

“Mne nuzhno idti v vannuyu!” The voice said.

“Then I can say. Upstairs, second door on the right.” Tony said into the device.

“Na vtorom etazhe, vtoraya dvcr’ sprara.” The electronic voice said.

“What about slang?” I asked smiling at Tony.

Tony shrugged. “I gotta pee.” Tony said to the device.

“YA dolahen popisat’!” The voice came again.

“Is that right?” I asked.

Tony shrugged. “How do I know? We’ll have to ask Sasha when he gets here.”

I kissed Tony again. “At least we have something to work with! This is great!”

“It’s a prototype, so we have to be careful with it.”


Sasha had gotten a ride home, so when Sasha got home from work he plopped down in a chair as we sat on the sofa. “YA ustal!” He sighed wearily.

Tony grinned. “Say exactly what you said again just the way you said it.” He held the translator up.

Sasha’s eyebrow rose. “YA ustal.”

“I’m tired.” The electronic voice said.

“Yes!” Tony said triumphantly which of course the device said. “Da.”

Sasha grinned looking at the device. “What is this?”

“Chto eto?” The voice said.

“It’s a solution to our problem!” I said putting my arm around Tony’s.

“Eto resheniye nashikh problemy!” The device said.

Sasha grinned even wider. “This is amazing! Where did you get this?”

“Eto potryasayushche. Gde ty eto vzyal?” The device translated again.

Tony clicked it off. “I asked the man investing in the company to let us test it, and what better way than on a child?”

Sasha shook his head. “You are too kind.” He marveled.

“Can you be too kind?” I asked smiling.

Sasha smiled. “Can I ask question?”

“You just did.” Tony grinned.

Sasha rolled his eyes. He was picking up Tony’s and my mannerisms. “Other question.”

“Sure.” I sensed this was going to be serious.

“How old is David?” Sasha asked.

“Oh.” I nodded noting the change of subject. “He’s now twenty six.”

Sasha nodded. “So, we’re nine years different.”

“Is that a problem for you?” Tony asked. “He’s finished with college.” Tony looked at me. “You said he was thinking of going back to graduate school.”

I nodded. “He is thinking of it.” I took Tony’s hand. “Tony’s six years older than I am. What’s three more years?”

Sasha shook his head. “I suppose not problem. I like him.” Then Sasha looked up at us. “I guess you know that.” Sasha got up as he walked to the windows that overlooked the river beyond. “But my life is mess right now. I have Alik and problems immigrating and other things.”

“It’s going to be better.” Tony said hopefully.

Sasha nodded. “With help from you.” He chuckled. “Maybe I should not pursue David at all. Too much for him now.”

I nodded. “You’ve not met Nick. Tony’s son. I never thought I’d be a father of any kind, much less the father of a man of twenty years.”

“Twenty!?” Sasha turned stunned. “How old when Nick born?”

“Nineteen.” Tony answered.

“But David’s pretty smart.” I said smiling. “You can’t deny there was a connection.”

“But his parents know he dates men?”

“You need to talk to David about that.” I said softly. “But I brought the first man by a man to our family as a new member.” I shrugged. “They won’t be too surprised, but don’t worry about the age problem.” I chuckled. “My aunt married a man almost twenty five years older than she was. I have a friend whose mother is five years older than his father.” I chuckled. “That blew my mind at eight years old. Before that I didn’t even know a man could be younger than his wife.”

“You need to concentrate on Alik now.” Tony said putting a hand on Sasha’s shoulder. “If it happens and it works with you and David, don’t fight it.”

“David’s a good man.” I said. “I hope it does work with you two. I’d love to have you as family. You’re a good man, too. And David will get serious about someone eventually. I’d love it if it was you.”

Tony nodded. “Don’t look for problems yet. It’s good you’re aware of the possibility of problems, but we’ll be there to support you. Whatever you decide.”


I graduated! I had my Master’s Degree! It was a little later than I hoped, but with the delays, it couldn’t be helped.

We finally got a date for when Tasha was to bring Alik over. Sasha got his license and could drive. But Tony had a surprise for me.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked as I came in the door after work.

“Reservations.” Tony said immediately, but I looked at him trying not to act suspicious. I knew him and that made me suspicious.

“What are you up to?” I asked coming over to him kissing him.

Tony frowned, but his heart was giving him away. “Who says I’m up to anything?”

My eyes narrowed. “You’re whole body.”

“Damn!” Tony huffed. “I can’t get by with anything.”

