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North Meets South, Worlds Collide - 4. Chapter 4

I don’t know how long it took, and I didn’t really care. Tony had shared this horrible event in his life and time sort of stopped. At last he sniffed, sitting up.

“Now you know.” He said sadly.

“I do.” I nodded. Then the old me kicked in. “I guess my getting shot wasn’t that big a deal.”

Tony laughed as he wiped his face. “Believe me, I don’t want to one up you with this.”

I pulled his face toward mine. “Tony.” He looked me. “I won’t thank you for telling me, but I will thank you for letting me be the one you told.”

Tony nodded. “I wish I didn’t have it to tell anyone.” He smiled. “But you’re the first one that didn’t experience it with me I felt I should or even could.”

“You’re alive.” I said. “I’m glad you are. I want to make you happy you are.” This time I kissed him hard, pushing him back on the sofa. It was a hungry kiss, our mouths pressed together as we seemed to feed off each other.

He pushed me back. “But wait!” Panting. “We haven’t been tested yet!”

“You’re not, I’m not, we’re good. I trust you. Do you trust me?”

“Of course.” He nodded. “Are you a top or a bottom?”

I smiled. “Yes.”

He grinned. “Good, so am I.” Then he pulled me back, kissing me again, pulling on my shirt which was quickly tossed aside as I pulled on his, lifting it up and seeing the hair over his well-formed chest muscles. It was nice. He wore two necklaces, a Saint Christopher’s medal and a tiny crucifix. His chest hair was not thick as in so thick it made his chest black, but it covered his entire chest and down a bit toward his stomach to trail down from his chest, cross over his naval and then down into his pants. I saw the line scar below his left arm. It was about three inches long from back to front. I stood up and held my hand to him.

“We might be more comfortable in there.” I thumbed toward the bedroom. “I have lube. Do we need anything else?”

Tony rose kissed me. “I think you’re carrying what we need.” His hands went over my chest, which was more lightly covered with hair than his. A hand went down the front of me, the over the crotch of my pants. He felt the bulge there. “Now, I know you are.”

I chuckled, feeling his own bulge. “So are you.”

But he softened his look. “Is it okay for me to say…I love you?”

I swallowed. “It’s only okay if you mean it.”

He nodded. “I do…I love you.”

“Where have you been? Couldn’t you have come down sooner?” I grinned as we kissed again. “I love you, too.” Taking his hand I led him to my room, and I left the lights on!! I wanted to see this Italian god. And he was beautiful! His hair at his crotch was just as black as the rest of his hair and thick! I glad his back was hair free. But his cock was nicely shaped and thick. We did everything. Starting with me giving him a blow job he seemed to like a lot. Then he gave me one that nearly sent me into orbit. Then he topped me, facing me. It was good to start with oral sex, because then we could prolong our love making. And it was love making, not just sex. He even said it as he was nearing climax.

With a thrust, I felt him cum in me in three good shots. “I love you!!” He was again panting, but he rolled us over, bringing his legs up for me. “Make love to me, now.”

There are some men that are just made for gay sex. Tony was one of those men. I said he had a nice butt, and he did. It was the third or fourth thrust when he let out a little cry as I hit his prostate. Which spurred me on. I began thrusting more.

“Harder and faster.” Tony begged.

Who was I to argue? I did it harder and faster. Because I’d just come minutes before, I was able to hold back as I worked. Now his little cry was a long, guttural groan as I hit his golden spot again and again until he was letting out one loud near shout as I finally couldn’t help it, but came again. And to my delight, so did he. Again!

Neither of us wanted to let the other go. Arms around each other as we tried to catch our breaths, but we rolled on our sides. As my erection fell out, he let a sound of near sorrow when it happened.

“I meant it when I said it.” Tony said softly. “I do love you.”

I smiled. I can’t explain it except to say, this was just what I dreamed of. To have someone with me, that loved me, said he did that I wanted in my life. “I love you.”

Tony smiled. “Can I stay tonight?”

“I’m never letting you leave again.”

He smiled at that. “We’re going to make this work. I know we’ve known each other not even…”

I stopped him by kissing him deeply. “We will. I don’t give my heart to just anybody.”

He chuckled. “And you’re giving me yours?”

“I already have.”

He nodded. “And you have mine. But we still need to get to know each other.” He grinned. “Do you snore?”

I laughed at his smile. “You can let me know in the morning. Do you?”

“I can.”

I sat up. “Well, then the deals off!”

Tony frowned. “Off!? After we….”

I kissed him again. “Okay, here’s something else you need to know. I will never give the logical answer. I can be obnoxious.” I smiled at him.

He smiled hearing that. “Understood.” He grinned. “I can be pigheaded.”

“Good to know.”

“If you don’t like any place, even if I do. Say so.” Tony said firmly.

“Tony.” I said, then motioned to my house. “Need I say more?”

