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North Meets South, Worlds Collide - 49. Chapter 49

The week did pass and soon I was packing for our trip. I was arranging our clothes when Tony came home. Entering our room, he frowned at what he saw. I only had a few suitcases.

“Are we packing light?” He asked.

I looked at the four suitcases. “Light!?” Then I grinned at my husband. “I suppose this is light for you. We don’t need that many suitcases. We don’t need that many clothes.” I waved at the suitcases. “We can go without any on Ios.”

Tony smiled. “Go nude? You? Out in the open!?” He came up to me, wrapping his arms around me.

“It’s a private beach. No one else there.” I smiled as he kissed me. “Just me and maybe some seagulls.”

Tony kissed me gently again. “So what’s to do for fun there?” His grin told me he knew perfectly.

“I won’t honor that question with an answer.” I growled. “This way, I’ll have no tan lines for sure. If we lay out. It’ll be a little chilly at night.”

“But it will be just you and me.” Tony grinned kissing me again. “That sounds wonderful.”

“And we’re doing nothing about our birthdays until we’re on Ios.” I reminded him.

He nodded frowning as he thought about it. “I’ll be forty.”

I nodded. “And still the handsomest man I’ve ever even heard of.”


Things were a little chaotic our last day. I still had to work and so did Tony. David arrived that afternoon and was staying the two weeks. He’d have to go back to Columbia for class occasionally, but he’d be back that evening and it wasn’t that far away. Alan and Kent had returned having had pleasant time. And Alan was a little tanner!

Then it was sort of like we were parents leaving the kids home alone for the first time. For me, anyway.

“Our Androids will be on, you can contact us anytime.” I said to Sasha who was smiling with his arm around David. Alik in front of them.

Tony grinned. “Are there cell towers on Ios?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure there are.” But I didn’t really know.

Sasha chuckled as he shook me lightly. “Go, have a good time. Stop being nasedka.”

I frowned. “I’m not being a mother hen!”

David smiled. “Yes, you are Dad. Don’t worry, we’ll have the party mess cleaned up before you get back.” He smirked as he said that.

I knew he was kidding. At least I hoped so.

Alik smiled at me. “Have good trip, Uncle Mitch. Uncle Tony.” He said in English. Very accented, but in English!

I smiled at the boy in delight. “That was perfect!” I said in Russian hugging Alik. “Though, do I say I’m not the one with the funny accent now? Watch your Daddy and David. They’re tricky.”

Alik grinned. “I will. Are you bringing me anything?” He asked in Russian hopefully.

I smiled. “I think we might.”

The doorbell rang as the driver had gotten there. Opening it, I was surprised. This was no cab driver, this was a chauffeur! I hadn’t called for the taxi, Tony did. I looked at Tony. “A limo?”

Tony grinned. “Not a super stretch, but yes.” He shrugged.

Once in the limo I smiled at my husband. “Am I a mother hen?”

Tony just rolled his eyes and didn’t answer.


We flew to Atlanta and from there we flew to Rome. Again, we were in first class. After an hour or so, Tony took my hand.

“Membership renewal.” He grinned pulling some pocket lube out. “Only, you first. I make love to you.”

The bathroom for this airline wasn’t as big as British Airways. This was Delta. They had planes going all over the United States and the world! It was nice, but the means to an end. No one knocked or wanted to use the bathroom or even noticed. Tony did make love to me and I got to make love to him. With the same results, as in I had to cover his mouth while I was making love to him. We cleaned up and returned to our seats. It was then I saw the older lady on the other side of the aisle frowning at us. Not everyone didn’t know what we were doing, and she did not approve. It was her problem, not ours. She wasn’t a member of the Mile High Club and never would be.

It was a few hours when we started to come down to the da Vinci Airport. Start the mandolin! In a lot of ways, I felt like I was coming home. We’d been here before and now it was an old friend to me. Only this time, we arrived at night. Seeing the Cavaliere at night was still impressive. We entered the hotel which we both knew now. At the front desk, the young woman smiled.