“What did you do?” But it was a good thing, because he was now very happy. He could barely contain himself!

“Well, Sasha’s now driving. He often takes Bubba to work, like today.” Tony shrugged. “So, we need another car.”

“You bought Sasha a car?” I asked. Tony wouldn’t do that without telling me or asking Sasha.

“Not for him.”

“For who?” I asked.

“You and me.” Tony shrugged. “You can drive the new car, or the other car. It’s ours.” He came up behind me and was rushing me out. “You gotta see it.”

Yep. It was another Mercedes. I didn’t care what the E, C or S was. 250, 300 or whatever. Yes, I was gay guy. I learned to fix Bubba because I wanted to drive. I did it out of necessity. And fixing it was enjoyable to a point. But Bubba was more mechanical than this thing! This was all computer this and optic that!

“This is an AMG S63 Coupe!” Tony said proudly of the black two door sports car. “Isn’t she beautiful?” He was so happy his face was going to crack! “Premium ride, premium sound, navigation….everything! We don’t need a key!” Then he shrugged knowing that didn’t make sense. “Well, you need the fob.” He held up this little black thing and pressed a button and the car started up with no one in it! Tony was a little boy with the best toy ever at Christmas! “Listen to her!”

I chuckled. He wasn’t trying to impress me at all. He loved it because he wanted it! “I’m sure you two will be very happy.”

Tony frowned a little. “Oh come on, don’t be that way.” He begged a little. “It’s ours! I’ll enjoy it, I hope you will, too.” He tossed the fob to me. “Where are we going?”

“I thought you wanted an excuse to show me the car!?”

Tony nodded. “But I’m still hungry. You drive. I swear you’ll fall in love.”

I walked over to Tony. “I did. With you.” I said kissing him deeply. My fingers went in his hair. “I’m sure I will fall in love with her. But I’m happy you’re happy.”

“Then you must be ecstatic!!” Tony declared kissing me harder. “Because I am!” He pulled me to the front door. “Anywhere you want to go. Let’s go!”

Getting the feel for the new car, I was very cautious. It took a few miles for me to get the feel of her. The steering was tight and the brake very sensitive. I took it slow, but learned what I needed to do. I had adjusted all I needed. Mirror, height of the seat. Tony activated something. Typed in my name and then pressed the button again.

“Now all you need to do is get in.” Tony explained. “Hit this button for your settings and the car will adjust for you.” He said happily. Then he gasped as I shot off the road and on to an off street. Here in the South, there were a lot of wooded areas if you were familiar with the area. I stopped in a place surrounded by large oak trees and isolated. Often used by….well couples that don’t have money for a room but want to…well…make love!

Tony was surprised, but figured it out. “And why are we here?”

I put the car in park and scooted around to face him. “To take care of that.” I reached over and put my hand on the crotch of his pants that was beginning to tent up. “I’m not sure I know what to do here. You’ve got a raging hard on because…what? The car?”

Tony rolled his eyes and then gave his shrugging nod. “Well, it’s exciting!”

I chuckled getting very close. “It is for you. I’m not jealous of a car. Don’t worry.” I kissed him deeply and hungrily. “But these seats are really made to make the ride comfortable, not sex. And the backseat….”

“We’d barely fit in alone, much less together.” Tony chuckled as he kissed me back. “So what do you plan to do?”

I grinned. “What people have done over a hundred years in cars.” I pulled him into a greater kiss as I unzipped his pants. Taking him out I engulfed him and began to work. He groaned as his left hand grabbed me pulling me closer, his right hand slapped the overhead with a thud and grabbed the leather thing you haul yourself out with over the door as you were sitting low and held tightly. The fact that he was already hard only made my work easier and he exploded quickly. That center console thing was really bothering me. “Nice car to drive and ride in, but any sex is a bit…challenging.”

“But it’s bitchin'!” Tony rubbed the dashboard almost in a caress.

I sat back grinning. “Bitching.” I repeated. “Bitching? Who are you?” I grinned at Tony.

“I’m a very happy man.” Tony replied beaming. “That’s who.”

I shook my head still smiling at his happiness. He was happier than the boy with that toy on Christmas. I could never take that away from him. I chuckled bringing him for a kiss. “I’m very glad you are.”

“What about you? You need to cum.” Tony asked moving as if he were going to try to rectify the situation.

I put my hand on his chest. “I’m good, sweetie. I prefer a bed, pillows…or even a chair or sofa. I’m good. I’ll wait until we get home.” Then I looked at the dashboard. “How do I crank this sucker up?”