He laughed. “Well, yeah, there is this.”

“Now I do have a fetish.”

His eyebrows rose. “Oh? What’s that?”

I rolled him on his back. Raised his hands over his head, lowered my nose in his armpit. He had nice arms, but he had thick hairs in his armpits. I inhaled deeply as I stuck my tongue to his sensitive skin making him yelp, then chuckle. “I’m so glad you haven’t shaved anything.”

Tony was now laughing. “Anything to oblige. Help yourself.”

I grinned. “I am, but the best scent…” I moved down putting my nose in his pubes. “…is here.”

“Really?” Tony asked almost in disbelief.

I nodded. “It’s your natural musk.”

“Musk? Not sweat.”

“Not sweat. And pheromones as I hear.” I explained. “God’s aphrodisiac.” Then I shrugged. “For me anyway.”

“You can smell that?” He marveled.

I grinned. “I’ve got to be compensated somehow. You have an orgasm when I brush your prostate. I’m aroused by your scent. It’s only fair.” I reasoned. “And that one cologne you wear, only makes it worse! I nearly tore your clothes off in church!”

He was laughing. “I’ll wear it from now on! I’ll make sure to have some on hand.” He watched as I indulged. “I’m glad I can be of service. Feel free to enjoy it any time, but try not to do it during church. Though most there would be some interested as there are gay men there, but just be discrete in public. The straights will get upset.”

I waved that off. “Straights are always upset with us. But I’ll try to keep some self-control.” The scent was sending signals to my brain and I had another erection. It could all have been in my head, but it was working! “Legs up!”

“You’re ready to go again!?” His eyes widened as he reached down and felt my cock. “You are!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!” He crossed himself. “You’re gonna kill me!” But he was smiling.

I grinned. “No way I would ever hurt you, much less kill you. You’re gonna live! It’s your fault!”

He chuckled. “Only because I love you.” He grinned and I made love to him again. Well, he came one more time than I did, so it was fair. He did have an orgasm again, but this time very little came out. He didn’t have anything left.

He did snore. It wasn’t bad, in fact I sort of liked it. It was a reminder to me that there was someone next to me. The only thing I didn’t like was he liked to spoon. I’m all for contact. I love touching and being touched, but when I’m asleep, I didn’t like it that much. Even as a child I didn’t want so much as a teddy bear in bed with me. Tony let off a lot of body heat. I resolved myself to get used to it. I did love Tony, I was confident that would make a difference.

I groaned as my alarm clock went off. I reached over and turned it off. My mind was instantly reminded that I was not alone. Behind me, in sleep, Tony had his arm draped across me. He made a sound like I had. A kind of groan. Grinning, I turned over facing him, kissing him gently.

“Good morning, my Italian Stallion.” I smiled as his brown eyes opened, focused and smiled back.

“Good morning.” He rolled away and stretched. He blew into his hand and grimaced. “To show I didn’t plan this…I didn’t even bring my toothbrush.”

I chuckled. “What’s a little morning halitosis among lovers?” Then I shrugged. “Considering what we did last night, are you one of those germaphobes? No one else can use my comb or toothbrush. I sucked you dick. Are you worried about being that clean?”

He rolled his eyes. “Not really.”

“I have one, use it.”

Pulling me close he smiled warmly. “We are lovers, aren’t we?”

I nodded. “Do we need to repeat what we did for you to remember?”

Tony chuckled. “I wouldn’t mind a repeat, but I don’t need reminding.” His finger reached in my hair. “I love you, Mitch.” Then his brow wrinkled. “I know you're out in this neighborhood, or just don’t care. But I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“I could never be embarrassed by being seen with you. I love you.” I said seriously. “In fact, I’d be proud to be seen as lovers. We’re not just lovers, we’re friends and I don’t care who sees that.” I shrugged. “It might even help to be seen with you. You’re a great man. Kind, polite and damned sexy. You’ll be a boost to my reputation.”

He grinned. “So are you. I just know that there are some…who don’t exactly like us.”

I nodded. “I’m well aware of that fact.” My hand slid down his naked body, and I was quickly feeling his morning erection. “I see that you are indeed up.”

He chuckled and did the same to me. “As are you.”

“Let’s not waste it.” It was a good thing we both rested. This time was just as intense as the night before.


Tony looked as he was brushing his teeth and I was in the shower. “How do you feel about taking the next step?”

I paused as the water still poured. “Next step? What step is that?”

“Meeting family.” Tony said cautiously. “Meeting my son.”

I pulled the shower curtain back to see he was serious. “He knows you’re gay, right?”

Tony smiled. “Of course.”

“Does he know about me?”

Tony shrugged. “Not yet.” Then he continued to brush his teeth, spit and wiped his mouth on a towel. “He knows something’s up, and since I didn’t come back to the apartment last night, I’m sure he knows something’s going on. Just not what or who.”