“Welcome to the Cavaliere. Can I check you in?” She greeted in Italian.

“Yes, Anthony Delveccio and Mitchell McKenzie.” Tony smiled.

She typed quickly. “Oh, yes. You’re in our Penthouse Suite.” She read quickly. “The same as before.” She nodded. “Welcome back, but only three days?”

I grinned. “We’re vacationing in the Greek Islands, but we’re returning in a week. And we’ll be back again, don’t worry about that.”

Returning to the suite, I loved the view and I loved being back in Rome. I was looking out the window when I felt Tony grab me. Pulling me back to the bedroom and pushing me down on the bed as he kissed me, hard!

“I know you know it, but…I love you, Mitch.” Tony smiled as his hands came up my sides pulling my shirt from my pants. “For the next two weeks, it’s just you, me and a lot of love making. Repeatedly.”

“Repetativity makes perfection. I can’t imagine it getting better, but we’ll see.” I chuckled as my arms brought him closer. “Well, we need to make sure you’ve drunk a lot of fluids and eat properly. You’ll need the energy.”

Tony smiled. “Bentornait bello, romantic Roma. Tutto quello che faremo per le prossime due settimane e divertirci e fare l’amore.”

I shook my head. Switching languages was not hard now. “It is beautiful in Rome. It is romantic. But only if you’re here. We will do nothing but enjoy and love each other.” I said in English. I felt my shirt being unbuttoned and slipped off. “I do love you, Tony.”

Tony smiled kissing me. “I know you do.”

I sighed. “This is what I’ve always wanted.” I ran my fingers in his hair looking in his adoring eyes.

Tony looked surprised. “Rome?”

“You.” I smiled. “A man that loves me, that I know well and we know each other. A comfortable familiarity. We know what we both want and how to give it to the other. No games.”

Tony grinned and shook his head. “No games.” Then he thought. “I wonder if I can get another Roman Soldier outfit.”

I laughed as I pulled his shirt open inhaling his scent. “Not necessary right now.” I said as my erection hardened from his scent. “Maybe later.” I smiled as my hand went below his pants to his ass. “Right now, I’ve got what I need right here.” Kissing him as hard as he did me. Rolling us over I pulled his shirt off, my nose in his chest hair as I unfastened his pants. Heated and hot sex is great. We did have that. But we also had the slow, passion filled longing to try to physically join. We no longer just had sex, we made love and we loved each other.


It was at breakfast…well, lunch by the time we woke up. Time was ahead here in Rome. What was morning back in Charleston was midday was here. There were six hours difference.

“Have you an idea what you want to do today?” Tony asked me sipping his coffee. That precious Italian coffee.

“There are some sites we can see.” I nodded. “Return to some…but really, Tony. I just want to spend time with you. We don’t have to do a thing we haven’t already done. No schedules to keep.” Then I grinned. “And no shopping!”

Tony frowned. “Aw, come on. We’re in Rome, we have got to shop!” He pouted. “It’s a rule!!” He grinned at me.

I nodded grinning back. “I see, and who made up that rule?”

“I did.” Tony leaned over kissing me. “Just now.” He sat back after kissing me again. “Besides, we promised Alik something from our trip. And there’s Sasha and David….”

“Fine!” I stopped him. “We’ll shop. For them.”

“Why waste time and energy?” Tony asked. “We’re here, we might as well shop for clothes for us. We each need at least one outfit.”

I shook my head. “God, you are so gay!”

Tony chuckled. “Yes I am. And madly in love with you.”


We did shop, sort of. Nothing in mind, but just wandered around town. We tried a new place for a late lunch. Then we had a nice dinner at La Pergola there at the Cavalieri. Tony got to dress for dinner in a nice blue suit. It was very sharp and with his skin color and hair, breathtaking. I had a nice brown…beige…whatever, it was a suit. There is a dress code.