Tony grinned. “Hit this button.” He kissed me again. “It says start.”

“Are you going to be a pain in the ass the rest of the week?” I started the car up.

“I can be.” Tony waggled his eyebrows.

“That never hurts.” I kissed him and put it into gear. “You don’t have it in you to hurt me.”

As we pulled out onto the road, we were surprised as some blue lights flashed. A cop. This is a favorite place for other things. But that was always much later. An expensive car drives out of an area known for illegal activities, so there would be some suspicion.

“You do have the registration and insurance.” I said.

“Of course.” Tony said a little irritated.

The police officer came over shining a flash light at us. It was dusk, not dark. He flashed the light to the backseat. A fancy new car in an isolated portion of Charleston. He was doing his job.

“Can I ask what you’re doing out here, gentlemen?” The officer, maybe thirty asked.

“We just got a new car.” I said squinting at the light. “We were just riding around.”

“This is an odd place to ride around in a new car like this.” The officer frowned.

“Do you want to tell him the whole truth?” Tony asked me.

I shrugged. “It doesn’t bother me.”

Tony took the registration out and his license. “As you can see, we are the owners.”

“It also reads Mitchell McKenzie.” The officer said reading.

“That’s me.” I said smiling pulling my license out and giving it to him.

“I got a little sexually anxious when riding in her and well…my husband here took care of my problem.” Tony smiled pleasantly. “We needed privacy.”

The officer’s mouth popped open. He was gaging whether we were telling him the truth or being smartasses.

“And since I graduated from a police academy, unless they’ve changed laws recently, what we did was no crime. Now, while we are not married legally, we are married and even if not, two consenting adults…” I looked at Tony. “…you did consent, right?”

“Oh, yes.” Tony nodded. “I even offered to return the favor.”

I shook my head. “Having given the blowjob in here. This really isn’t that comfortable for more and barely comfortable for what I did. So, I passed. But he was so excited about the car, I just had to.” I shrugged.

The officer was completely…amazed….shocked…disbelieving…. “You’re shitting me.” He said at last.

“Nope.” I smiled as Tony leaned over kissing me. I ran my fingers over Tony’s face. “Now.” I looked at the officer. “Unless you suspect a crime…you know…probable cause. We’re going to dinner.” I took Tony’s and my licenses and the registration from the gapping mouthed officer. “I say barbeque.”

Tony brightened. “Oh, those great onion rings! As big as a New York bagel! Let’s go. If there’s nothing else?”

The officer was speechless, but shook his head.

“Have a good evening, officer.” I said and pressed on the accelerator.

Tony looked behind us as we drove off. “I think we blew his mind.”

I nodded. “He’s new. Odd things on the job are a constant as a police officer.”

“And the oddest thing you encountered?”

I chuckled. “Well, there was the guy with the grandmother fetish.”

Tony looked in shock. “Grandmother….he didn’t rape or…”

“No, no.” I shook my head. “He was twenty three and at last encounter he had girlfriend that was eighty-four.” I laughed at Tony’s eyes as they widened.

“You’re kidding.”

I grinned. “You just got a blowjob from a guy. People say that’s a fetish.” I chuckled. “I certainly have with you and you know it.”

Tony grinned. “The hair thing, yes.” He shrugged. “I like when you do that.” Then frowned. “But grandparents?”

“Grandparents human, too. They were both over twenty one and consenting, so?”

Tony shrugged a nod. “Yeah, they are. So what’s the latest with David?”

I grinned. “He’s thinking of going to Law School in Columbia.”

“Law School.” Tony nodded. “We need more Southern Lawyers.” He said sardonically.

“A gay friendly lawyer.” I pointed out.

“Nothing about Sasha?”

I shrugged. “I haven’t asked. Either him or Sasha.”

Tony scrunched up his face. “You’ve got to learn to get the dirt.”

I grinned. “Why?”

“To share of course!” Tony said like it was obvious.


Later that evening we were getting ready for bed. All I needed to do was done. Now I waited for Tony to finish and come to bed. I knew he was beginning to go through that middle of life thing all men go through. He came out of the bathroom carrying his t-shirt as I watched him come in. Watching him lift the shirt over his head he caught me looking at him as he pulled it down. I like the play of his muscles as he moved and they rippled. He worked hard to stay in shape. Then he smiled and rolled his eyes as I admired my husband.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked but knew.

I shrugged. “Admiring the view.” I said pulling the covers down beside me. “You get better looking all the time.”