I nodded. “And he’s okay with the idea, you think?”

“As we move our lives together more, he will see you a lot. I’d like to let him know why.” Tony said solemnly. “You’re now a very important part of my life.”

I nodded. “But to rip the band aide off quickly.” I shrugged. “I have to work this weekend. I do that every other weekend, I have Friday and Monday off.”

Tony smiled. “How about tonight then? He works at Pearlz. Downtown. We can go there tonight.”

“What the hell?” I shrugged. “Okay.”

Tony stiffened, but he seemed to want to defend his son. From what? Me?. “He’s a good kid.”

I frowned. “I never said he wasn’t. He came from you. How could help but not be?”

Tony smiled. “Well, he blamed me, rightly so, for the break up with his Mom for cheating on her. It wasn’t because he was a man that I was with, but the fact I cheated.” He looked at me. “Which I will never do to you.”

I nodded and turned the water off, I got the towel and dried off in the tub, then came out standing in front of him. “And I promise, I will never cheat on you.” Kissing him. “It was how long ago?”

“About nine years.” Tony said. “He was about ten. As amicable as the divorce was, that’s where half of my money went.”

I frowned. “Is there such a thing as an amicable divorce? I didn’t contest anything with Susan. Except for the alimony, she made more than I did. She got the house.”

Tony smiled putting his arms around me. “I didn’t really contest anything either. Plus I’ve been out of work for over a year, but keeping my apartment in Manhattan and Nick’s tuition…living expenses. It’s pretty well tapped. That’s why I need to find a job.” He kissed me. “And move us out of here.”

I smiled and shoved him back a little. “And what’s wrong with here? Granted, it’s not a mansion…”

He laughed and kissed me, stopping my rant. “Nothing…but I would prefer a more secure place, somewhere with less…criminal overtones.”

“Uh, huh.” I nodded. “I figured you weren’t connected to the mob or Mafia.”

“Same thing.” Tony said. “Why did you figure that?”

“I’ve seen the shows, movies about them. Other than last Sunday, when you wouldn’t give up your seat. You had a clear shot to leave if you wanted to, being on the end. But then, in the restaurant, you sat with your back to the door. Again later. A true mobster would never do that.”

Tony laughed at that. “I can tell you, I’ve never been involved with the mob or mafia. I was sort of married to it, though.”

My eyes widened. “Your wife was a mobster’s daughter?”

He smiled. “Well, kinda. Her father convinced many manufacturers that his little store was part of a grocery food chain and got those refunds. And he wasn’t.”

“Oh, he wanted to be Piggly Wiggly of the North?”

“We don’t have those.” Tony shook his head.

I nodded. “Your loss.” I grinned. “Now, I have to go to work!”


We left the house together, but of course drove separately. He had some promising properties to see today, but told me he would share it later and even take me by on my day off.

Copyright © 2017 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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Apparently when they were filming Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, they converted an LA area store into a Piggly Wiggly for filming. People kept driving in to shop at their favorite grocery store, thrilled that they were apparently opening stores in Southern California. Lots of disappointed customers.


Personally, I would have preferred to have seen Topher Grace win the date with Josh Duhamel! Costars Sean Hayes and Nathan Lane might have enjoyed that too. But Topher (as Eric Forman) rejected Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a early episode of That '70s Show. ;-)

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I have a strong feeling that these two guys are going to be together forever. I'm inclined to believe that the way these two are going meeting each other's family will be a cake walk. This is going to be a very interesting story. 

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On 12/11/2016 at 10:53 PM, JeffreyL said:

Are Tony and Mitch as funny and personable in real life?

How is ‘Mitch’ (aka @R. Eric) supposed to answer that?!?!?!?!?  ;-)

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Actually, I can answer that.  Daniel and I met and it was as I said it was.  It's like we were meant to be together.  He wouldn't let up on me and I didn't let up on him.  It was a good friend of ours, a real estate agent that pointed it out to me.  (She made a lot of money off the two of us)  She said we should be on TV because we were hilarious!  I had written before, but never about the two of us.  It just sort of...came!  I miss Daniel.  That's why I wrote so much after he died.  I tried to keep him alive for me.  It's silly, but it did, for a while.  I loved Daniel more than I can tell you in words.  He was a funny man and he loved me.  I am Mitch, Daniel is Tony.  We were...rare.

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9-11 to me is the summation of the negatives of 'organized religion'. If I remember correctly there were four pilots\planes-full of passengers involved; two at the trade center, one at the Pentagon and the fourth forced down by the passengers in Pennsylvania was heading for the Capitol. These four fanatics believed they were buying their way into heaven by murdering non-Muslims; infidels as they called them. One of the side stories concerned a nearby mosque where the members of the congregation were observed dancing on the roof in celebration of the deaths.

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