“Since we’re still of Eastern Time. Would you like to explore more of the night life in Rome?” I asked, but had an idea about what.

Tony looked at me wiping his mouth on his cloth napkin. “Such as?”

“We’ve been dancing before, but never over here. I’d like to see a night club here.”

Tony’s eyebrows rose. “A night club. You mean a gay club.”

I nodded. “If we’re dancing there, it would have to be.”

Tony chuckled. “And you have one in mind.” He knew I did.

“There’s one nearby, near the Coliseum. Called The Bar.” I shrugged. “It has the best rating on the internet.”

Tony grinned. “I’m game.” Then he narrowed his eyes. “But no picking up strangers to bring home, okay?”

“I didn’t do that with Sasha! He just followed us home.”

“I mean, the last time we were in Rome, those two…whatever…American tourists we met from California that wanted to have sex with us.” Tony growled. “No twinks. Nobody, but us.”

I saluted. “Absolutely.”


It was October and it got cool in Rome. While not cold, we wore jackets and jeans out for clubbing. It was a weekend night now and Rome was gearing up to party! As we got to the street, it was easy to see where The Bar was. The building was nice, old made new again, but above the marque was lit with the rainbow colors of the gay flag. And the music was pumping bass rhythm even at a distance. Male couples were going inside. There were a few girls there, or guys dressed as girls, but mostly all guys. And as always there was a middle aged guy that greeted us.

“Hello, welcome to The Bar!” He greeted in Italian. “I’ve never seen you guys before, are you new here?”

“We’re just passing through.” Tony said with a smile. “My husband here saw you guys on the internet and wanted to go dancing. And here we are!”

The man grinned wider. “Husband? That’s very nice! We’ve got plenty to dance to here.” And of course there is always a cover charge. And he was right. Once inside the music was blaring! But that’s what you wanted, right? The place had a dance floor and guys were dancing their asses off! It was a party inside. Laughing, drinking and yes, there were many kissing. And if I looked hard enough, I might have seen more. For the most part the guys here were young, in their twenties or early thirties. Some older, but mostly they were here to meet up and dance! No matter what country or language, there is a universal language; music and the love to dance. Tony and I had been to a few clubs and we could dance. So when he grabbed me, spun me around and danced me out to the dance floor we were just a couple of guys enjoying being together and danced! Time was unimportant and we danced until either of us had gotten winded. Tony might be turning forty, but his feet didn’t know that. He was in good shape as he exercised religiously. So did I. To me there would never be anyone else.

The atmosphere was great and the guys were all friendly. Some wanted to be very friendly. Tony had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t, so I went and waited at the bar. Languages were being spoken loudly, Italian, English and others scattered around.

“Dove e il tuo ragazzo?” I heard next to me. I turned to see a guy in his late twenties, not a bad looking guy. Dark hair, that was a plus for me. Asking me where my boyfriend was. From his accent, I knew he was American.

“My husband had to relieve himself.” I answered in English with a smile.

The guy’s eyes grew. “You’re American?” He smiled. “So am I.”

I nodded. “I heard that. Tony and I have been married for four years.”

“Wow!” The man grinned. “That’s impressive. I was going to ask if I could buy you a drink, but I guess that’s one out, huh?”

I smiled back. “Yeah, it’s out, but thanks.”

He shook his head. “He’s a lucky man.”

“So am I.” I shook his hand. “But happy hunting.”

Tony was just coming back when the guy walked off. “I thought only women had lines to the bathroom.” He looked at the guy who was now approaching another guy. “Who was that?”

I grinned at him then pulled him into a kiss. “Just a man that wanted company.”

Tony frowned looking at the guy again. “I walk off and it’s open season for you?”

My eyebrows rose. “What, you think I’d be interested?” I raised my finger. “Don’t start. You’re the only man for me and you know that. The only person for me. I think you’d be flattered. A nice looking guy wants to get close to me, but I only allow you to do that. Now, let’s dance some more.” I pulled him back on the dance floor.