“You’re biased.”

I nodded. “I am, but that doesn’t make it a lie. To me, you’re like a fine wine. As time passes, you just get better and better. I will say, you’re better looking now than when we first met.”

Tony smiled coming lying beside me. “We missed the trip this summer, so how about one in the fall? A sort of third honeymoon?”

I shook my head. “We haven’t finished the first one. I don’t know about you, but I’m still on our first honeymoon.”

Tony chuckled kissing me gently. “You love me.” It wasn’t a question. Now it was statement of absolute fact. “But let’s not bring another human back this time. You pick where you’d like to go this time.”

I nodded. “But I like having Sasha here.”

Tony nodded. “I do, too…” then he sort of looked away. “Okay, I’ll tell you a problem I had with Sasha.”

“Problem?” I moved away a little to see his face clearer. “What problem?”

“This is the old me talking, okay?” Tony stressed. “You said you love me over and over. I believed you, but…” he hesitated. “…I was worried when Sasha moved in.”

I waited, but Tony didn’t come out with more. “Worried about…?”

“You are so beautiful…and he’s a very good looking man and…”

My eyes widened. “You feared I’d cheat on you!?” Would we ever escape this demon? “But…”

Tony held his hand over my mouth to stop me. “I feared you’d be tempted. And he might encourage that temptation. Now it’s been a few months and I know you love me…”

“I’ve never been tempted with Sasha, or any other man.” I looked at Tony closer. “Were you?”

Tony shook his head. “Not really. He’s a good looking man, but when you look at me, I can see you love me. I can’t think of anyone else.”

I frowned. “Who made you worry about things like this?”

Tony shrugged. “Everyone.” He frowned. “I wasn’t faithful, Luke wasn’t faithful…” then he looked at me. “…Jean wasn’t faithful.”


“She said I was her first, but I knew that wasn’t true. And the first affair was hers, not mine.” Tony growled.

“I can’t believe that.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “I believe you, but…”

Tony pulled me back down. “Don’t blame her. She was too young. When she was pregnant she hadn’t even finished high school. I don’t blame her. I know things were tough for us when we first married. I hadn’t earned like I can now. I know she had an affair after we got married, before I cheated on her, but my point is…” he kissed me again. “I was worried when Sasha first got here. I’m not now. You love me. You know I love you.”

I nodded. “Sasha is a good looking man. He’s a nice man, too. But I get something from you I never get from Sasha.” I pulled him closer, loving the feel of his body against mine. “Love….and that scent!” I rolled him over pinning his arms over his head as I like them. My nose coming down over his chest getting that faint musk there that only got stronger as I went to his armpit. “And you know where I get it the strongest.”

Tony chuckled. “Why are you waiting?”

The Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve had nothing on the fireworks we had. It was explosive!

Copyright © 2017 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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“And sense I graduated from a police academy, unless they’ve changed laws recently, what we did was no crime.” You meant ‘since’ here.


And while Apple’s Dictionary.app says “Bitching,” but I’ve always seen it spelled Bitchin’ since that’s how the ‘70s slang word was pronounced in California English.


My eyes narrowed. “You’re whole body.” Your, not you are. And only one space after a period – two spaces was for non-proportionally spaced typewriters.


“No, no.” I shook my head. “He was twenty three and at last encounter he had girlfriend that was eighty-four.” He had a girlfriend.


When Tony replaces his ‘old’ Mercedes, will he be getting a Mercedes-Maybach 600 for you? I somehow doubt he’d let you drive a MB Metris van, GLA, or even GLC SUV (why they named it after Mazda’s ’77-85 Great Little Car, I don’t know!). Maybe a GLE, GLS, or even the G-Wagen would work for the two of you. Roomy enough to haul around your growing extended family with the three-pointed star that’s so important to Tony! ;-)

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On 2/3/2017 at 3:10 AM, droughtquake said:

When Tony replaces his ‘old’ Mercedes, will he be getting a Mercedes-Maybach 600 for you? I somehow doubt he’d let you drive a MB Metris van, GLA, or even GLC SUV (why they named it after Mazda’s ’77-85 Great Little Car, I don’t know!). Maybe a GLE, GLS, or even the G-Wagen would work for the two of you. Roomy enough to haul around your growing extended family with the three-pointed star that’s so important to Tony! 😉

Hey, I was and will always be a truck guy. And what he did surprise me with later, you'll understand when he does. But I still have Bubba.

Edited by R. Eric
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