The sun was starting to shine on the horizon when we headed back to the hotel. We walked through the streets of Rome. Again, I could almost hear the mandolin.

“I had a good time tonight.” Tony said taking my hand as we walked.

“And there are going to be more nights like this one.” I promised.


Then I grinned when I told Tony we were going shopping. For clothes! His face was so…well, his face would split if he smiled any bigger. It was as if telling a child we were going to Disneyworld! You know by now that I hated shopping, but it made him happy. I’d deal with it.

We ended up at the Spanish Steps, or near there. There were names of stores we went in I had no idea who they were. Except for Armani, him I knew. I think we covered half of Rome! And like a kid a Disneyworld, Tony was all over the place. He wanted for me to be included, so he brought shirts and pants, one right after the other to me to see if I’d try them on. I hated that even more! But I did anyway. I think he went overboard as the boxes were threatening to be more than we brought to Rome. The beauty was we didn’t have to pack a thing. He only chose a few things to take with us and had the rest shipped!

That evening we went to our rooftop terrace and soaked in the Jacuzzi. Tony sighed as he seemingly melted in the bubbling hot water.

“I was sore this morning.” Tony confessed, but a happy smile on his face. “I’ll be sore again from all that walking today.” Then he brightened. “But it was worth it.”

Coming close to him, his arm went around me without his even thinking about it. “It was.” I agreed. “But not for what you and I got, but it made you so happy.”

“As long you’re happy with me. We’re good!” Tony said kissing me gently.

Copyright © 2017 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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On 02/12/2017 06:04 PM, droughtquake said:

Was that like shopping porn or something?

Just wanted to remind those that read this that the love between them had not stagnated. I got caught up with the Sasha side, but wanted readers to know things were still hot and heavy with Mitch and Tony. I didn't describe anything, but you know what happened.

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I'm glad that things haven't stagnated between Mitch and Tony, I believe that the love they have for each other is a great thing. I like how when they went to the club and Tony went to the restroom leaving Mitch at the bar and some guy comes up and offers to buy him a drink and Mitch told him no thanks and that his husband would be right back. I think that threw this young guy for a moment but he recovered quickly and went to find someone else. 

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“Repetativity makes perfection. - “Repetition makes perfection.

morning back in Charleston was midday was here - morning back in Charleston was midday here

Since we’re still of Eastern Time - Since we’re still on Eastern Time

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On 9/12/2018 at 5:00 PM, Will Hawkins said:

“Repetativity makes perfection. - “Repetition makes perfection.

morning back in Charleston was midday was here - morning back in Charleston was midday here

Since we’re still of Eastern Time - Since we’re still on Eastern Time


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Just some editorial suggestions, but from now on, I m ceasing to make these comments. Apologies for the oversized typeface, I neglected to reduce my comments to the proper size before posting them. Some authors like my suggestions, some authors are embarrassed by them, so in order to keep good relations with all the authors on GA, I have decided to make editorial suggestions by PM only in the future. 

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14 hours ago, Will Hawkins said:

Just some editorial suggestions, but from now on, I m ceasing to make these comments. Apologies for the oversized typeface, I neglected to reduce my comments to the proper size before posting them. Some authors like my suggestions, some authors are embarrassed by them, so in order to keep good relations with all the authors on GA, I have decided to make editorial suggestions by PM only in the future. 

Yes, yes...but you're missing it.  

Errors.  I hate them.  Here I am, taking down this road with some wonderful scenery and then "wham!"  A pothole.  I can't stand them.  I read and reread and correct as needed.  These past few years have been devastating.  I lost Daniel, who is Tony, Colin, Brad, Ben, Seth, to cancer March 31, 2018.   Even before he died, I wrote.  I have since I was eight years old.  Throwing my pen away because I couldn't write fast enough.  I taught myself to type on Dad's old Royal Typewriter.  I had to unlearn that when I started classes to learn to type.  I wrote as a form of therapy for myself.  Each time I got an epiphany I wrote about it.  Working it out in my head in a way that made sense to me.  I shared my stories with a friend.  She loved it.  That was Preachers' Sons.  The only story where the love interest was not Daniel.  I found GA.  I submitted a story and they took off!!  I was stunned.  I was Sally Field saying when she got the Oscar, "You like me.  You really like me!!"  Dealing with Daniel's illness was hard and I wrote to keep my sanity.  I told Daniel.  "Where's the money?"  He asked.  "I don't write for the money, Daniel.  I write because I have something to say and present it in form that will make it a pleasure to read."  Keeping them to myself makes no sense.  I submitted Cinderfella.  Where was our fairy tale?  We needed one.  Cinderella guided the minds and hearts of little girls for a long time.  Where is our fairy tale??  I created one.  I had to write a sequel.  Blueblood was a means to make Daniel a vampire so he wouldn't die.  I made him a prince, even a future king, but North Meets South is more real.  Things said and done were real.  Daniel did survive the attack on the World Trade Center.  He was born in New York, he was raised in Queens.  I am from the South.  He really didn't give up his seat in the pew at Church.  I really did love him and he loved me.  There are errors and I know that.  I want guys to seek Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now!  Love!  These stories I want to go on even after I die.  I feel that will be not long now.  I will see Daniel again.  I have to finish North Meets South.  He tried so hard to stay alive.  He was an amazing man.  I want the world to know that.  Yes, point out the errors!  I need them gone, but...did you like what you read?  Tell me that, too.  I'm home again from the hospital.  I had a bunch of comments to go through.  I want more than a correction.  What did you think?  These stories are my babies.  I'm protective.  I am also proud of them.  Tell me what you think!



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Most of the stories you mention I have read and enjoyed even without the life connections you speak of. There are grammatical and spelling errors that the author's eye skips right over, but in your case, they are minor, a missed space between words or a homophone here and there. It is common for errors like those not to be apparent to an author's eye. An author is too familiar with the work and his mind fills in or modifies the error so he is not even aware of it. That is the only reason that a 'fresh' eye will immediately spot an error that the author does not see.

The words I use are the correct ones, but there are just too many of them. In your case, the love that you and Daniel shared comes through the words on the computer screen. Do not ever dream of quitting. Those of us out here where there is no yellow brick road or Emerald City need people like you to make our lives have meaning.

My question at this point is, how may I help you express yourself and your love of Daniel in the best possible way. I am not creative, I cannot make words live the way you can, but there must be something I can do to help YOU be your creative self. What is it?

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11 minutes ago, Will Hawkins said:

Do not ever dream of quitting.

As I said to Droughtquake, I'd sooner quit breathing than quit writing.  I've been through some hard stuff recently.  I'm not getting the inspiration I had gotten in the past.  What's eating at me, is a story left unfinished.  

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This was a great chapter, full of romance and the love between Mitch & Tony is really spectacular. They both know that they would never cheat on the other. I love how the man came up to the bar and asked Mitch if he wanted to let him buy him a drink to start with, and Mitch politely put the man down saying he was loyal only to Tony and that was all he needed. Tony came back to where Mitch was at the bar and he saw the man walking away from Mitch, Tony asked Mitch what he wanted and Mitch told him that he was looking for company and he had told him that Tony was the only man for him. 

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On 9/23/2018 at 11:17 AM, Will Hawkins said:

My question at this point is, how may I help you express yourself and your love of Daniel in the best possible way. I am not creative, I cannot make words live the way you can, but there must be something I can do to help YOU be your creative self. What is it?

I try to come up with the craziest ideas that are just barely not something @R. Eric would write! Although it’s sometimes funny to think up things that are way too extreme for Eric. And crossovers – he hates my crossover suggestions!  ;–)

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